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  1. I can't wait to run Inquisitor with Krennic. Getting that extra shield will be a big help, and saving the focus for defense will make him even tankier.
  2. At least it wasn't a post about how broken the game is...
  3. I'm David Wong and I ran Parrattani. Lost in Top 8 to Keith Daniel Cothran ran: Quickdraw- Decoy, FCS, Spec Ops Title, Primed Thrusters, Lightweight Frame Vessery- Expertise, Tie-D, Tractor Beam, Twin Ion Engine Pure Sabaac- Trickshot, Adapt Ailerons
  4. As long as the padawan has no upgrades on her. Otherwise her ability doesn't trigger.
  5. 1 box - 6 legendaries - Phasma - Vader - Kylo Lightsaber - Millenium Falcon - Poe - Launch Bay
  6. Deltmi

    Lost at Worlds

    Sorry to hear that. I hope someone found it and turned it in.
  7. The imperial player played that game perfectly. Poor Dengaroo was too predictable... I follow you guys on youtube and really enjoy your batreps!
  8. Deltmi

    New faq

    The u-boat reign is officially over!
  9. It does exactly what I wanted and I'm still disappointed.That range restriction is just brutal. Edit: oh wait! If it's just no more attacks in activation phase it's ok. Thought you had to give up your combat phase attack. An unmodified two dice followed up by a range 1 shot is good. Still will be hard to nail down aces, but it makes the "dive to range 1 and use repositioning to get out" gambit dangerous. I see no range restriction on this card. 5 snap-shot blacks + snapshot howlrunner = lots and lots and lots of dice. Look again. Range 1 limitation
  10. Snap shot occurs during activation phase so Jess would still be able to attack during the combat phase.
  11. I don't recall an episode of The Clone Wars where she died. Someone said on Facebook there is a canon occurrence of her flying a Lancer after she becomes a bounty hunter. Asajj Ventresse died in Dark Disciple - novel which is canon. Spoiler Alert!
  12. Congrats! You had some pretty favorable matches with your build. Glad to see Decimator still doing work.
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