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  1. I would not expect them to go freelance. Sounds like there is a restructuring going on. I would not expect the RPG division to make a comeback. https://knighterrantjr.blogspot.com/2020/01/fantasy-flight-games-rpg-products-still.html
  2. "In the young adult novel Star Wars: Force Collector, we learn what happened to Luke Skywalker's medal. As it turns out, Luke's medal from the Battle of Yavin was sold by Han Solo to buy booze. Solo gave it to Maz Kanata to pay for a drink. Kanata even called Solo a "bastard" for doing so. Now, we know that this medal that Maz gives to Chewie at the end of The Rise of Skywalker pretty much has to be Luke's, right?" So if the medal was from Maz, then it was Luke's, if it was from Leia, then it had to be Han's right?
  3. Guessing the new planet killers only accurate on certain silhouette size, planet size. Definitely couldn't hit a fighter. So captain obvious yells, use the small guns.
  4. Guessing he didn't have the wayfinder on desert planet, so two different fighters, but apparently the wayfinder is fire proof so could have been recovered easily from the wreckage.
  5. I am guessing that's what they were implying. Does that mean Lando's daughter is force sensitive also? Her whole regiment or was one force user powerful enough to over come all their indoctrination?
  6. Pre movie spoilers had them combining into one being. I wonder if that still applies or was just an earlier script? Did Rey absorb his personality as well as life force? Here's hoping that the novel explains more than the movie.
  7. I was generalizing and yes my kids liked all three movies.
  8. I have found that for hard core fans, like myself and most on here, there are two categories- those who loved TLJ and those who hated it. I fall into the hate category, most likely just because I am a Luke fan. Amongst us the divide for this movie seems to fall along those same lines. If you were a fan of TLJ you disliked this movie. The reasons are obvious, JJ Abrams pretty much washed over the TLJ. Star Wars fans been given a bad rep recently due to stupid things like this. We should try the middle ground. I know I have been trying, I actually watched TLJ again. My children are casual fans, they are all college age adults. I have forced them to watch the original trilogy and they were very young during prequels. They loved all three of the new movies and these movies were made for them pretty much. JJ Abrams is a little bit of a fan boy, so us old geezers get some nods. The theaters around me have been sold out all opening weekend. A much different feeling to me than Solo opening weekend. Solo did get shafted on marketing. I don't know what series of Star Wars films you folks have been watching, but they have never been cinematic art. They are action driven popcorn munchers and have always been so. I love them for it. There has never been realistic physics in SW. It's pretty much whatever the plot requires. Sorry to single you out Desslok, there have been several similar posts. This movie gets two thumbs up from me. The wife and I will go to see it several more times. It's definitely the best of the sequels. It's a top 4 in SW rankings for me. My wife's opinion, she plays a wookie technician in my game: Overall, I think I loved it, but I'm still processing and I need to see it again. Some of the dialogue was weak, in my opinion. It felt a bit canned, especially for characters like Poe, Rose, and Finn. I think Star Wars is still struggling to re-define itself moving forward. There is a battle between the new feel of TLJ, which seems to appeal to younger crowds, speaking generally, and then the old, traditional feel of things, which I think Rogue One captured well. For me this movie felt split between trying to cater to both. Characters like Poe, Rose, and sometimes Finn, seem very Rogue One/old feel to me. While characters like Rey and Kylo Ren are very new school/TLJ. I like the Rogue One feel best and I wish we saw more of characters like Poe and Rose and I wish the writing had been better for them. That said. I did enjoy the movie. I loved the character development and arc of the story between Rey and Ren/Ben. I loved the scenes with Luke and with Han. Overall it was action packed and it felt like a Star Wars movie. I will agree that visually it lacked somewhat compared to TLJ, but the visual aspects are really the only thing I like about TLJ, the rest was a huge let down. Star Wars has always been more about the story and the action, then the big sweeping visuals anyways. And there were some visual elements that were quite well done that I did enjoy, it wasn't all lacking, for example, the last scenes in the Sith throne room were done beautifully and pretty ******* epic. My favorite of the newer releases remains Rogue One. If they could stick with that feel I'd be a happy camper. That said, I think Star Wars fans tend to be over-analyzers and maybe we do ourselves a bit of disservice by being so critical of our movies, lol. Maybe we should just sit back with some popcorn and try to enjoy them a bit more before analyzing. LOL. Easier said then done.
  9. TheWizurd


    I would happen to agree with this, sadly.
  10. TheWizurd


    There has been no supers setting has been announced. Curious if anyone knows what the Marvel agreement is?
  11. Considering they are looking for a buyer, you would think that they would want to be putting more product out and show profitability. Perhaps the line isn't that profitable. Just releasing to keep the contract at this point?
  12. That pesky Lucas company getting in the way.
  13. It might not be their choice. They might just be preparing to loose the license and are trying to retain some some customers by this new line.
  14. It was printed in the US obviously. There are a couple reasons for this, but most importantly that they can afford to do it, the profit margin is much larger. It would seem that Genesys sales were pretty good. I am sure that many folks on these forums are like myself and have seen this happen with the Star Wars RPG before.
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