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  1. I would happen to agree with this, sadly.
  2. TrainedMunkey


    There has been no supers setting has been announced. Curious if anyone knows what the Marvel agreement is?
  3. Considering they are looking for a buyer, you would think that they would want to be putting more product out and show profitability. Perhaps the line isn't that profitable. Just releasing to keep the contract at this point?
  4. That pesky Lucas company getting in the way.
  5. It might not be their choice. They might just be preparing to loose the license and are trying to retain some some customers by this new line.
  6. It was printed in the US obviously. There are a couple reasons for this, but most importantly that they can afford to do it, the profit margin is much larger. It would seem that Genesys sales were pretty good. I am sure that many folks on these forums are like myself and have seen this happen with the Star Wars RPG before.
  7. I enjoyed the D6 game when it was the Star Wars game, but really FFG give us a real preview.
  8. My feelings on the subject also, but the space donkeys were pretty kick ***. They busted down walls.
  9. I had started a Supers threads back pre release and was going to use SW as a base also. I have experience with a lot of Supers systems but SW is one of my favorites. After much much consideration decided to scrap that idea. Not trying to put down your idea, I am more than willing to lend a hand in your conversion. After I actually received the book and dived into the rules, I decided that systems stands up fairly well as is for Supers and using the magic system. Just a matter of creating different tiers of powers perhaps as @Lord_Lele suggested and giving a level magic as per SW.
  10. Yeah doubt it is yet, but they correctly believe that it has the potential to make more money and are devoting the creative resources to to Genesys and L5R. This has to take away from SWRPG creativity. Just trying to be realistic and explain the lack of announcement of new books. I don't believe that there is anything to worry about. We will still get SWRPG books, the pace is just slowing down, it now has to compete with two other lines for developers. On the other hand SWRPG is ranking in top five RPGs fairly consistently at least on roll20.
  11. I was specifically referring to the RPG and it's profit margin. I was referring to a delay in production of new products and the resources devoted to the Star Wars RPG. I have no insider information. It could simply be that resources normally devoted to SWRPG have switched to minis or such. Most likely they have been working on Genesys products however.
  12. I would suspect that Genesys is a bigger cash cow than Star Wars. Not having to pay the mouse and all. While I doubt that Star Wars RPG is done, I have no inside information on the licensing contract, I would expect it to become the red headed stepchild. There will be more resources devoted to Genesys going forward.
  13. If you want to watch the worst written and directed Star Wars to date, by all means go see it. That is saying a lot. Phantom Menace and Clone Wars were not well acted. I kept praying that Jar Jar would rescue this film. I saw it again in true Imax. Some of the shots were beautiful, but .... I have lost all respect for the director of this movie, he whom will not be named. I saw Star Wars 4 times in the theater, I was eight. That is my bench mark. I won't even watch this junk again for free again. I gave it a second chance. All of my friends were divided on Force Awakens and Rogue One. Every one of them detest this movie. One of them gave his tickets away to his second and third showing. We always buy multiple showings ahead of time.
  14. To me it comes down to the fact that they didn't deal with the transition in generations well. As a young Munkey I saw Star Wars in the theater several times and the way they dealt with the transition just hit me wrong. He didn't go out like Luke Skywalker Jedi Master, my opinion, which differ's from many of your opinions and Rian Johnson's. I am a Lucas Star Wars guy I guess. I have never tried to bar entry into the Star Wars club. I have done the opposite. Unfortunately tastes have changed in movie goers and the original trilogy doesn't have the same mass appeal. I am hoping that other generations have found their Star Wars in this new direction. I want Star Wars to beloved and cherished for many more years. My oldest daughter has finally found her Star Wars. She wants a ring like broom boy had for Christmas. This makes a slightly middle aged Munkey very happy, even if I didn't enjoy the new humor or direction.
  15. Apparently it hasn't. There will be a Skywalker around for the next movie at least. The best actor and perhaps the best character still in the series.
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