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  1. @Absol197 any word on what they mean by corrosive atmosphere created by alter?
  2. alright under a control upgrade of alter it says 'create a corrosive atmosphere' what's meant by that? does it mean automatically create an atmosphere in the 1-2 range or whichever range it wants?
  3. darn was really hoping for some of the more out there sith spawn stuff. ah well I can always stat mine up.
  4. does the book detail any creatures or adversaries? in adventures or otherwise.
  5. figured it'd have a good nightsister focus since in new canon they're about all that's left of independent traditions. no sorcerers of tund i expect?
  6. think nightsisters did the conjur once or twice in the shows.
  7. its gonna be a really exciting rush to discussion when it comes out
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