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  1. I was going to ask the same question. Do we know what the Legal Maps and Missions will be? Is it the same as the Tournament rules (v1.0.1) effective March 1?
  2. Question on Jyn ability as we had yesterday, Player A had initiative and declared an attack on Jyn. Player B activated her ability and the attach destroyed GaarKhan. Does this count as activation of player A turn and player B gets to activate then?
  3. I used Simple Green I got from Lowe's and put my storm troopers in a bath for 24 hours and then went to scrubbing them with a toothbrush afterwards and they came out pretty much back to original with no loss of detail. This was viable as I primed with Army Painter Grey and it's not really a "primer" as others are, it's more of a color spray in a can. You could also try pealing the paint with a hobby knife but that might take forever. I second the Simple Green. My At-ST had an unfortunate incident with an inferior base (Testors) so I soaked for 24 hours and scrubbed it to remove paint and horrible odor. I use Krylon Fusion for plastic as it is cheap but does well. The grey I found is the same base color needed for the at st and I got to skip a step.
  4. Couldn't wait as my campaign character is Mak. Tried the techniques you did and looks ok. Green pants and shirt looked christmas-ish so I black washed and got what I wanted.
  5. Here is my eweb, not as clean but better than blank
  6. Hi Sorastro. I have to thank you for the great videos. They motivated me to paint my mini's though I had zero experience before. I did not realize it would be so calming and fulfilling to just focus on painting. Also, my kids love painting so we now spend tons of time painting. They even expanded to painting their Skylanders as well as any plastic toy they could find. My son and I especially love your tutorials and he came running excited when I said episode 6 AT ST was uploaded. Thanks for inspiring myself and others on this board. PS I worked a trade show in Atlanta last week and Games Workshop was there. I did mention I got into the hobby from your videos and that you use their product even list it at the end.
  7. Sold out, got mine since my son and I are doing missions and more than just dogfight. Plus I am a junkie and can't NOT have it.
  8. I started by placing tokens and temples in ziplock bags. That was when I had a starter set. As I bought more, I bought a Plano 5231 and love it. Setup and take down is a fraction of the time and is great for my obsessive nature. I added a craft/file box for my fabric game mat and large ships, decorated in Star Wars Duck Tape of course. The Plano box is great and cheap but wish I got a large one to start. Here are good images on the 5231 in use http://www.google.com/search?q=plano+5231+x-wing&client=safari&hl=en&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=VTnoUqXSOMO3rQHzrIFQ&ved=0CDsQ7Ak&biw=768&bih=946
  9. I agree. Don't let others profit off your game. Plus I want official x wing only, that is why I support this game
  10. I switched sides because of Ten Numb. Love the ability though the 1 defense die is tough, he has enough shields to complete his objective before taking hull damage
  11. Best advice I can give from a rookie is to get together at your local game store to play with others. The community is quite helpful and seeing just how the shops maneuver and react is great for getting the feel of it and understanding the game. It has helped me and I feel more comfortable after each game. HoundsTooth, my son is 7 and is progressing nicely as well. Playing in the game store has made him more excited and he plays with all upgrades, etc. Now that we have a better handle on the rules it will be more intense and the wife has all but given the blessing to add more ships!
  12. I have a small collection of ships and buy evenly as I play with my son a lot. I was Imperial but he decided to go to the dark side. Plus I am all about the B Wing now. I like the extra shield/hull even with 1 less die to roll.
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