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  1. Probably had something to do with why Disney disregarded the EU, easier for them to set their own "lower Force baseline" that way with only The Clone Wars to complicate things beyond the prequels the way...
  2. Pretty much this, when WotC pulled out for whatever cost reasons... Aesthetically, I do appreciate the "Force push... but with a blaster in the other hand" as a counterpart to the iconic-to-the-point-of-cliche lightsaber, if only to remind us that FFG's SWRPGs are by default in a post-Order 66 setting.
  3. If only someone had taken GL by the shoulders and shook those words into him before he started shooting The Phantom Menace... Problem was, back with the first draft he had to actually listen to other people... which, not coincidentally, is also how we got Star Trek: The Original Series, as opposed to The Next Generation (though that was more freer reign, being as TNG was PG where Roddenberry would still have to deal with broadcast networks).
  4. A perfectly acceptable solution if you have a way for the group to RP that.
  5. There's a reason that this is the only thing that George Lucas would have tried to excise from canon... though, I believe that the Lucasfilm Story Group reboot did that?
  6. Pretty much what I'm thinking -- it's the only one way I accept the Ewoks* -- and the EU already highlighted that it was a heckuva lot bloodier/costlier than the movies depicted. You could get some interesting Infinities out of it... for example, what if Vader killed the Emperor on the second Death Star but nevertheless died as Vader, and Luke knew it? (With ROTJ being what he'd have preferred to have happened, the TL;DR being that Vader died unredeemed and Anakin was, in fact, truly gone all along.) * Pablo Hidalgo's "ooops, gotta have a happy ending even in the face of SCIENCE" alone with regards to the Endor Holocaust was reason enough for me to accept the reboot.
  7. Not so much a struggle when the OP (and I) have both seemingly committed towhat our choices would be... As we've since learned, the balance part was by first wiping out the Jedi, so that in subsequently essentially self-immolating the Sith (no pun intended) Vader wiped the board clean for Luke Skywalker to take the reins. That's Jedi propaganda
  8. They're an interesting case since their belief system was syncretic, stemming from incomplete training from a 'fallen' Jedi Knight working off a Sith manuscript from a disaffected former follower of Exar Kun (not a recipe for a stereotypical Sith!), with most of the Jensaarai unaware of that Jedi Knight's fall and believing that he'd been murdered by (other) Jedi and the manuscript destroyed during that encounter. There is also no mention of them engaged in stereotypical dark deeds -- indeed, they briefly but openly operated as newfound custodians/protectors for their post-Clone Wars homeworld of Susevfi -- and they too were victims of attempted Imperial purges who in turn fought back with retributive raids against the Imperial garrison. * This doesn't quite square though with how the Jensaarai initially took the Empire as allies, with the Saarai-kaar's son offering himself to Vader as a Jedi hunter yet was struck down because Vader only sensed the light in him... but no wonder Disney decided to "cleave the Gordian knot" of the EU/Legends by rebooting rather than try to retcon such questions.
  9. To add to what progressions has said, there's old EU/Legends lore of Qui-Gon Jinn being considered "Grey" by some for this reason, which parallels progressions' reminder of the Jedi (and the Coruscant-based "orthodox" Jedi Order) as being a specific Force-wielding sect, at that. Alternately, Assassin's Creed Rogue depicts a player character with a code of objective right and wrong, but who joins the Templars (the antagonists of the rest of the series) because he believes that the Assassins committed wrong -- breaking their own Creed (further context would be spoilers) and refusing to recognize as much -- and so he means to stop them from harming the wider world.
  10. Now that is actually something of an established tradition if not archetype in the old EU/Legends lore and possibly even in Luke's journey*, and if anything one interpretation of the "Grey Jedi" concept in canon is someone for whom the actual boundaries of light vs. dark aren't 1:1 with where the Jedi Council may claim it to be (though that interpretation does use the premise of an "objective" light vs. dark) and that being how a "maverick" Jedi was defined by others... * Of course, part of the point/difficulty for Luke in the original movies is that, with Obi-Wan and then Yoda gone, Luke being all that was left made the "by the book, prim and proper Jedi" kind of moot.
  11. That, and the EU ones are either lapsed or in the same boat as Obi-Wan/Yoda by the time of A New Hope... which is to say, kriffed. Hmm... lessee if I have the long and short of it: maelorasjedi.txt
  12. To add to what Donovan Morningfire said, for your purposes the Heroes of Yavin are Alliance VIPs (okay, so Luke and the shot that took out the Death Star is a big deal ) that just so happened to have the camera on them... Heck, from what I can tell the point of "NPC rules" with regards to their exceptions is because they're your/your PCs' big-time enemies.
  13. ... so that makes canon worse storytelling than what the OP is attempting. Goodbye canon! ... I guess the OP doesn't consider that evil?
  14. Canon disagrees with the possibility that your character concept could work. (Interestingly enough, apparently both Dooku and Skywalker were, at least originally, thinking in this vein.) Of course, you could flat-out disagree with said canon -- and I do in fact recommend doing so because I'd have been happy to throw out everything that wasn't the original trilogy, and possibly toss Return of the Jedi at that -- by tossing out the Morality rules wholesale...
  15. LETE, she may still find that a substantive enough difference...
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