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  1. Gloomhaven is indeed a better game than IA. IA relies on dice for the meat of it's combat. Not everyone sees this as a negative, but I do. I don't hate dice as a core mechanic, but I definitely find it uninspiring. Combat and movement in Gloomhaven are handled so elegantly. I encourage you to look up Gloomhaven's system. Each player has a different and distinct deck of cards with attacks, moves, heals, etc and this deck also functions as your stamina. The system is just brilliant and creates interesting and fun decisions at every single point of the game. If I could get an app assisted Gloomhaven style game with a major IP theme, I would snap it up in a heartbeat. Fantasy Flight does good work with their games, but Gloomhaven is just pure genius. I own WAY too many IA minis, and I have probably gotten IA to the table a total of 15 times? Gloomhaven on the other hand has seen well over 50 plays, with a wider group of players. It is just a more satisfying experience. The overhead for the guy in charge of the game is more than IA though. Not a ton more, especially before the APP they were basically equal, but with GH it wasn't 1 vs many. Now with the APP taking away a lot of the overhead, I think IA is simpler to get to the table, but much less rewarding.
  2. No, I have a bunch of friends and my kids to play with. Although we haven't come back to the campaign in awhile. Been enjoying Eldritch Horror a lot lately.
  3. Ya, it's clear as mud. I take it that Campaign Mode will be very hard. Sounds like the second prelude card is ACTIVE from the beginning, basically meaning you have to contend with 2 prelude cards, and a second AO after the first is defeated. This will probably be balanced by "Resource" being available to Investigators, as a way to heal and also gain items from the reserve. That all sounds great! What I am NOT excited about, is that if the Investigators fail against an AO, the campaign is over, and needs to be started from scratch. Take a page from other "campaign" games, like Imperial Assault or Gloomhaven, and have BRANCHING paths for success or failure. A binary pass/fail mechanic that simply resets the game feels like a big lost opportunity to play with consequence. On the other hand, knowing that failure means TOTAL failure, does get the blood pumping, so I understand where they are coming from. EH has never been a forgiving or easy game, and that's one of the reasons we love it. Someone said the Personal Stories could be a way to balance the Investigators, and I hope that's the case, good idea. As far as sideboards go, I am a fan of them. Bring on another board! I will feel a bit cheated if I buy a Big Box Exp and don't get a new board. Pre Ordered from my FLGS today.
  4. I recently found all my computer files and some printed materials for FFG's SWRPG. Haven't GM'd a game since summer of 2016. I started printing up player handbooks and gaming aids. Getting the GM itch again.
  5. I'm thinking my kids will enjoy this surprise ally. What do you guys think?
  6. Man, those freaking E-Web Engineer's are spitting HOT FIRE.
  7. I too have a question about Stunned while playing LotA. If I stun an E-Web Engineer, does that mean he only loses , and would still be able to double attack? Or does he lose one of the attacks? Thanks!
  8. You're absolutely right, in the haste of making my point, mistakes were made.
  9. This does make the game quite a bit more enjoyable actually! I played 5 missions of the non-app campaign not knowing this. In hindsight, the Rebel players often felt like they didn't get "to do enough" on their turns. Now I see why! Thanks guys!
  10. Can a Hero incur 2 strain to move 2 spaces and then attack twice? My son asked me about this last night actually. I said NO. I have always thought NO, because regular(non-strain) movement is one of your two actions on your turn, and straining merely ADDS movement points to your movement point total, not grant a TOTALLY free movement of up to two spaces for no action cost. But I saw boardwars.eu play it that way on Twitch today, and maybe I am wrong and he is right! Would make the game a bit easier, but also funner. I dunno, how do you play?
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