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  1. I was hesitant to write that, since I don´t want to glorify smoking and RPG´ing.... But it´s just something that ads to the playing atmosphere somehow.... don´t know why
  2. Nah, we don´t do alcohol at these things Clouds the mind Thanx
  3. Ahoy Peeps So, we are finally ready to try this game for the very first time this upcoming saturday. I wanna thank all you guys who have spent time answering all my newbie questions over the last month. I am gonna be Overlord and we have a 4 hero campaign setup starting at 6 PM saturday night and lasting until the sun comes up sunday morning. It´s basically gonna be pizza, soda, snacks, coffee, cigarettes and a whole lot of laughing and having just the best of times. We are gonna play in Copenhagen, Denmark. I live on the mainland so I have a 2 hours drive to the ferry.... 1,5 hours boatride and 2 hours drive into Copenhagen.... What a guy won´t do to play with the right people Again, thank you for taking time out of your daily buisness to assist me with my shortcomings. I appreciate it immensely. Kind regards Torben, Denmark
  4. Same page, different topic..... If the heroes win First Blood they get to choose the next Act 1 quest.... But for them to choose wisely they should have the questbook available to them.... or do they? The info on the quest pages give away too much info for the players....? I haven´t played the campaign yet so I don´t know the mechanics of the choosing elements..... Do the players have full access to the questbook when they decide the next quest? Torben, Denmark
  5. Ahoy peeps Just saw a video today where the OP´s group experiment with a Semi-permanent death house rule to balance the game.... Basically, the heroes all have 5 poker chips at the beginning of the encounter.... Everytime they get knocked out, the OL takes one of the chips away.... When the fifth chip is gone the hero is out of the encounter..... Just wondering if you guys use similar houserules and what they are.... Is the example given at the top of this post realistic in use balancewise? Torben, Denmark
  6. Ahoy peeps Starting a campaign saturday and I have read everything possible. But I can´t seem to figure out how the campaign system works regarding what quest the players or me can choose after we complete First Blood intro quest. Is anyone of the act 1 quests available after completion of the intro, regarding who won the intro, or is the next quest A fat goblin? Topper, Denmark
  7. As the topic says.... If you could give a couple of pointers to a firsttimer OL what would it be?
  8. Yo So, it says that "each monster within 3 spaces of you recieves -1 heart on all attack rolls." Does that apply to all rolls made, even those who are not intended for Leoric?
  9. So.... They got their mission and I (Overlord) got mine.... Do I tell the players what my mission in a game is before we start or what?
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