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  1. Hola, y'all, got another question from my current BC group. One of them was looking at the Fear and Loathing Tau spread, and asked about playing an Earth Caste in the warband we're gearing up to play. My question is as such: How could, if at all, a Tau join a Chaos Warband? Originally we were supposed to be an Imperium aligned party, but the party has shifted to being full on chaos.
  2. Then perhaps a contingent of just normal marines instead? Or would they also not give a **** about a completely legit word of God?
  3. Think I found one. Just kinda looking through it, and your call that Fear and Loathing in the Eastern Fringe would be better for this appears to be on the nose. When comparing the battlesuits in that to the Dreadnoughts in Deathwatch, I think I can come up with a mix of the two I'd be comfortable with allowing my players. I also think I know how to do the Centurions, too, and how to limit the available weaponry for them, too. Thanks for the help, man.
  4. I found the Fear and Loathing In the Eastern Fringe pdf, and I love it, though I'd probably have to change the suit stats to fit the changes in BC. You mentioned an Imperial Knight one as well? I'm unfortunately unable to find this one. Part of the campaign is looking to be the RT's ship has been modified to access the Eldar Webway, but can't properly navigate, thus they end up in locations they've no idea where they are. An idea I had was the Ordo Maellus is aboard with a hidden army of Grey Knights for if **** goes way South and deamons become a problem, but they can't really touch the party because of the RT's writ. Those Space Sharks seem like an interesting chapter, I'll look more into them.
  5. Fair point, one of my players has expressed an interest in possibly becoming interred, even though he's looking to be a Heretek and not a marine. An interesting development is that the party has all decided to be Imperials, and part of a Rogue Trader ship. I know I can work with this, and still include the customizable Centurion and Dradnought stuff, but I was wondering if using the Battlesuit rules from the Tau Character Guide would be a better way of handling these particular things. As for the possability of there being marines aboard, I was thinking of there being a Death Watch unit aboard, but if y'all have better ideas lemme know.
  6. Hello, dear fellow GMs! I am looking to run a new BC game, and I've come across some rules I'd like some clarifications on, and perhaps some ideas to help out with. It's recently come to my attention that there was an additional armor suit added in the 6e of the tabletop for the various smurf armies. My questions are as such: In BC, provided the players eventually come across these things, how should I stat out the Centurion and Dreadnought armors? I know the Dreadnoughts already exist in Death Watch, but I'm not exactly seeing them in BC. One possibility that came to me is to manipulate the Battlesuit rules from the Tau Character Guide for Rogue Trader to create semi-customizable platforms that the players can then make use of. I was pondering having them come across an ancient one of these, and perhaps using Tau weaponry or even salvaged ork weaponry to augment it. Another question I had is, could a Dreadnought be used to house a deamon and become a Deamon Engine? Like, are they big enough to be used as such?
  7. Working off of your desired effect: Assuming the vehicle(s) in question can be purchased, why not have the RT do just that. Purchase them via an Acquisition test, with the "Money Filled" property increasing the vehicle's quality by one step. Presumably the vehicle in question isn't the point of the act, and as such can be made functionally shoddy while still being filled with whatever passes for money in the local system. In this way the RT can actually purchase a buttload of these just to show off what he's capable of to his foes.
  8. Hello, all, while I normally try to stick to Black Crusade, and I guess now DH2e, I recently stumbled upon and grabbed the Tau Character Guide for Rogue Trader. My major question in regards to all of this, though, is: Is there anything stopping a Tau character from being one of the RT careers? I know they're meant to be Fire Warriors, but I'm wondering if they are prohibited from being Rogue Traders or Arch-militants, or the like.
  9. That would be greatly appreciated, please and thank you.
  10. This has been bugging me for quite a while. Where, in any of the books really, is the Tau weaponry? Like, specifically their weapons or armour. I recall a single enemy entry for Deathwatch that had Fire Warriors, but I don't recall if it fully detailed out their weapons. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Is there a problem with coloured text? Also, as for why I don't just play a Missionary in powered armour and a jetpack, how'd you know I wanted to go Seraphim, I kinda want to play a DH character pulled up into the RT power area. It provides me with far more customization than an RT character, and the SoB's requisitioned gear would put me on par with the equipment levels of the Trader and the Archmilitant. I suppose it's statistically probable that, somewhere in the Imperium, is a Sister of Battle who, for the sake of the God-Emperor, would tolerate the Trader's more radical actions and dealings.
  12. I'm currently trying to join an RT game wherein neither the DM nor most of the players are big fans of the 40k universe. Most of the time they poke holes in the way the governments handle things, or just how stupid most of the armies are. Despite all of that they're trying the RT version of the system if only to get a feel for the core of it, as the DM has expressed an interest in running it for a larger game. Either way, the DM decided to leave if I can bring a Sister of Battle into the group up to the player playing the Rogue Trader. Problem is the Rogue Trader is wary of me being a Sister of Battle, as he's not exactly keen on going full "FOR DE EMPRAH!" and is likely to be a little heretical/radical. He's worried that a Sister of Battle would turn into a big debacle and I'd end up trying to kill his character. Thus he has stated: So thus my problem. I can't think of any good reasons as to why a single Sister of Battle would be in the service of a Rogue Trader. Think y'all can help?
  13. For a similar effect check page 106, "Grace." "If the faithful is a Voidborn, this roll replaces the roll from the Charmed Trait."
  14. Page 308 of the core rulebook, there's a sidebar on trading. Apply the same concepts to trading in starting gear for your character creation acquisitions. Traded in my heavy carapace armour and got a best quality powered armour for my human renegade. Granted I was also using my Wealth pride's +20 to that as well, so yeah.
  15. Either or, really. Going for single items allows for a slight increase in quality, but wastes your free acquisitions which could be spent on far more useful items. There is no rule regarding the acquisitions and whether or not they need to be compounded. Do what you want, that's the lesson here and in Black Crusade in general: Do what you want.
  16. For reference, since I failed to mention this: My character isn't a Chaos Space Marine, he's a human renegade.
  17. Almost all of the CSM from the traitor legions that're still alive were around for the Horus Heresy some ten thousand years ago. Admittedly most of them have been stewing around in the Immaterium for much of that time, and there's a time dilation effect, as warp travel can make you arrive before you left halfway across the Imperium.
  18. Don't know of any games that're recruiting, but I can offer advice. 1: Read, read, read, read, for the love of Tzeentch read! 2: Repeat step 1. 3: Don't get discouraged if you don't "Get it" at first, tabletop RPGs are very different from wargames, but Fantasy Flight did their best to retain some of the wargame feel. 4: Read some more. I know most of my advice is simply to read and keep reading, but several of my players can't apparently keep this in mind.
  19. I'd say build him like a character but with 1.5 to 2 times the party's XP. That way he's still a threat even if they encounter him later on in the campaign. Also, pick three characteristics and give him max during character creation, but roll the rest; so he's really good at those things.
  20. How's about "The Gift Horse," "Foot in Door," "Conclusions," "Now and Then," "Fingers Crossed," "Someone's Leg," "Between the Lines," "The Flow," "Dead Body," "Two Cents," "Eating You," "Long Story," "Dressed to Kill," "Beg to Differ," "Said than Done," "The Loop," and "I Disagree!"
  21. By virtue of RAW, yes you can. Aim clearly states the +20 it gives when you aim for a full round carries over to the next round. However, if you fail to use said +20 in the next round, it's lost. So yes, you can full aim and call the shot. Be very certain you can hit and will do major damage, as that's a single shot every other round.
  22. Well I'm in power armour, so I highly doubt I'll suffer decompression or sub-zero temps, it is environmentally sealed and ever powered.
  23. Freaking awesome, I love it, thank you. Now to walk on the outside of hulls and tear open bridges!
  24. When you pick the Osmotic Gill Life Sustainer for your power armour, does this allow you to survive out in space until you starve/dehydrate/run out of power? Or do you need to have the armour vac-sealed?
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