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  1. I'm going to say it's died for me and do think it's gotten too complex (timing charts, extensive FAQs, etc) for my PERSONAL tastes. I'm sure other folks are still enjoying it since FFG keeps making more stuff, but for me, the frequency of releases and what I think is pretty significant power creep just burned me out. I really do miss the good old days when how you flew was more important than what you flew, but you know, the game meta does change and if most folks like it, then that's just how the cookie crumbles. Me, I'm going to find a different cookie. :-P
  2. I'd be in for either - as long as it's a non-random format I'll buy it.
  3. I have been disappointed not see more Diskwars from FFG, but other companies seem like they are stepping up to fill the gap of alternatives to TT mini games, I've seen games like Yashima (fantasy kung fu from Greenbrier), Arsenal Arena (giant robots, print on demand, so not super cheap, but cheaper than table top), and Talon: Fleet Combat (sci fi from GMT games) - all are fun looking offerings that scratch my itch for TT mini games, especially Talon.
  4. Yeah...so call me skeptical...but FFG hasn't said it yet, so it's not official. And even if it does, we have a great game. Sure it'll be a bummer we don't get more, but what we have is great.
  5. So the title pretty much says it all. I had a brief exposure to L5R years ago, but didn't have the money to get in and really almost forgot about it until the announcement that FFG had bought it. I'm really excited about the game, but dreading the two year wait. I know a lot of you already have established L5R collections - but especially for those of you that don't, what are you playing in the mean time?
  6. I'm a Lizardman fan myself, so I really want (aside from the obvious full faction treatment) a Slann Mage as a hero. Immortal Giant Toad Wizards for the win! Oh, and also a Carnosaur. Because dinosaurs. I also love the play of the Vampire Counts, so I'd love to see some units that...help them be more competitive. Overall as I played them, I found that if I played a random player, I was at a serious disadvantage because they really so heavily on being able to outguess on the command cards. As far as an additional faction, I'd love to see Ogres. And Skaven. And Brettonia. I do still have hopes that we'll see more for this game in the future, just on a board game expansion speed, not an LCG speed (which is fine with me,the pace of the LCGs is too hard for me to keep up with). Would love a statement from FFG confirming that the game isn't dead - since when they cancelled the tournament packs they said the game was doing well...
  7. I'm definitely disappointed, but I'm not sure it's too late. I feel like the game needed a bit more fleshing out to feel really complete (i.e. completed factions for Dark Elves, Lizardmen, Skaven, and wood elves, some help for the undead, preferably a ruling about only one of certain creatures (I'm looking at you double bloodthirsters and sun dragons) in armies). I think the problem is that initially this game felt more like an LCG, especially with the quick release schedule of the first two expansions, and now has been shifted to board game status in favor of other more popular properties. I'm actually fine with this being relegated to that style of release (slow to no expansions) schedule, but I really feel like the game desperately needs that one last deluxe expansion to really feel "done". Right now certain builds and certain factions are just too dominant.
  8. You'll want to take a look at page 16 in the rulebook. 1. Looks (i.e. art) is completely irrelevant. Unless it says x army only or Order/Destruction only, you can use it in any army 2. You select your command cards as a party of army construction.
  9. Well my (foolish?) hope is that Warhammer Diskwars was on hold because of this new change and expansions will eventually resume.
  10. Both disks would suffer 2 physical damage from his impact, then his ability would trigger, dealing 1 magic damage to each enemy disk within short range. So both enemy disks that he pinned would take a total of 3 damage. Since the engagement is simultaneous, his ability would only trigger once.
  11. Okay, picked up all the Scum stuff except IG, but I noticed there aren't any missions. Does IG come with missions? Or are the Scum missionless for some reason?
  12. I've been hoping we might see Diskwars get an End Times expansion too! It seems like they are doing some cool stuff, and really changing up the game as it's been known... Wouldn't mind being able to run Nagash himself as the Lord of my Vampire Counts. :-)
  13. I have a weird opinion on this, I actually think the game is better played casually with friends than at tourneys. Not to say the game isn't tightly balanced, it is (well, okay, I think the dragons, trolls,etc. should be one per army). It's because of the command card phase. Being able to outguess your opponent happens best after multiple games together, playing with strangers at a tourney doesn't really allow for this. So, my favorite army, the Vampire Counts, is awesome played casually with my wife - I outguess her with command cards and win pretty handily with them. However, at the tournament scene, they get creamed - I simply don't know my opponents or their tendencies, so outguessing them becomes nigh on impossible. So for me, this decision doesn't bother me overmuch, although I've enjoyed the tourneys I've been to (even though I lost). My hope is that the game continues to grow casually and gets at least one more expansion to round everything out. I think it will. And of course, I'll buy every expansion that does come out - it's such a great game. :-)
  14. I'm dying for details on Squiggify. The very concept is hysterical.
  15. Yeah...I have FFG's newsfeed subscribed to in my RSS reader. I definitely check at least once a day....
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