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  1. Yes, because you haven't defeated it. You essentially have to destroy the monster in order to prevent the curse.
  2. Eldritch Mike, it's actually "vicious." There isn't even an 's' in there. =P I'd be happy to handle things on the grammar and spelling front. I do a lot of writing and I pride myself on my grammatical prowess. It would make me very happy to be able to contribute those skills to this project. Eldritch Mike, I think it would be great if you looked for quotes and snippets. I honestly have no idea where to even start looking for those things, as I'm not terribly familiar with Lovecraft's work, despite my interest in it (something I hope to change in the future). Perhaps I'll add another post and edit it as this moves along with fixes for the spelling and grammar, just like Wario is doing with the cards themselves. I'll get to work on that tomorrow!
  3. To be honest, there are quite a few more typos than those, as well. It might be easiest to wait until all pictures/quotes are found before fixing them, so that they can all be done at one time.
  4. Wow! All of the artwork you're finding is incredible. Where are you looking for your images?
  5. Actually, here is an image that might be really good for a Cultist. By 5ofNovember on Deviant Art
  6. This is the closest image I can find that looks suitable for a Cultist. I can't believe that there are NO good drawings of mysterious people in robes. I'll keep searching, as well! By Donmalo on Deviant Art.
  7. Here are a couple great images for Colour out of Space. The second one might seem as if it would be off, but the artist on their Deviant Art page said that there's mention in one of Lovecraft's stories that the Colour out of Space almost seemed like living trees. Finding that quote sounds like it would be great for the card description. I personally think that the first image might be best. By Vashar23 on Deviant Art By Taisteng on Deviant Art
  8. Wow! These are looking absolutely beautiful, Wario! I understand why some people may find this idea to be fiddly. The cards are rather large and won't fit on every space perfectly. However, even if the monster tiles remained on the board to represent where a monster was, it would be great to keep the cards in alphabetical order so that you can pull them out easily and keep them to the side of the board, allowing you to have a quick reference as to how many monsters are on the board. Not to mention, most monsters end up on the city/location spaces (not the unnamed locations), which seem as if they might be large enough to accommodate the size of these cards. Having the information so readily on the front of these cards makes recalling a monster's reckoning effect (and other effects) so easy. Not to mention, I would have a lot more fun battling a monster with a larger image and flavor text on the card to intimidate me. Let me know if I can help at all, Wario. If this project is completed, I'm absolutely going to implement it into my game.
  9. I really love this idea. Not only would the cards and artwork look amazing, but it would make shuffling the monster deck and drawing a card a lot easier than digging through a bag. I absolutely support this idea. <3
  10. Thank you for the insight! Are there any expansions that you'd recommend more than any others? I'd love a good idea of where to start in terms of expansions. What offers the most bang for buck? What has the most fun components? I know this is going to differ from person to person, but I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts.
  11. Ohh, okay! Is there any equivalent to The Road to Legend? Are its components renewed/revised into a newer expansion or even the base game?
  12. Hi everyone! So, I am brand new to Descent. Actually, I haven't even played it, yet, but I plan on buying it sometime soon! I've always thought it looked amazing and I can't wait to play it with my friends. The thing is, one of the things that attracted me to the game was the Road to Legend expansion. I heard about it some time ago and absolutely loved the idea of having the tools that came with it. I wanted to buy that expansion with the base game, but I noticed that it isn't available anywhere. The only places I've seen it have been on Amazon from third party sellers for $100. What happened to this expansion? Is it going to be reprinted? Did the expansion just die? Were the components distributed into different expansions? Was it a limited edition run? I'd love to hear the history of this expansion and whether or not it will be brought back to life. Thank you in advance! Ben
  13. I don't know. With the name of the card being "Endless Hunger," I look at it as Y'golonac actually eating the First Player. If the first player kills Y'golonac, then they cannot be eaten. I agree with Julia. The investigator lives to fight another day.
  14. Miskatonic Horror is the last expansion I need, but it doesn't seem to be in stock anywhere online, unless I'd like to pay $20 more than its retail value. Fantasy Flight will be reprinting it, right? I know that some expansions have been sold out for bits of time, so does anyone have any idea when we can expect Miskatonic to be back in stock? Thanks a bunch!
  15. You make a fair point, Julia! For our game tonight, I'll let the guys know that I messed up and we'll give the real Movement Phase a shot!
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