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  1. With the release of Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight, I was thinking about how we might not see a release Of Luke with the Empire Strikes Back outfit. Which led to realizing we might not see A New Hope or Endor Leia. We have alt art cards, as prizes at tournaments, as well as acrylic tokens and dice. What if they issued an alt sculpt miniature as a prize instead of dice or acrylic tokens? Like an Empire Strikes Back Luke card for top 64 with an Empire Strikes Back Luke mini for top 8 or something? It would be neat if they sold them too, but I'm not sure if they'd want to run two versions of the same unit with alternate scuplts/card pictures.
  2. So I'm a long time X-wing player who dabbles in Imperial Assault. As in I've played it three times since it came out, mostly campaign mode. There is a regional nearby this weekend that may have pretty light attendance, so I'm thinking of going because even if people wipe the floor with me I'll probably get some prizes and maybe learn a bit more about how to play. I have the core set and the hoth expansion. I was thinking of inviting a friend who has done the campaign modes with me but has none of the stuff and we could play different factions. But can my friend compete without a core set? In X-wing you don't need much to go to a tournament (Dice, movement templates, range ruler, asteroids, tokens) What would my friend need at a minimum to be able to compete in terms of the accessories?
  3. If it is a draw at the end of the round I would recommend 1. instituting the half hit points gone equals half a kill for MOV on small ships like we have on large ships and then award a modified win with 1 MOV to the winner. 2. If still tied, highest % of hit points remaining on living ships wins. 3. If still tied the player with initiative wins.
  4. What are the rules on the attack shuttle? Can it be blown up with the Ghost if it doesn't undock?
  5. Last year I ran 3 Blue Squad B-wings with Luke plus VI, R2D2 and didn't have much trouble with Phantoms after the errata. Use the asteroids to reduce some of the Phantom's decloak options, space them more like range 2 apart rather than 1 so the asteroid field takes up a larger portion of the board. Make the fight happen near the asteroids. Take a little extra time to consider what the de-cloak options really are. You really have to give it some thought, but often times you can eliminate some decloak options that won't put your opponent in a position to fire, or would have put your opponent on an asteroid. Don't be afraid to take 3 red on 4 green dice attacks. Phantoms don't have many hits. More often than not the phantoms I played against would avoid Luke only to be shot down from a couple of attacks from my PS2 B-wings.
  6. I'm keeping it up to date on the Facebook page that MLBrogue linked. Please check back there for the most up to date info. In other news, I'm going to be heading to RIW this Thursday to get some games in - gotta practice up for all these up coming SCs. And I'll probably be going to Eternal on Friday as well. And then potentially again on Saturday based off of my confidence in how well I've knocked the rust from the past 4 months off. By Friday & Saturday at Eternal you do mean maybe going to practice on Friday and going to the Store Championship on Saturday, right? Not that I want to increase the chances of increasing my lifetime 0 for record against you, but I want to make sure as many people as possible are at the Store Championships. Never mind, I misread what you wrote. Rusty or not you should come out.
  7. It's on the X-wing Michigan facebook page if you join up there: https://www.facebook.com/groups/628108733880477/ They list the following to date: Eternal Games Jan 23rd (1pm) Warren, Mi $10 No cap No Preregister required https://www.facebook.com/events/734922449975190/ Big Kidz Games Jan 23rd (6pm) Grand Rapids, Mi $20 36 Player cap Preregister by phone (616-608-3532) https://www.facebook.com/events/1025179747504485/ Checkmate Games and Hobbies Jan 24th (1pm) Toledo, Oh $10 32 Player cap Preregister by phone (419-720-6901) or in person https://www.facebook.com/events/665480210222314/ Hollow Mountain Jan 31st (10am) East Lansing, Mi $10 20 Player cap Call the store (517-708-7191) to preregister Warriors 3 Jan 31st (1pm) Wayne, Mi $10 No cap No preregistration Guild of Blades February 20th (??) Clawson, MI $10 Unknown Cap Unknown Preregistration Flat Land Games March 5th (12pm) Wixom, MI $10 No cap No preregistration https://www.facebook.com/events/499740866870427/ Stores that have responded but have not determined the date yet: Gamer's Gauntlet, Clinton, MI - TBA Fun4All, Ypsilanti, MI - TBA Fanfare Games, Kalamazoo, MI - TBA Mike's Comics, New Baltimore, MI - TBA RIW Hobbies, Livonia, MI - TBA Get Your Game On, Ann Arbor, MI - TBA Stores listed on FFG's website but I have not heard from: AFK Games, Holt, MI - TBD Get Your Game On, Pontiac, MI - TBD
  8. Eternal Games store championship has been announced for Sat Jan 23 at 1pm in Warren.
  9. Good outing on Friday at Eternal. Looks like I'll be back 2 weeks in a row when I go out next week. Hope to see people there.
  10. Kyle - blaster turret, moldy crow, recon spec. Jan - ion turret Wedge - Proton torp, r2d2, engine upgrade, push the limit With a lucky shot from Wedge I one shot another Xwing, but after that one shot I was in trouble.
  11. Thanks to Paul and the group at Eternal Games for hosting their prerelease tournament on Friday night and congrats to the winners who walked away with the new ships! Thanks to Jeff and the group at RIW for hosting their prerelease tournament on Saturday and congrats to the winners who walked away with prizes! It was a enjoyable weekend.
  12. Anybody interested in one or two practice games at GOB Retail or Eternal Games tonight? I'd like to get a little game time this week in before Regionals this weekend just so I can remember how to use those circular thingeys with the arrow symbols and those cardboard pieces and such. I could be there starting at 6:30 PM. I don't really want to be out super late so just a game or two.
  13. I played in a doubles tournament last month with 150 point lists shared between two players however they wished. Sticking to low cost pilots would simplify things, but perhaps include one big name per person with easy to understand abilities (i.e. Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader) Maybe make a simple objective, like escorting the senator's shuttle or picking up a cargo container before it is blown up? Shorter scenario games might actually provide a story element that makes the game more intriguing to the party rather than simple kill everyone on the other team. But the objective (if there is one) should be super simple, like protect the senator shuttle or blow it up.
  14. That is less than optimal. I hope they do something a bit different next year and hold spots for regional winners.
  15. I was in Toronto last year the weekend of Fan Expo for a Blue Jays game and those lines were crazy. I'm not sure if this is any more or less crazy than being at Gencon and getting to the preliminary rounds by 9 AM in the US though. I can't imagine how players will enter the expo in time for the tournament. Wife wants to go to Spain that week anyhow so I guess this year's PA regional will have to be the equivalent of last year's Canadian Nationals for me.
  16. US Regional winners are eligible for a reserved spot at worlds. Are there also reserved spots at US Nationals for regional winners? I know you get a bye but if you haven't already registered can you even enter?
  17. For the 150 points does it have to be split 75/75 for each player? If I have 74 points on my half and that extra point would say make the difference between a shield upgrade and a hull upgrade on my partners half can they take that one point and have 76 or do both players have to be at or below 75?
  18. Right now at Eternal most of the guys are in relaxed mode before prepping for the July Regionals, so there is some experimentation going on. That said, I think the meta is Big YT ship (Dash or Han) + Corran Horn... though I hear 4 hawks is going to be making a come back soon.
  19. Good deal, consider pitch fork put away. Hidastom's comment about verifying first is the MVP of this thread. Good to hear they'll have room for more than 16.
  20. You'd be surprised what the power of the internet can do... There is a huge X-wing community throughout the world. Even though this regional isn't in my backyard this displeases me, and probably most players who read these boards. Many players have a hard enough time finding nearby regionals without being told there is such a ridiculously low cap. I have a choice of 4 regionals that are each about 4 hours away, and I'm luckier than people from northern Canada or probably several other countries. To have a regional option taken away because of a 16 player cap is disrespectful to players who love this game. Our local store tried really hard to get a regional. They purchased enough star mats for like 128 people, worked out the arrangements of the space, ran regular tournaments to become familiar with the rules, etc., as I'm sure many stores did. This is disrespectful to the stores that worked hard and didn't get a regional. A store shouldn't be hosting a regional if they can only accommodate 16 players. FFG should be made aware if it was a US store so they know not to send the regional to that location next year. If it is Canada then the distributor should be made aware so that they don't send the regional there next year, or if they are buddy buddy with that store FFG should take away their distributorship. That said, if nobody knows which regional this is, the chances of something being done about go from about 1% to a definite zero. It is possible the employee on shift didn't know what they were talking about, I'll hope for your sake that is the case and when you talk to the manager they have a better story. So far of the regionals I've talked to, Pennsylvania says they have room for up to 128 though they don't anticipate nearly that many. Toronto has said they have capacity for 50. I've heard the Chicago (Niles) one should have no trouble finding room for 128. I mean if only 16 show up for a regional in North Dakota or central Canada then so be it, but to have a hard cap of 16 is crazy.
  21. FFG doesn't have a protocol or anything. Individual stores order tournament kits from FFG. Then each individual selects someone to be the judge at the tournament. It is usually a store employee somewhat familiar with the game, or a local player who volunteers not to compete and act as an impartial judge, or a local player who competes in the tournament and designates a 2nd player to act as the judge in the event that an issue arises in the judge's match. The short version is each store picks their own judge and to be a judge you have to have a good relationship with the store staff.
  22. Touche, having to live so far away for weeks at a time has got to be very rough. If it was me I wouldn't be excited either.
  23. Well it didn't seem that bad last year, but that was Hamilton and not Toronto, and I come from a more rural back ground than some so maybe I'm just used to "god forsaken." Then again I haven't played anywhere besides the greater Michigan area or Hamilton, ON. Also, I suppose the most obnoxious opponent I've had was in Canada, but the other 3 or 4 guys were cool. Do the X-wing tournaments in Ohio come with better amenities, you know like free pizza, free drinks, life size fully functional R2-D2 to the winner, waitresses (or waiters depending on your preference) in Princess Leia outfits?
  24. Boo, I have something else going on that day. Looks like I'm going to Toronto instead... Anybody want to go to Toronto with me?
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