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  1. I like the squadron rules. That is what I was thinking, a swarm would be is good defense for a powerful pilot and these rules seem more fair then the swarm ability. So if you have say a swarm of 4 ties, would the dice pool then consist of 3 proficiency dice and a 5 tie swarm would be 3 proficiency + 1 ability? (Basically going off the beginner games where the ties have 3 ability and each pilot upgrades on ability to a proficiency die)
  2. I was wondering, is the minion group the answer to swarming? basically adding a proficiency per ship is the swarm ability or is there a ability that represents this. I seen that in the Beyond the Rim book on page 44 under Green bug swarm it shows a swarm ability. I am assuming this applies to bugs and not tie swarms but sounds interesting to apply to a tie swarm, a bit to powerful for a swarm but interesting all the same. Anyway, I want to do a battle of ship dog fighting against a swarm and was curious if any talents are skills are basically swarming.
  3. You can ensure that the weapons (and their appropriate skill) are printed out in detail on the first page with the skills. Just click "Show" in the owned weapons box on the equipment page. Then the dice pool for that weapon will be displayed on the first page along with the details of the weapon. Cool. I'll do this to all my PC's Thanks a lot. Very helpful
  4. I love this program but got 2 question. 1 On the weapons description when printing the PC's stats, the Ranged skill isn't on there. I went into the data Editor thinking it has to be selected to show on the printed page but there's no way to select it. It's on the editor and shows on the description in the program but not on the printed page I find that many players can't remember what the ranged skill of most weapons are and since this determines the dice pool I would think that it would be on there. Is it somewhere else or can I somehow get it to show on the printed version? Maybe add it to description somewhere? 2 The pages I use the most are the first page, Skills for dice pool, the third page for the talents,and the fifth page for weapons. Just wondering, with the page print order, why wouldn't these pages print out as page 1,2,3 and other information print after. I mean it's no problem to arrange the pages in what ever order you want them but it seems that I find out how many people I know that have OCD as it drives some of them nuts. (Maybe me a bit cause I'm asking the question haha) Once again, I love the program. The first question is what I am mostly wondering about.
  5. 1 armor is equivalent to 10 soak. Ok I see how this prevents small arms weapons from doing damage to a vehicle. However, some small arms weapons should and would be able to accomplish getting through to do some hull damage, however slight. I mean we had guns now that fire armor piercing armor and we don't have space ships that fly in and out of space like a plane, why wouldn't a personal scale weapon with a high damage rate possibly penetrate armor? In combat where vehicles are going against PC’s and NPC’s, vehicle armor reduced to 1 armor equals 5 soak give a high damage weapon a chance to do some damage while this value makes small arms fire worthless. As for x10 being easier then x5 to calculate, I hate math but don't see that being an issue because all your doing is cutting the armor in half. Simple math. I can see that x5 should only apply to personal vs vehicle combat. That's not half as confusing as some of this other stuff I have tried to figure out. To look at a ule that says "All vehicle armor in combat involving vehicle vs personal combat armor is equal to 1 armor is equal 5 soak instead of 1 armor is equal to 10 soak." I served in the military as a truck driver delivering ammo to tanks and ammo pads in the 2nd Armor division. Believe me. a weapon that penetrated armor, no matter how small, if it hit anybody, any rounds or any important components it could cause some problems.That's all I see dropping this in personal vs vehicle only adding this possibility.
  6. And so sayeth me, "x5". Preach it. I just read this post and seen the x5 idea. I have to say I like it for a mixture of vehicle/personal combat. It's enough to prevent a small arms weapon from hitting but is low enough for possible lucky shot from a strong handheld weapon. Example, a Z-74 speeder with a light repeating blaster which has has 11 damage, auto-fire and Pierce 1. Yes you probably can't take it out but it can get through to do some hull damage forcing the AT-ST or a low armored vehicle to take you serous enough that using a speeder bike to draw their fire while a PC tries to get close enough to mount it or use an armor piercing grenade to take it out. I did a few rolls with a blaster rifle shooting at an AT-ST and it never penetrated the armor, At x5 but the speeder bike did get a few damage through.
  7. I am a bit confused on how stats on vehicles cross over. In a battle where an AT-ST and speeder bikes are fighting and according to the rulebooks the weapons entire profile is in planetary scale. Here’s my confusing. 1 point of armor is equal to 10 points of soak. Now this makes sense so a blaster pistol can’t take out a walker. But I would think that a speeder bike would be able to do damage. If a speeder bikes light repeating blaster does 11 damage, plus auto-fire, on a good roll if you have a fabulous gunnery skill, you can get a lot of damage on the walker but probably not 30 to equal the walkers armor of 3. I guess what I am wondering is does the mean when it says the entire weapons profile uses planetary scale or just the weapons? Would 3 armor then be basically 3 soak? If so, wouldn’t take make a blaster pistol able to take them out? How does this balance out between a vehicle weapons attack on a vehicle versus a PC's attack on a vehicle?
  8. So I'm working on figuring out all the ship maneuvers and fairly got it but I'm confused on turning ships. It would seem that there is a cost to turn around a ship larger the a fighter. Like the Krayt Fang, Corvette, Capital ships. Where would I find this in the core books? Can anyone shed light on this for me?
  9. Cool. Thank you very much. I really look forward to doing this adventure
  10. I just learned about the order 66 podcast and have been listening to the first episode and listened to the first of the Amnesia game. I really would like to do that adventure with my group. Is there a way to get a copy of this adventure? How would I go about finding out through D20 radio or is this a subscription type of deal? I don't know a lot about D20 radio so any help would really be appreciated
  11. It just seems to me that 4 strain on a speeder bike isn't much. I would think the strain would be higher mostly because of terrain and such the strain of 4 seems to make it a speeder bike you can't put through any thing. Use punch it which is 3 strain, the rest of the time your driving/flying like grandma in the hammer lane.
  12. in edge of the empire is system strain 10 to 1?
  13. I just read that in the rule book. Thanks for the help again
  14. Ok. So the more critical hits you have the more added to the roll. Not all talents and weapons add to the roll, only ones that qualities that add these points.
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