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  1. I could see Aeron and Ace being added to the game as YT-1300 pilots/crew for the S&V faction somewhere down the road with title cards for the Selu and Sabra. Who knows, maybe they are thinking of bringing us the YT-2000 at some point for this faction.
  2. One of the reasons I started buying into this game is because all of the fighters and large ships are the same scale. I did buy the GR-75 and the CR-90. Next to an X-wing the 75 looks okay. Next to the Falcon it looks a bit ridiculous. I understand their reasons for the sliding scale, but still wish they had maintained the 1/270 scale for them. I can't bring myself to put the 75 on the table with any of the large ships. But I do enjoy it as a display piece.
  3. There's already so many TIE pilots, I don't even know what pilots/abilities they could possibly add. For the TIE/ln they could add Scythe Squadron from RotJ. Pilots would be Major Mianda, Lt. Hebsly, Scythe Squadron Pilot, and Academy Pilot.
  4. I've always thought an expansion based on Alliance would be fun. I'd buy it with or without repainted ships.
  5. I'll get 1 of each to start. Eventually I may go to 2 of each.
  6. Awesome! When you run a game with all 3 beasts, please share pics.
  7. Found some. http://www.entertainmentearth.com/prodinfo.asp?number=DC621390#.Ut10Z2Qo5DU
  8. Any deck box from FFG or UltraPro should work.
  9. FFG does have a variety of Star Wars sleeves. It wouldn't be difficult for them to do a limited edition run as tournament prizes.
  10. But your action would have already been used for this round. You're right. That's what I get posting so early in the morning. I'll reword it to follow my intent. Action: Perform an immediate boost, reduce shield by 1 until the end of the round. That 1 shield returns at the start of the next round.
  11. Perhaps allowing a pilot to adjust the speed of a maneuver (such as banks or turns)? That would be a nice counter to Fett+Navigator or the new 181st pilot. I feel that would have to be a unique droid, but what a fun droid that could be. R2 already helps shed stress. What about a droid that would make the fighter immune to certain causes of stress? Maybe, all 2 and 3 speed red maneuvers are considered white maneuvers? I actually don't mind the idea of having to roll the dice, just not when it eats up an action. I feel like it should be one or the other. When I play, I use the unique droids with their matching pilots. We also don't bother paying attention to points, I field every rebel ship I have and my brother-in-law uses every Imperial ship I have. And yes we load everything out completely. But if I were going to play a tournament, I would stick to the basic R2, R5 or R2-D2. I will admit, I now think I've underestimated R5-K6. I'll have to use him a bit more now that I have 4 fighters that use astromechs.
  12. In the x-wing series of games, and in the novels, pilots can shunt power from engines to weapons to shields and so forth. So maybe something along those lines? Some examples: Action: For the remainder of this round, increase shield by 1 and reduce attack (or agility) by 1. Action: For the remainder of this round, increase attack by 1 and reduce agility (or shield) by 1. Action: Perform an immediate boost, reduce shield by 1 until the end of the round. That 1 shield returns at the start of the next round.
  13. You have R5's ability shown for R2. R2 Astromech treats all 1 and 2 speed moves as green. I haven't played a lot, but I prefer R2-D2, R2 Astromech, and R5 Astromech myself. I don't mind the idea of an R unit using an action to perform something but not when I have to roll dice for a chance it will work.
  14. TIE fighter pilots that could be added: Major Mianda (Scythe 1), Lt. Hebsly (Scythe 3), and Scythe Squadron Pilot from ROTJ. That would then give us a TIE squadron unique to each movie. That's as far as I'd like to see them go with named TIE/ln pilots though.
  15. Target in St. Augustine, FL has them for $20 now. I bought 1, they still have 7 or 8 left.
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