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  1. exactly. Imagine the Marauder waded through a bunch of minions and rivals making them look like chumps and gets up to the Hutt crime lord they are keen and beat the crap out of. The Marauder looks bad ass and the player is happy. The Hutt promptly dumps the Marauder into a pit with his pet rancor. And slips out while the players are fighting his minions and escapes. The Marauder takes on the rancor continuing to look awesome but being challenged by a truly difficult opponent. And so on through the campaign. Sounds about right.
  2. If you're interested in giving players some downtime on the wheel (I.e. They are lazy like my old group's players and refuse to do any sort of meaningful investigation), the old marvel books that actually have the wheel inspired me to include a fighting tournament. One of my players entered and the others all gambled on it. I used this to introduce several new contacts and gain a bit fame (or infamy.) one player went so far as to rig the championship fight. (He's lucky he made his roles.)
  3. I've had some downright odd experiences with including big names. For one AoR campaign I ran, I essentially lifted and expanded on the Battle of Corellia from Rogue Squadron. It was pretty much a blast but one of my players decided he thought Luke Skywalker was a jerk! As the fallout from this adventure kept going, all of my players became convinced that General Rieekan was an Imperial spy. They also absolutely refuse to trust Crix Madine, PERIOD. They hung out with Han and Chewie for a bit. Han even ended up helping save one of the PC's son. His wife and brother didn't make it, unfortunately. I'm thinking when we start up a new campaign in the next couple of weeks here that I may make Rieekan "defect" to the Empire as some sort of ridiculous undercover work.
  4. A player in my group is a Gand and when his translator droid (another player) isn't around, he just starts making these nonsense noises instead of talking, claiming to be speaking Gand. It's simply a riot. For his motivation, he simply wrote "Be Gand-like at all times"
  5. If Luke never went to save her then Darth already has her on the death star. This is a good point... Hmm... I wonder what happens to her then. She would definitely never join up with Darth...Tortured to death eventually, I think.
  6. All they have right now is the starting YT 1300. They're working on upgrading to a better ship first but I think they know it's going to be a massive undertaking. They know they won't have this army is going to happen for several dozen sessions. It'll be a LONG time.
  7. Luke Skywalker stays on Tatooine for one last season after that damned R2 unit ran off. He enlists in the Imperial Academy and becomes an Ace TIE Fighter pilot. He is quickly assigned to Vader's personal squadron. Eventually, Vader reveals the truth to Luke: He is his father. The two bond. One day, Luke offhandedly mentions a crazy old wizard he knew of back on Tatooine. Vader recognizes the name Kenobi. The two take the already well traveled Death Star (it has destroyed at least Alderaan, Dantooine, and Yavin IV at this point) to Tatooine and totally blow it up. The two have not yet decided to take on the Emperor. They are too busy seeking out Luke's twin sister. Once the three of them are united, nothing will stop their coup agains Palpatine.
  8. Actually, we were running the GM screen adventure as our first one before letting out into the sandbox, and let's just say that a certain droid out there is DEFINITELY planning a revolution right now. Between that and the fact that one of my player's is a Gand who had a prophetic vision of droids coming to slaughter his poeple (the other players don't know) the entire droid army angle (which the players introduced all on their own) becomes just entirely too juicy. They are ripe for failure in this regard, it seems. One direction I'm thinking of taking this in is actually letting them build up a decent enough sized army and then having the droid revolutionaries hijack most of it. He would then head off on his merry way to Gand. I'm thinking the droid revolutionaries will have some sort of Imperial vessel that they've hijacked, which will allow me to have some rebel forces come in to help out my PCs in protecting Gand, that way they aren't entirely overwhelmed by the droid army. This is going to be extremely tricky. Okay and one more thing: The last few days I've been hard at work building up a sandbox world for Naboo. It isn't exactly on the "edge" of the empire so there's a lot of original work and stating in there. I'm hoping to finish my first really rough draft in the next day or so and when I do, I'll start a new thread with the entire document and I'm hoping that A) people will find it useful in planning their own Naboo based stuff and B) some of you can come in and tell me just how much I mucked up all the stats for the creatures and whatnot.
  9. In a campaign I'm running right now I sort of resolved most of the characters' debt-related obligations after the first cfew sessions. Now they just have more esoteric oath-type obligations. The game is running like a sandbox right now but I have events brewing in the background to prey on their oaths later. I've also been planning since the begining to take away their starting ship. The reason I'm doing this is because through a ridiculous series of events, they have 165,000 credits. I'm going to dangle a really great ship in front of them that they just absolutely can't refuse, and it'll be right out of their price range. They'll have to take out a loan from someone and I think this will make their debt-based obligations that they'll be receiving now MUCH more impactful and personal. They will have chosen to take on this debt, as opposed to it just "existing" already when we started playing. Well, that's the plan anyway. These guys are nuts and who knows what will actually end up happening.
  10. Just remember if you use a stormtrooper as your base, your beast will only be able to successfully slash at sand crawlers and jawas.
  11. Whimper... Yeah that would be literally the worst thing I could ever imagine!
  12. Gungans? Haha, I can't say I dislike your direct approach. I should have listed the stuff I already have There are a few Gungans in my current plans but yeah, not nearly enough! I don't really see much interest from my PCs to visit an underwater Gungan city but I should probably plan one on second consideration. They've been pretty surprising so far. So far I just have some Gungans that live in the city (not too many, though, given the times.) There are also some Gungans doing raids on a local Imperial Garisson. I'm also hoping to introduce a rival Gungan bounty hunter name Djar Djar. Borvo the Hutt is present in Morenia and they will definitely be running into Moff Panaka Beyond that, I have libraries for them to visit, museums, restaurants. I even included the Naboo Puppet Theatre. Is the colluseum in Theed really a must have? I'm not entirely sure how to utilize it and unfortunately I do not see my PCs getting into the Royal Palace.
  13. So what I've sort of decided to do is just drop the droid angle from my main plans. I have a small droid thing planned where there's like some out there in the swamp, like maybe ten of them and only two are really salvageable. But basically I've just sort of worked to make a couple pretty complex cities (Theed and Morenia) and I'm hoping there's enough there to occupy them for several sessions. I'm not looking to drop the droid angle, but I'm hoping that this will emphasize that "yeah, this is going to be a long, long proccess." We're not having a session this week (we played some d&d 3.5 instead) so I figure I have enough time to flesh out these two cities really well and make sure there's plenty to do. That said, is there anything you guys would consider must haves for Naboo?
  14. My understanding is that yes, Beyond the Rim is available at GenCon. Eh, it doesn't make me angry. That's really the draw of these conventions so I can't blame 'em.
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