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  1. Araquay

    Ace and the Azzameens, Rebel Scum?

    I could see Aeron and Ace being added to the game as YT-1300 pilots/crew for the S&V faction somewhere down the road with title cards for the Selu and Sabra. Who knows, maybe they are thinking of bringing us the YT-2000 at some point for this faction.
  2. Araquay

    Does Scale Matter?

    One of the reasons I started buying into this game is because all of the fighters and large ships are the same scale. I did buy the GR-75 and the CR-90. Next to an X-wing the 75 looks okay. Next to the Falcon it looks a bit ridiculous. I understand their reasons for the sliding scale, but still wish they had maintained the 1/270 scale for them. I can't bring myself to put the 75 on the table with any of the large ships. But I do enjoy it as a display piece.
  3. Araquay

    Imperial HUGE Ships...I'm Calling It.

    There's already so many TIE pilots, I don't even know what pilots/abilities they could possibly add. For the TIE/ln they could add Scythe Squadron from RotJ. Pilots would be Major Mianda, Lt. Hebsly, Scythe Squadron Pilot, and Academy Pilot.
  4. Araquay

    Wave 6 Expansion Pack - Meet the Azzameens!

    I've always thought an expansion based on Alliance would be fun. I'd buy it with or without repainted ships.
  5. Araquay

    How many ships of Wave 4 are you going to purchase?

    I'll get 1 of each to start. Eventually I may go to 2 of each.
  6. Araquay

    Imperial Customs Corvette Kit Bash

    Awesome! When you run a game with all 3 beasts, please share pics.
  7. Araquay

    STAR TREK...Okayyy, Now I Can! :)

    Found some. http://www.entertainmentearth.com/prodinfo.asp?number=DC621390#.Ut10Z2Qo5DU
  8. Araquay

    Pilot card toploader sleeve help!

    Any deck box from FFG or UltraPro should work.
  9. Araquay

    Card boxes in tournament kits

    FFG does have a variety of Star Wars sleeves. It wouldn't be difficult for them to do a limited edition run as tournament prizes.
  10. Araquay


    But your action would have already been used for this round. You're right. That's what I get posting so early in the morning. I'll reword it to follow my intent. Action: Perform an immediate boost, reduce shield by 1 until the end of the round. That 1 shield returns at the start of the next round.
  11. Araquay


    Perhaps allowing a pilot to adjust the speed of a maneuver (such as banks or turns)? That would be a nice counter to Fett+Navigator or the new 181st pilot. I feel that would have to be a unique droid, but what a fun droid that could be. R2 already helps shed stress. What about a droid that would make the fighter immune to certain causes of stress? Maybe, all 2 and 3 speed red maneuvers are considered white maneuvers? I actually don't mind the idea of having to roll the dice, just not when it eats up an action. I feel like it should be one or the other. When I play, I use the unique droids with their matching pilots. We also don't bother paying attention to points, I field every rebel ship I have and my brother-in-law uses every Imperial ship I have. And yes we load everything out completely. But if I were going to play a tournament, I would stick to the basic R2, R5 or R2-D2. I will admit, I now think I've underestimated R5-K6. I'll have to use him a bit more now that I have 4 fighters that use astromechs.
  12. Araquay


    In the x-wing series of games, and in the novels, pilots can shunt power from engines to weapons to shields and so forth. So maybe something along those lines? Some examples: Action: For the remainder of this round, increase shield by 1 and reduce attack (or agility) by 1. Action: For the remainder of this round, increase attack by 1 and reduce agility (or shield) by 1. Action: Perform an immediate boost, reduce shield by 1 until the end of the round. That 1 shield returns at the start of the next round.
  13. Araquay


    You have R5's ability shown for R2. R2 Astromech treats all 1 and 2 speed moves as green. I haven't played a lot, but I prefer R2-D2, R2 Astromech, and R5 Astromech myself. I don't mind the idea of an R unit using an action to perform something but not when I have to roll dice for a chance it will work.
  14. Araquay

    More Unique TIE Fighter Pilots?

    TIE fighter pilots that could be added: Major Mianda (Scythe 1), Lt. Hebsly (Scythe 3), and Scythe Squadron Pilot from ROTJ. That would then give us a TIE squadron unique to each movie. That's as far as I'd like to see them go with named TIE/ln pilots though.
  15. Araquay

    Core Set 50% off at Target!!!! Clearance!

    Target in St. Augustine, FL has them for $20 now. I bought 1, they still have 7 or 8 left.