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  1. as far as the starting range is concerned; I like putting the safe distance for hyperspace at at least long range from the planet surface. The ISD should be something like extreme range away and, naturally, it should be right in the way or close enough to provide distress to an astrogation check. The players can either try to sink it while under heavy fire or outrun the ISD so they can get into the clear. The way that sets things up is that TIE fighters going first means they can get there and mix it up before the ISD's long knives logically can; sweeping the atmosphere for the rebels to cut off their escape. I might put them at short range as soon as the party saddles up. So essentially it goes like this: Close range (atmosphere: nothing going on), short range (atmosphere/orbit: TIE Fighters), medium range (orbit: nothing), long range (orbit/deep space: nearest safe hyperspace point), extreme (deep space: star destroyer)
  2. I figure it makes perfect sense for the Empire to send TIE fighters in first to soften them up. I could easily keep these numbers to as low as three or four fighters or at most 2 groups of 2-3. I don't want the TIE fighters to chop them up too badly. I just want them to jostle them and provide a bit of sport. I really really don't want those long knives of the ISD to get more than 2 shots off.
  3. Real Quick: there's an imperial defector being kept hidden on a small planet and posing as a civilian miner. he reports to the rebels gathered information he obtains using contacts still in the empire. The empire gets a mole into the mining outfit after his spying is discovered and soon an Imperial Star Destroyer comes after him. It's up to the party to get him out of there and any miners they can AND discover the mole before the Empire straight up murders everyone. So the scenario I want is the classic "let's blast off and escape this Star Destroyer into hyperspace." They have to clear the planet and calculate the jump. What ranges are we talking about to make this the most effective chase? I want something scary, but not impossible. What is the distance between a planet surface and "in orbit"? I prefer RAW if possible. Also for a lambda shuttle and 3 or 4 PCs, I'm thinking a # of TIE Fighters equal to their number.
  4. I've read through it and really look forward to making it into a finale for a major arc in a game. I plan on Arda being the home base of the party; something they earn. The battle in part one looks fantastic. The rest... I don't know. I really am not a fan of the final showdown. It's just not as grand as the opening. Still, I will use it.
  5. I'll say this speaking for myself, I grew up without the prequels and a few of the books in the EU. I didn't know, for example, what the clone wars were for sure. My friends and I had our theories, but nothing official. After I put the novels down and decided they weren't for me, the prequels dropped and I have to say... canon is not important to me. I prefer Star Wars to feel like something fresh and new that surprises you. IMO too much of the lore outside of the original three movies doesn't feel this way.
  6. on paper that adventure looks awesome. I read it last night. I like the sidebar for GMs to plan the encounters/events especially.
  7. Wow, so you can't actually have a ship like the Falcon lead fighters like in Return of the Jedi? Well, you can but those fighters can't use their weapons? Ouch. Or like the example I quoted; I've got a pistol and they've got rifles. Everybody has to run around with me in a squad just holding their rifles and not shooting?
  8. I'm also looking forward to that scenario. this caught my eye. I specifically wanted to run a battle where the PCs and their light freighter lead a Y-Wing Group on an attack run. The star fighters have proton torpedos and the freighter doesn't. I hope there's a way to just tell your missile packing minions, "follow me and fire on target. I don't have any torpedoes after all."
  9. I plan on taking a little out of the party's XP. Instead of 15-20 XP plus motivation, I might give them 10-15XP plus motivation and 5-10 Duty. Or I might give them Duty instead of money. Instead of a reasonable 1000 per PC credit award, give them 5 Duty.
  10. those are reasonable interpretations, but still not RAW. and yeah I read over the rules last night. seems like you just attack by yourself and add whatever you can add from your formation... your minions get to go separately if you get a triumph result on Leadership.
  11. then there's also the "form on me" talent under squadron leader. So... you can be in a squadron now and also add other people? So the limit on 11 minions isn't a limit if you have that talent?
  12. and I'm stuck at work. I don't understand why it wouldn't count as a cooperative check. Would it? I've got a 4 agility and 2 piloting. My squadron is 5 starfighter pilots (agility 3, group skill 4). If everybody is attacking, it should be four yellow plus any effects from manuevers or formations. Right?
  13. yeah that's my take as well, hilstad. Imagine the Y-Wing attack run in A New Hope. The leader is in charge of the squadron and Vader, along with his two crony TIE pilots, come up from behind and try to take him out. Gold Leader is not throwing his men into the line of fire, they're helping him bide time for his shot to get off. You're in charge of the squadron, which means that you're roleplaying them.
  14. I like it although I'm a bit miffed at a couple points. And I'm not done reading the whole thing so feel free to correct me if I missed it but the CRB needs IMO... 1. Clear pointers on Duty rewards. I get that this is largely up to the GM anyway, but I like hard rules. Makes me feel like the game is helping me make my job easier. 2. The previews said there were sections on building Rebel bases. There aren't really. 3. the Squad/Squadron rules should be in the CRB. 4. I feel like they could have differentiated the equipment more in both EotE and AoR. I would have liked to see unique stats for Imperial Arms and Armor in this game. Otherwise? Great fun.
  15. that's great. I've got plans for my players, along with their YT-1210, to form up with a trio of Y-Wings and now I can use these rules comfortably. Now let me ask you this, now that the group is size 5 can I use the attack options laid out for size 5+ vehicles?
  16. okay I really like the attempts to streamline mass combat in AoR so far. they all fit together in a way that makes this game different from Edge of the Empire... that being said, I also have a question about the squad/squadron rules. So, in Return of the Jedi the Falcon is Gold Leader. There's a squadron... presumably not all made up of YT-1300s behind it. Can you combine ship types in a squadron with these rules? If so, how?
  17. I don't know if this sort of thing gets left out of a beta test, if it was in the beta, or what... but I would like to see a way that this system could mix minion groups and PC controlled ships; like the Falcon leading Gold Squadron in ROTJ.
  18. I would say so. the adversary mechanic does a good job of elevating an enemy just a little so that they don't drop as fast. It's just a little step up and it matters.
  19. yeah it does! players can use destiny and they get more wound points than minions. they have differences from rivals mechanically. the game acknowledges plot armor, it just doesn't do it enough. Again, I don't think it needs that much tweaking, but it should afford players more of a chance in combat. spot healing should also be there, but why do it in the form of stimpacks? because it works in video games? Maybe something like healing surges in D&D 4th ed. We can go on about all the ways that game stinks, but a mechanic like that would be all right in Star Wars. I don't mind space combat. In the films, the Falcon gets knocked around constantly. In a matter of moments... what would be a respectable handful of combat rounds, the Falcon is in grave danger. I like that! Personal combat... not so much. The vitality point system in D20 combined with the thin class defense bonus seemed like a step in the right direction for that game. I like the new game, like I said, but I would like it more if it addressed this issue.
  20. it's the fact that, no matter how skilled they are, they can still be hit by enemies... and by "still be hit" I really mean "get hit constantly" which is not the right feel in my opinion. I've used the full rules too. Han Solo in the films, for example, would be next to impossible to depict in this game. He wears no armor (probably just heavy clothing) and may have a brawn of 3 tops... he may have destiny to help him out or cover. I'd say he's good enough with his blaster pistol to dust off at least one minion per round. Add it all up and I don't believe there's a way he survives Return of the Jedi in this game. He gets shot twice and he's done. Unless he uses stim packs maybe... which no one ever did in the movies. He might have suffered the nicks and scrapes that being wounded entails, but does he ever actually get shot? No. Come on, this game could use some improvement. It's too lethal.
  21. yeah, actually I am serious! I think if you're making a game that's based on a movie, it ought to feel like the movie. This feels like the movie except for the fact that the heroes are getting shot constantly! That being said, I don't think they need to amend much. The game is too lethal for my tastes, but usually it feels all right. There's a sense of desperation and nobody is a combat god or anything.
  22. this game is way too lethal. I don't like the stimpacks defense either; show me once in the original trilogy where Luke or Han or whatever had to stop in the middle of a fight to put a stimpack on. I like the new game, but if you ask me some update of the rules should be down the road and address this.
  23. yeah, thanks everybody! I don't mind a 2 agility. Your group skills could, for example, earn up to 3 green and 2 yellow for a firing dice pool. That's formidable enough. I mean you're talking about faceless gunner crews; the mookiest mooks you can think of. A fighter jock operating a TIE might have a 3 agility easily since they're out there with a much better chance of taking a snub fighter down, but a gunner who is one of a huge team of gunners doesn't need that. Take this into account when, in the films, star destroyer guns don't typically take fighters out; that's done ship to ship. That's my take.
  24. Thanks! I like the minion group option. I would love to have some help finding the RAW if it can be found.
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