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  1. Jehan Menasis

    Republic Upgrades Article

    Sure, but a little salt is good for your health...
  2. Jehan Menasis

    Republic Upgrades Article

    Well, Imperials and First Order cannot equip it, so it IS sort of faction-locked...
  3. Jehan Menasis

    Purple evades are dank

  4. Jehan Menasis

    Tavson + Baffle: Token removal?

    QuickDraw may have Target Lock...
  5. Jehan Menasis

    Just realized that Silencers lost their Mod slot...

    Or use collision detector on the obstacles. FFG, I'm very sorry for trying to use good combinations of pilots/cards. Next time I promise to throw the phone to my dog, to ensure a random and schizophrenic combination of pilots/upgrades.
  6. Jehan Menasis

    Purple evades are dank

    Color me unconvinced. I will still prefer having available for the round 1 Focus + 3 calculate, to 1 evade + 2 calculate. And once your force pool is depleted, you have to choose between Focus+calculate or a evade.
  7. Jehan Menasis

    Purple evades are dank

    And if in the same round that you 'force' your evade -instead of focusing- you roll 2 eyeballs in your attack? Is it now weak or not?
  8. Jehan Menasis

    Purple evades are dank

    So true. The purple icing on the cake.
  9. Jehan Menasis


    Whereas I'm more or less indifferent to afterburners, you have my thanks for the revelation of the "Jet-Lancer" game.
  10. Jehan Menasis

    Hyperspace - is there a list better than Tripsilons?

    You can see the upsilon firing in a couple of Star Wars: Resistance episodes. Its lasers sound... heavy.
  11. Jehan Menasis

    Purple evades are dank

    I couldn't have thought of a better way of dis-encourage juking deltas.
  12. Jehan Menasis

    TIE Phantom - Fifth Brother or bust

    I miss my Perceptive Copilots… COPILOTs.
  13. Reading the translation, I hope purple actions end being somewhat like “Whenever you spend a force token, you may also perform the purple action too”, with the usual stress and ‘once per round’ limits. Otherwise, they are more a hindrance than a benefit.
  14. Jehan Menasis

    The obscure ships that wont ever see a re-release

    ROFL, I love how the artist tried to solve the STUPIDITY of the 'above-cockpit cannon' with a hinge... 😂