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  1. At a guess I'd say 25-30 hours or so. I used corrugated cardboard because it reminded me of honeycomb material used in making real airplanes. I figured that a cross-section of a starship's hull would reveal interesting shapes like that.
  2. I have an affinity for building models, as anyone who has followed my posts can tell. I built a huge Imperial Customs Corvette for X-wing, and so when my players lost their ship to the Empire in Edge, I thought it was the perfect excuse to build them a new one. So in our scenario last weekend, they had gotten themselves captured by the Empire, and I just knew that they couldn't resist capturing an Imperial transport to soup up and use in their battle against Admiral Dead-man-walking (their name for the Big Bad in my campaign). I found a miniatures scale paper model of the ship in question, a Telgorn Corporation Delta-class DX9 Stormtrooper Transport, on the internet a long time ago, so I printed it out twice in order to make the armor panels 3 dimensional. I also printed out several pages of wall and floor textures as well as little computer panels and seats and so forth. It was quite an involved process with cutting out thick cardboard to make walls and framing pieces, but it was also really fun. The entire model took about a week of nonstop building after I got home from work, and the results, while not quite as good as I was hoping they would be, have managed to make my players extremely happy. Here are some pictures of this beast: http://i.imgur.com/PzJwEMC.jpg They had to escape the Empire's clutches before the shuttle got to the Star Destroyer, so I used a Shuttlecraft micromachine from Star Trek: The Next Generation to represent it. I would have printed out and built Momir Farooq's DX9 paper model kit, but I ran out of time. Here's the ship itself. It has quite a presence on the table. The starmap, btw, is a felt one I created for X-wing. http://i.imgur.com/p42vY1x.jpg And here it is with all the hull panels taken off and set aside. Most of the interior was made from a set of interior walls I got from www.swminiatures.com for the old WotC miniatures game. They work really well for "wallpaper", though. Here's the cockpit, with the elevated pilot and copilot positions as well as the forward assault ramp. The ramp folds nicely against the nose of the ship. It's really hard to get miniatures in there, but as this is a narrative game it's not strictly necessary to have them. Here's the "neck" of the ship in the hallway interconnect. All the electronic components I used for detailing were from my workplace. I repair old autopilots, so at the end of the day I usually pocket all the crap I would have thrown away and use it for detail parts like this. And here's the other side of the hallway. There would be a small control room above this, accessible with a ladder, but I ran out of time to build it. I'll probably add it this week for my players. Since there are doors in the hallway, I made either side of it removable. This side is the mechanical room, with a computer that can access all the ship's systems. The aft boarding ramp also folds down, and is double-jointed. I was going to make giant pistons for this one, but again, I ran out of time before I could. Also, funny thing: you might be able to make out a big power transistor right above the door leading to the interior (it's the thing with three legs and a cylinder glued to the top of it). This one was a burned out unit from an old servo motor, but a functioning one would be $125 or so. This is just a shot of the cockpit from another angle showing the boarding ramp and airlock. The Imperial pilot who they captured the ship from is in there at the moment, naked and suspicious that they intend to open the airlock at any moment... And finally, the troop section. This particular transport has been converted into a prisoner transport, so the door leading to the rest of the ship has no access from this side. The droid cut open the door with her plasma torch, so they're going to have to figure out a way to make the door function if they want to be able to close it off.
  3. I'll never forget the video I saw of her at Star Wars Celebration where, out of the blue, she asked fans to get up on stage and get selfies with her. Or her asking them to kiss her. She was nuts in the best possible way, and she always made time for her fans. One person I'm acquainted with on Starship Modeler told a story once that she was at a bar and this guy saw her there, and he had his ocarina with him. His friend basically forced him to go up to her and play Princess Leia's Theme on it. When he was done, she said that was the loveliest present anyone had given her and then hugged him. It really made his day. Few movie stars are as appreciative of their fans as Carrie was in her life. She loved her fans because of how dedicated they were to her, and I think that made a real connection with them all. She was candid and genuine, with a passion for making people smile and laugh. And she succeeded, so many times. I think one of may favorite scenes she's ever done was a little bit part in The Big Bang Theory where Sheldon and James Earl Jones go to her house and ding-dong-ditch her. She runs out of the house and screams, "It's not funny anymore, James!!!" I bet when she heard about that, she laughed and agreed to do it immediately. Because that just seems like the kind of scene Carrie would have loved to do. I regret never having met her in real life and telling her how much I loved her as a person and an actor. Do any of you have any anecdotes, borrowed or otherwise, to share about her?
  4. Yeah, I know... I guess 2016 has left me pessimistic as far as celebrity deaths are concerned, plus a friend of mine passed away a couple days ago and I'm a little sensitive to human mortality.
  5. FFG sets records for the best customer service ever.
  6. According to www.spinalcord.com: Between 30-180 seconds of oxygen deprivation, you may lose consciousness. At the one-minute mark, brain cells begin dying. At three minutes, neurons suffer more extensive damage, and lasting brain damage becomes more likely. At five minutes, death becomes imminent. At 10 minutes, even if the brain remains alive, a coma and lasting brain damage are almost inevitable. At 15 minutes, survival becomes nearly impossible. It doesn't look good from a cold numbers perspective... hopefully some miracle happens that allows her to maintain at least a semblance of a normal life.
  7. Lol, I really appreciate that. I've got another couple of models that I'm going to release soonish. I just need to get some cash to get more ink. I'd have the model printed at Copymax or something, but I prefer inkjet for paper models since it's matte when dry and laser prints tend to fracture and crack when bent. And I don't want to release these models without making another build log so you guys can follow along.
  8. 260 pages... FFG had better be paying attention!
  9. Y'know, those who think the Star Destroyers shouldn't have been beaten so easily should recall a similar surprise attack by fighters against some really badass ships: Pearl Harbor. Those ships were perfectly outfitted to demolish every fighter the Japanese sent at them, and if they had been at a state of readiness, they wouldn't have suffered nearly the same losses they did. But because they were unprepared (a huge number of sailors were at church instead of being on their ships and many were asleep), all the big battleships were sunk. They put up a good fight, but if those ships had been fully at the ready, the Japanese wouldn't have won that battle. The Rebels only won this one because they caught the Empire completely by surprise, and the Empire had even more arrogance than the Americans did because of their power. Maybe the ships were moving, but I guarantee you the gunners, engineers, soldiers, and fighter pilots aboard those ships were not prepared for battle. They probably were complacent because of the remote location of the planet and the fact that they were strongly defended, and complacency equals death in warfare. Many of them were probably still in bed or in the break rooms, just hanging out and probably assuming the klaxons blaring were drills ("Do you know what's going on?" "Maybe it's another drill..."). And this means they lost time getting ready for battle, both physically and mentally. Many of the shots fired went wide, probably because the gunners were green or out of practice. The fighters were effective, but only because of the numbers. If they hadn't been so clumsy and arrogant, and had been at a state of readiness, they probably would have won. But as it was, they weren't.
  10. I haven't read PA in forever, either. And yeah, the new style is really off-putting for me, too.
  11. Well, that's less to do with the number of non-planar surfaces and more to do with the fact that his cape was moving and billowing. When you have a large curved surface which is expected to stay the same shape, the computer can easily cheat with things like putting all the data points through the same simple algorithm for rendering the shape. But when you're talking about something like cloth, where all the data points move independently of each other, suddenly the amount of computations shoot through the roof, since now for each frame the computer needs to render hundreds of thousands, if not millions of vertices. Yeah, I hear you on that, though if you compare the original YT-2400 and Rebels YT-2400 side by side, it's not that much different in terms of its core shape: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/EvFf89ct3GI/maxresdefault.jpg http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars/images/1/10/Outrider_btm.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20080316034114 The Outrider appears to me to be modified from the Rebels' YT-2400 in the following areas: Removed extension of the saucer on the starboard side of the engine Enlarged cockpit module for increased visibility Added turret "towers" for better gun coverage from the sides when operated remotely Bigger docking module to handle larger cargo Moved boarding ramp vestibule to enlarge forward hold Newer engines with bigger heat dissipation vents I'm aware that the ships are still dissimilar even when you take into account the modifications I listed, but if you chalk up those differences to the style of the animators, it's clear that the Rebels' version is not so different from the Outrider.
  12. Since the station model is about 1km in diameter, I don't think it's armada scale.
  13. It would be better to just get the AMT kit and assemble and paint it.
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