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  1. @Absol197 any word on what they mean by corrosive atmosphere created by alter?
  2. alright under a control upgrade of alter it says 'create a corrosive atmosphere' what's meant by that? does it mean automatically create an atmosphere in the 1-2 range or whichever range it wants?
  3. darn was really hoping for some of the more out there sith spawn stuff. ah well I can always stat mine up.
  4. does the book detail any creatures or adversaries? in adventures or otherwise.
  5. figured it'd have a good nightsister focus since in new canon they're about all that's left of independent traditions. no sorcerers of tund i expect?
  6. think nightsisters did the conjur once or twice in the shows.
  7. its gonna be a really exciting rush to discussion when it comes out
  8. guessing this is to help with dathomir witch chars, but we'll see. If it is it should end up being useful for ascetics( i think thats the consular spec with minimalist stuff) as well
  9. so with the alchemical crafting confirmed, i guess i can go with the krath, ulic poison spin off storyline.
  10. think if we ordered in advance yeah? but if we order in the last week no? something like that someone else probably knows more.
  11. Fantasy Flight just emailed to tell me my pre-order is shipping soon ^^
  12. I kind of want an avian species but these will have to do :p
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