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    That sentence has been proven consistently wrong throughout the history of gaming.
  2. FFG's engineers would have to come up with a market solution for its model. Probably, shortening a bit the nose, heightening a bit its angle (-45º instead of -90º), and making it folding upwards or retractable for 'flat' landings. Otherwise, this thing is not only not-storable, but also unpackable for selling. Given that the drawers don't even agree on the thing's shape (One day you see 3 main engines… But sometimes you can count 4... Then, there's is an airlock where sometimes you see auxiliary engines… etc, etc...) it's perfectly possible for FFG to 'innovate' a bit on the design. If Disney allowed FFG to create a whole corvette class from thin air, this shouldn't be too taxing.
  3. Ehm, no. You can just simply lower the cost.
  4. They may be racer ships, but they are bristling with cannons, and perform defense-duty for the Colossus from pirate attacks.
  5. Yeah, because the emperor’s compass has been decisive & crucial for the plot for awhile...
  6. What I do is, instead of players 'automatically' triggering morality checks at the end of the session, a roll is only triggered if: - The character has 10+ conflict points. - The character performed at least one high moral/altruist act during the session, at the GM discretion. I feel that an high moral paragon status should not be obtained just by 'Refraining from doing evil' but from 'Acting exemplary' too. This way, if characters don't get conflict points but they don't do anything truly remarkable either, they stay as they are (no roll). This eventually allows for a slow stockpiling of conflict points between sessions, that if left unchecked, will probably lead to a decrease in morality. It's working for our group so far.
  7. And what happens with dice that fall from the table? Is valid the result if they are flat? And... Dum Dum Dum… What happens with cocked dice in the floor? Do they get rerolled? And if so... Do they get rerolled in the table?... or in the floor?
  8. Sure, but a little salt is good for your health...
  9. Well, Imperials and First Order cannot equip it, so it IS sort of faction-locked...
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