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  1. You'd just waste your money on hookers and blow anyway............FFG is helping you walk a righteous path.............. I coulda sworn that Hookers and Blow was another Board Game that FFG made anyways....
  2. You can purchase up to 5, use Dedication to get to 6, then use cybernetics to get to 7. It's all per CRB. You're right I'm sorry I wasn't clear, I meant I have 5 brawn, I buy Power Armor and I install the Brawn Mod onto the Power Armor, Shouldn't my Brawn Rating now be 7? However the Character Generator still lists it as 6. Assuming you have a strength-enhancing cybernetic limb, yes. Be sure the "hold" the limb, though, to get its benefit. Are cybernetics the only way to increase a stat to 7? I thought you could increase a stat to 7 through the use of any items. Such as Stim Application(Temporary) or Power Armor or the Strength Enhancing Armor Attachment.
  3. You can purchase up to 5, use Dedication to get to 6, then use cybernetics to get to 7. It's all per CRB. You're right I'm sorry I wasn't clear, I meant I have 5 brawn, I buy Power Armor and I install the Brawn Mod onto the Power Armor, Shouldn't my Brawn Rating now be 7? However the Character Generator still lists it as 6.
  4. I've noticed that your Character Generator doesn't allow you to go to 7 in attributes such as through the use of Cybernetics. Is this intentional or is there a way to get it to go to 7?
  5. If they make a martial artist spec in any of these future career books I absolutely demand there is a talent called "helicopter arms".... Actually I'm hoping that there's a melee class that can get quickdraw.
  6. I'm not familiar with how that would work. are you suggesting just adding that to its base stats and pay a premium for the weapon or some sort of attachment?
  7. wait so you can do a two weapon attack with a force pike? I thought only one end of the pike was sharp?
  8. I thought so too, but the Electrostaff should allow you do for lack of a better term Two-Weapon combat and get two attacks in right?
  9. I was wondering since there isn't one in the EotE book or AoR book, what would you guys think would be the stats on one? I'd have no idea how to stat one out but I want to approach my GM about possibly getting one so it would be a good idea to at least be able to tell him what it can do.
  10. This got me thinking, Is there a Bacta equivalent for Droids? Cause I'm in a party with two droids and Bacta seems like it would be really really helpful now that I read this thread.
  11. I have sort of the opposite problem, My DM whom proports to be fair and give any and all characters a chance to shine....just seems to go out of his way to always give us a fight. I've called him out on there always being a fight even when we're actively trying to avoid one the last few games. As such my fellow players are going out of their way and having almost every character be some form of soak monster, from using lots of Enduring and/or Superiored Power Armor and Brawn 5/6 min. But the reason why this is happening is that in our last three play sessions we've come across groups, and by groups I mean our first encounter was 2 groups of 4 with us being a party of 5, of Cyborg Rivals who are wielding Cyberweaponed Disruptor pistols, plus 40 criticals just got one of our party members killed this past sessions. I mean what can we do? edit: basically what can i say to try to change the tone of the game without pissing him off or offending him.
  12. See the way i thought that meant was for example you get Last Man Standing, and now your GM no longer uses minions against you so you want to switch out to Unmatched Protection so as you didn't waste all that XP. Oh well it was worth a thought on becoming able to soak a Krayt Dragon's attack.....
  13. So I have a question about Signature abilities, If you have multiple specializations that can all have the same Signature Ability attached to it, Example say Marauader and Enforcer, Could you attach Unmatched Protection to the bottom of both trees buy it in one and then continue down both trees to further improve upon it from both trees? Example it now lasts 6 rounds longer get +2 Soak and can reduce damage by a further 4?
  14. Venters

    Barnes and Nobel.

    Well since people are doing this I dropped into a B&N across the street from St. John's University in Queens, NY and I asked one of the sales associates restocking the shelves if they had a Star Wars sale going on since I saw that the X-wing mini's area were all labeled with the normal Retail price. I got a look like I was crazy.
  15. yes I know that, however my reasoning was that I was spending another resource in addition to using the ability, a resource that I had to forgo using for something else. However if that is the ruling then I'll know for next time.
  16. So I just played with my friends CR-90, we were playing the first scenario it was the last round before the CR-90 makes its escape so I put all the energy i got from a 2 straight( 4 energy, 3 from straight and 1 from the upgrade that all straight maneuvers give 1 extra energy) on the aft section of the ship. His Howlrunner and a Black Squadron pilot were left so Howl took a shot and got 1 hit. I then spent my 4 energy to roll 4 extra attack dice in addition to the CR-90's primary using its special ability. So my question is, can I do that? Or am I only allowed to spend 1 energy to just roll 5 attack dice?
  17. So I'm trying to think of the way these two cards would interact. I'm thinking that due to Lt. Blount's ability since all of his attacks are "hits" Munitions Failsafe would therefore never kick in. Am I correct in this interpretation?
  18. Strength enhancing attachment gives +1 Brawn and doesn't add an additional Soak (other than what the armor provides). I have a feeling you're getting the other +1 Brawn from another source. I just tried it again, a human with 2 brawn and the PX-11 Power Armor should have 5 soak, But if you equip the Strength Enhancing system to the Power Armor your Character Generator gives the character a 6 soak.
  19. You painted some black ties? /drool Was it hard to do, cause I'm absolutely horrible at painting but I'd definitely would want to try that.
  20. Just a thing here, I don't know if anyone has mentioned this before but, I've noticed that if you get the Strength Enhancing system for the Power Armor, for a total of +2 Brawn boost. The Character Generator erroneously assigns 1 additional soak to the PC.
  21. Wow thanks for all the responses! Didn't realize this was a complicated subject. Was planning on going to one of the New Wave release game/events next week I'm trying not to look like a complete noob when I show up.
  22. Ok so I guess I'm slightly wrong in the way i was doing things before. So then in above scenario I declare I want to boost 1 left, I measure and I'm bumping. Can I then say ok I focus instead, or do I still have to declare a boost action, but in a different direction, since I had originally declared a boost action of some sort.
  23. So I've just started playing this game for about 2 months now and I'm slowly adding new abilities to my games regularly. So I'm trying to stick to tournament rules and etiquette for my casual games so that I'll be used to them if I ever play in a tournament. That said my question is as follows. I'm allowed to measure for barrel rolls and boost actions before I decide which way to barrel roll/boost. So I declare for example boost, I want to go 1 left so I measure, turns out I miscalculated in my head and I would then bump into another ship, so this move is no longer valid. Since I declared Boost do I still have to take a boost in a different direction than I wanted too or am I allowed to instead do a barrel roll or even take an evade/focus?
  24. So I'm wondering on weapons with the burn quality, namely the flame projector, if extra successes on the initial hit will carry over to the burn damage or is just strictly the base damage is done as the burn?
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