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  1. I am running Beyond the Rim. It says direct trip to Cholganna would take 55 hours with a

     Class One hyperdrive. How long would it take with a Class Two? (That's what our ship has. We're hoping to upgrade aftyer this mission)


    What about the Falcon with its hyperdrive? 27.5 hours?


    I am at work studying the adventure but I don't have my Core book so thanks for indulging me.

  2. At the dig they find some Sith era artifact (if that ties with the Canon). Maybe a holocron. Whatever it is causes a disturbance in the Force. Palpatine sends one of his Hands (or an apprentice pinkie of your players are lower level) to investigate. The players have to deal with stormtroopers, TIE fighters, whatever as they tryn to do whatever they want to do with the item.

    They can sell it to someone, give it to the Empire or the Alliance, put it on their mantle... whatever.


    You could spend the next few adventures dodging Imperial agents amd bounty hunters looking for them.

  3. We have a GM and 2 players. When we are lucky we have 3. When we are super-duper lucky we have 4. So I run a character and GM whether its Star Wars or Pathfinder. My character is not the leader of the group. If they players get stuck because they can't figure something out, like the party scene in The Long Arm of the Hutt, then they are stuck. (Boy was that a frustrating scene). One of our players doesn't role-play. He's there for the fighting. So often its me the GM and one player roleplaying. (God, please send me a couple more regular players).

    My character is basically there to fight and pilot the ship and make wise cracks. I play a droid based loosly on Cylons and Bender. He's funny and oftentimes gets people in trouble. Then he fights his way out of it.

  4. Nope, BBY and ABY are simply silly - does Star Trek use some silly arbitrary date specially for the audience? No, it's consistent inside the universe and its fans understand the dates in reference to that and the fiction's events.

    Actually Star Trek did change its dating system when TNG aired. In the Original Series it went like this:

    Today's date in our calander in September 14, 2013. In the TOS series it was yearmonth.date so you got 1309.14. Basically 2000 became year zero. I have no idea how the newer system works. The Trek people who wrote for TNG, DS9, VOY, all the movies (including the new ones) just switched without making a big deal about it. It was like they never used the old system. They have a book out explaining it. Can't remember the title though.

  5. Even if it was "after death" as so many wrongly believe, that's not a single battle in a war is it? It's a significant event to those who had the power to write history (the Catholic church) that took hold over most of known civilization at the time. The Battle of Yavin by comparison does not hold that same relevance. You're on the right track though with the Ruusan reformations, read my second post above....


    Actually Jesus was born about 4 BC. Just saying.


    Its a little late to change the BBY/ABY thing but its still an interesting topic so argue on.


    Why not make it ABE/BBE with the battle of Endor and the death of the Emporer and thus the Empire?

  6. How much does it cost to keep a ship flying? i don't mean repairs from battles, I mean fuel, maintenance, provisions, etc.


    In one game we have a YT-1300, in another we have a Firespray, and another we have a Wayfarer. With the wayfarer we want to get a foghter or tow so what about them.


    Also what about concussion and proton (or whatever they are called) missles? How much do they cost?


    Something to add to the book they need to come out with: Jane's guide to Star Wars ships.

  7. Hey look at the new guy starting trouble! Yay!


    Its not my intent. I just find them cumbersome. I plan an adventure that has nothing to do with the players' obligations and we still have to deal with them. Some of the obligations have nothing to do with the adventure. Especially the ones created by FFG. So what do I do? Sideline the whole adventure just to focus on one character?


    Obviously it can be easier with home made adventures, but some obligations just don't seem to fit.


    One of my buddies whome I get to play with once every month or two had an idea for our game with him. Have a group obligation, like paying off our ship. Is that reasonable?


    In our regular game our wookiee killed off an agent of the Emporer. If I add that obligation of being hunted by the Empire to him he will have a ton of obligation. I stole a minor crime lord's ship right from under his nose. That's a pretty big obligation. Both actions are great for story but if the campaign has a different plot, these obligations can get in the way.


    I get it, actions have consequences, but when I have to rill randomly for these things its just ijn the way rather than part of the story.


    Am I making sense? Am I whining too much? Am I crying over spilled blue milk?

  8. OK, New to this site, not RPGs.


    Just wanted to say hi. I am on the edge of wild space. No internet at home so just about an hour a day at work to get my online busisness done. Horrible cell reception. Just backwards early 20th Century living here.


    Where's here? Southeast Tennessee. There's also a desolation of gamers here. ;( I have me, my wife and one other guy. When we get very lucky we might get one or two others to join us.


    Anyway, I am really liking EotE. Its a lot like 7th Sea which we all love. Its waaay better than the boring Saga edition. So good job FFG! Thanks.


    I have lots of questions but sadly limited time today so I will just leave you with this one:


    We've played the 2 Hutt adventures (Escape from Mos Shuuta and the Long Arm of the Hutt) and the one from the DM's screen and I think one other. Basically all the puiblished stuff we can find. I'd like to find some home brew stuff. I found 3 pages here on these boards but in my limited time they didn't seem to have the nuts and bolts of the adventure. (They may have and I missed it) Can anyone point me to any.


    I will eventually start making my own once I can get a pattern down. I have 2 young kids who take up a lot of time after my 11 hour workdays. I work, go home and my wife, who's a world champion black belt in Tae Kwon Do has her classes so I get to entertain the munckins. So the creative jiuces just don't flow.


    I have some questions about selling goods that are rare on certain systems. Those rules confused me a bit. But I will save them for later.


    Anyway, its great to be here. I hope I can add my 32 years of gaming experience to the boards. 

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