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  1. So you're saying if the enemy has a Stun token already applied, if I add Webbed Up, it would effectively give me 3 activations of no attacks.
  2. Yes, your identity card will continued to be exhausted until the end of the following player phase. You would not be able to perform a Basic Attack, Thwart, or Defend. However, there are cards that allow the hero to "ready" after defending (I believe it's in the Protection deck) which negates the opportunity cost of defending. Remember, you can still flip your identity card if you're exhausted.
  3. I'm having a hard time trying to figure out the timing of this card. I've been playing it as it stuns the enemy when it tries to attack which stops that immediate attack. However, I've read that Webbed Up interrupts that attack AND then applies a stun. Effectively, giving you 2 "stuns". The wording isn't exactly clear to me, but people are interpreting that you get 2 activations of the enemy not attacking.
  4. Don't let the tutorial games lull you into a false sense of accomplishment. The tutorial game leaves out some critical game mechanics (e.g. adding a permanent Threat token if Enemy Encounter deck is depleted and shuffled, and adding 1 facedown encounter card if you deplete your deck). The game does get harder when you move onto Klaw and Ultron.
  5. I can't wait to run Inquisitor with Krennic. Getting that extra shield will be a big help, and saving the focus for defense will make him even tankier.
  6. At least it wasn't a post about how broken the game is...
  7. I'm David Wong and I ran Parrattani. Lost in Top 8 to Keith Daniel Cothran ran: Quickdraw- Decoy, FCS, Spec Ops Title, Primed Thrusters, Lightweight Frame Vessery- Expertise, Tie-D, Tractor Beam, Twin Ion Engine Pure Sabaac- Trickshot, Adapt Ailerons
  8. As long as the padawan has no upgrades on her. Otherwise her ability doesn't trigger.
  9. 1 box - 6 legendaries - Phasma - Vader - Kylo Lightsaber - Millenium Falcon - Poe - Launch Bay
  10. Deltmi

    Lost at Worlds

    Sorry to hear that. I hope someone found it and turned it in.
  11. The imperial player played that game perfectly. Poor Dengaroo was too predictable... I follow you guys on youtube and really enjoy your batreps!
  12. Deltmi

    New faq

    The u-boat reign is officially over!
  13. It does exactly what I wanted and I'm still disappointed.That range restriction is just brutal. Edit: oh wait! If it's just no more attacks in activation phase it's ok. Thought you had to give up your combat phase attack. An unmodified two dice followed up by a range 1 shot is good. Still will be hard to nail down aces, but it makes the "dive to range 1 and use repositioning to get out" gambit dangerous. I see no range restriction on this card. 5 snap-shot blacks + snapshot howlrunner = lots and lots and lots of dice. Look again. Range 1 limitation
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