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    Basic vs. Basic II

    Basic 2 has a couple things going for it that a lot of people overlook. The big thing you have to remember is that the extra text that shows up at the bottom that's archetype specific is in addition to the other effects of the card. You don't have Dash, but you have Blinding Speed which can be better. If you use it on a Warrior and they fail both tests, the monster gets 6 movement points, whereas they only get 2 if any hero fails 1, or if the Warrior fails only 1. The other important thing to realize regarding Blinding Speed is that this gives movement points, not a move action, so this gets around Immobilize. Frenzy doesn't have a direct counterpart, instead it has 1-2 pseudo counterparts and only 1 really being on par or better than Frenzy: Flurry. You need a surge to make it work, but the additional attack gains a Green Die which can give a nice damage boost. It's situational though, if you roll excess surges on the first attack to which you could use all the surge abilities you wanted and still make use of Flurry, then Flurry is better because the second attack will carry the extra green die. On the other hand if you had to use the only surge you had for the extra attack instead of that nice +3 damage ability and then your flurry attack rolls crap, then it's worst. The other card that is sorta like Frenzy is Overwhelm, but it's tricky to pull off and if you work too hard to make it happen, then it might not be worth it. Either you get an extra attack, or the target is stunned/immobilized. Again, it's situational. Befuddle is amazing during quests that have attribute tests or if you really want Blinding Speed or whatever else to go through. Mimic is great, sometimes pulling a search token away from the heroes can really mess with their heads. If they have to split up to chase it down and you can capitalize on it, bonus points. Reflective ward is the pseudo Dark Charm, except it's only for damage. I have weird results whenever I've used it, I always catch a hero with 0-1 fatigue, but they tend to miss or roll poorly on the attack. Mental Error and Dirty Fighting are good, used on the right archetype and they give a nice boost. Grease Trap if used right is amazing, splitting up the heroes at the right time (or just costing them an action) is always good. To Sum up, Basic 2 can be better, but it can also be worst. Its power can be situational and you have things to help tip the scales in your favor. If you want to have reliable power, then go with Basic 1. Also keep in mind though that if the Heroes pick a Warrior with high Awareness/Knowledge, then Blinding speed/Mental Error won't be that good. If the Mage has high Willpower/Awareness, then Uncontrolled Power/Grease Trap won't be as good. I'd stay away from Basic 2 if the heroes have attribute tests that directly counter some of the cards.
  2. jadedbacon

    Timing question

    So we picked up Mafia and are going to be getting a group together this Friday to play. I'm going to be the facilitator so I'm trying to make sure I have the rules figured out before then. One scenario I thought up was what if the Mafia decides to kill the player who happens to be the Sheriff? Does the Sheriff get to use his ability that same night or is he considered Blocked, or does he get to pick a target but that target doesn't get killed? Thanks
  3. jadedbacon

    what's yours is mine epic finish.

    Also the Bounty Hunter's Longshot would add another 3 since the attack would be way beyond the 5 space minimum requirement... so a Bounty Hunter using Longshot equipped with a Boomerang, Scorpion helm, Sunstone with the Secret Formula buff, could get 19 if the stars were to align. That'd be one hell of a throw. To add, there's a Disciple skill that gives a yellow attack die to someone who's been affected by Prayer of Healing, so the max range with the above hypothetical would be 20 (If the BH received that buff instead of Secret Formula... 21 with it).
  4. jadedbacon

    I'm murdering my players :(

    They might need to take advantage of the fact that Sweep requires LoS, so just have 2 people in the front to absorb the blow (Wolf or images come to mind). Then move/dismiss them on their turn to unload on the giant, they should be able to take him down in a turn or two. Then move up to prevent the blockade. Weapons would definitely be a factor though, starting weapons are usually pretty weak (barring the Arcane Bolt... iz nice)
  5. jadedbacon

    Crossbow question

    Simply put surges cannot be spent if the attack is a miss unless the surge is spent to overcome the miss. (such as range or shadow, for example) I will say that if your rules lawyer-fu was strong enough you could argue that moving the monster into position makes the attack not a miss and is therefore valid, if it wasn't for the fact that part of the effect that moves the monster also adds 1 to the damage, which means the movement wouldn't be applied until when damage was dealt, and therefore couldn't move the monster into position to get hit by the attack in the first place. Man, re-reading that is making my head hurt, hopefully you got the gits of what I was saying. The short and sweet of it is that no, what they did wasn't legal.
  6. jadedbacon

    Best plot deck?

    Belthir is probably one of the simplest Plot Decks to use as the Plot cards all synergize with the Basic 1 deck. You can practically ignore buying any OL cards and convert nearly all your Xp into extra threat to buy/use Plot cards as much as you'd like. (Of course don't overdo it, don't want to give the Heroes an advantage with Fortune tokens) There are a few exceptions, simple traps like Web Trap and early Warlord cards like Blood Rage can replace the Basic 1 cards that Belthir's plot deck doesn't interact with.
  7. jadedbacon

    attacking while in a hazard space?

    The figure isn't defeated unless it ends its turn in the hazard/lava space. It can move through and interrupt in hazard/lava spaces as much as it can (taking damage as appropriate). From the Rulebook (Page 18, bottom left): Since the hellhound still had movement points left, the OL was allowed to move the Hellhound out of its current spot to safer ground.
  8. jadedbacon

    Most powerful lieutenant?

    Just wanted to chime back in with a response from FFG in regards to reinforcing monsters that were replaced with an Agent, but the Agent is gone (defeated, left the map). Question: Answer:
  9. jadedbacon

    That web trap

    Just to start off the OL couldn't use Dash twice on the same monster in your first quest. Doesn't change your situation, just something to keep in mind for the following quests. As for your situation, one thing to remember is that Immobilization stops you from performing move actions and using fatigue for movement, nothing else. So it doesn't stop Tomble's Heroic Feat, it doesn't stop Reinhart using either Oath of Honor or Advance, it doesn't stop Elven Boots giving the free movement point at the start of the turn, it doesn't stop Teleporting Rune or Trident giving you free movement. Basically you need to exploit the loophole in Immobilization in that it doesn't stop bonus movements. Not sure what expansions you have (but since your playing LoR and using Reinhart/Quellen i'm guessing you have LoR and LotW at least) Here are some items you want to look out for: Crossbow (Base game) - Doesn't help you move, but you can move the enemy closer to you (also just a badass weapon) Elven Boots (LoR) - 1 Free movement point for the hero that uses it. Teleportation Rune (LoR) - Lets you jump 2 spaces after the attack provided you use a surge and the attack isn't a miss. Trident (TrF) - Similar to Tele Rune, but instead of jumping 2 spaces, you get 2 movement points when you use a surge on an attack that isn't a miss. Belt of Alchemy (TrF) - Lets you use an action to get rid of a Condition, yeah its not super awesome, but in your state, you can use all the help you can get. Lucky Charm (Base - Not the Thief only version) - Yeah, rerolling a 1 attribute test is still not that great, but giving it to Avric/Reinhart gives them an added chance to get out of a Web Trap. You got the useful skills for Reinhart, there's 3 skills from the Geo that might help. Quaking Word: Could stun multiple monsters, since they automatically fail attribute tests (cept Lieutenants) they all get stunned, buying you some time Ways of the Stone: (Never used it myself) Could use the stones as a way to jump around. Gravity Spike: Similar to the Crossbow, lets you move monsters around which might let you move them closer to you. Some of these won't be readily available, so you'll have to make due with what you have. Spread out often (but not so far that you get isolated and separated). Good luck!
  10. jadedbacon

    Blasting Rune and Kobolds

    Ok trying to wrap my brain around one part of this combo. If Leoric uses his Heroic Feat (Attacks all adjacent figures) with Blasting rune, each figure that was defeated from a result of that attack would trigger the secondary effect of Blasting Rune? Hopefully I can illustrate this correctly: Leoric uses Heroic Feat 4 Monsters adjacent to Leoric | 1 in each corner (for simplicity's sake) Leoric rolls enough hearts and the monsters roll too few shields that all 4 monsters are defeated Blasting Rune says "...each figure adjacent to the defeated monster suffers 2 hearts" | So Blasting Rune triggers 4 times? (each time from the space of the defeated monster, meaning each corner) So in the above example... did Leoric just blast himself for 8 Hearts? Since Blasting Rune says "Figure" and not "Monster" he would be affected wouldn't he?
  11. jadedbacon

    Most powerful lieutenant?

    Belthir is definitely the simplest to use - Stick with Basic 1. Also he's decently powerful, in Act 2 he could potentially hit multiple heroes with 1 action. Personally I'm a fan of Queen Ariad. In Act 1 she's rocking Black+Gray defense which is pretty tough to deal with for heroes just starting out (before getting the Crossbow). Park that insect butt in front of the heroes objective and take a swing at a few of them when they get close. She should last 2-3 turns. As for the reinforcement rule in regards to using an Agent, the monsters that were replaced with the Agent can't be used while the Agent is out, but if the Agent dies (or otherwise leaves the map) using the monsters that were replaced opens back up: When an agent is placed in a monster group, that agent and the monsters in that group are treated as if they are part of the same monster group. While the agent is on the map, the overlord cannot use the monster figures it replaced as reinforcements, regardless of quest rules. So if you use someone like Mirklace or Queen Ariad, use a large monster group since you'll be losing the whole group anyways for the duration the Agent it out.
  12. jadedbacon

    Opinions on overlord cards?

    Don't have time to list everything, here's Saboteur, Warlord and Punisher, I might update this later with Magus, Infector, Shadowmancer and the Universal cards. Saboteur: Great: Web TrapImmobilize is awesome Might is easier to land on most non-warriors In race style maps (read: almost all of them) stopping heroes from getting to their objectives is key to winning, and this does it in a pinch Watch out for Logan, he laughs at this, and Apothecary/Disciple/Bard sneeze at it and its gone Wicked LaughterMakes it easier to land traps Makes it harder for Heroes to pass quest related attribute checks Uthuk Demon TrapIf timed right is a guaranteed kill on a hero Useless if all search tokens/doors are opened Bad Explosive RuneIf timed right/lucky enough could deal 6 hearts to a hero with 1 Awareness, most of the time will just deal 1-2 or nothing at all which is pretty lackluster. Warlord Great: Blood RageNothing like attacking 3+ times (if comboed with Frenzy/Flurry/etc) on a priority target the Heroes are trying to keep alive. Who cares if your monster dies as a result. Can be comboed with monsters that have Undying or with Rise Again for maximum hilarity Expert BlowReusable card, no need to keep searching/hoping to draw it (as long as you don't miss/don't roll a surge) BloodlustEven with the Errata, drawing 3 cards when knocking out a hero is nice. If you're playing with Threat and you pick threat instead of getting your one card for knocking out a hero you're still getting +1 card. Bad: ReinforcePost Errata its too weak and situational to pull off. Since its happening at the end of the turn AND you need a master monster to be alive means you've just lined up your monsters to be blown away by the heroes on their next turn. Could be useful when blocking a corridor, but still, all the heroes need to do is pick off your master and its useless.Punisher Great: No Rest for the WickedGreat vs most heroes as they love to Fatigue move to inch closer to your monsters. Fantastic vs High Mage Quellen when he uses his Heroic Feat. Granted once you play it Heroes can choose not to use Fatigue moves, but then again you're just forcing them to waste actions, so usually its still a win-win for you. Exploit WeaknessAgain, since heroes love using Stamina whenever they can, there's a good chance they'll end with 0 fatigue at one point or another. Use this and you get a free move + possible attack action. Perfect for blocking that hallway that just opened up, perfect for chasing down that hero that was trying to get away. Smart heroes will lower their chances of you using this card, but that might be an advantage anyways as they won't be Fatigue moving/using all their skills. Blood BargainingNothing like using this at the start of a hero's turn after you've blockaded a hallway with 4 barghests. Watch as they cry as they have to hurt themselves just to bust through, or skip a turn and not do anything. Bad Honestly, none of the Punisher cards are that bad imho - Trading pains is only really great when a hero uses a Healing Potion to revive another hero. Don't really have time to go into the rest - But for Basic 1 vs Basic 2. If you want straightforward power, go with Basic 1.
  13. I'm going to be trying out the Shadowmancer deck, but going with a lot of support that reduces the heroes chances of passing attribute tests. Going Basic 2 (Befuddle) and using Changelings whenever possible (Hideous Laughter). After I get all the Shadowmancer cards I want I'm going to go with some Saboteur cards (Wicked Laughter). Hopefully it works out!
  14. jadedbacon

    Act 1 items, what to get?

    That's a pretty snazzy way to use the Handbow, I'll admit. Might have to point that out to our Healer next time we play (wait, why would I do that) Its true, most of the time you'd want to build up your defenses in Act 1 to prepare for Act 2. I'd think more about what kind of items have effects that are exclusive to Act 1 Items. Crossbow (Moving targets), Elven Boots (free movement), Mana Weave (free surges), Scorpion Helm (free range), Thief's Vest (free Might/Awareness) are all things that you can't find an equivalent in Act 2 Items for the same slot. If you're looking for raw damage, then yes there's no point in getting Act 1, other than upgrading starting equipment. If you're no pumping out enough damage to blow open blockades then the OL is winning. If the OL is winning (and using a Lieutenant Pack), then he might start running away with the campaign.
  15. jadedbacon

    Act 1 items, what to get?

    Poisoned Blowgun is a poor man's Crossbow, its a Exotic Pierce one handed ranged weapon. Belt of Alchemy has its uses - When you're a low Might hero who's been poisoned and your Disciple/Bard/Apothecary (Psh, who uses SpiritSpeaker/Prophet anyways) is in the lou - THAT'S where its useful! ... ... YEAH! Now if instead of an Action to use it, it was something like an action or "Exhaust this card and spend 2 Fatigue" or something like that, then it'd be worth it. Otherwise it loses out in the "Belt" category to Belt of Waterwalking. Handbow is definitely one of those "Hey this is a neat idea... wait... why would I use this?"