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  1. berusplants

    How old are you? (Survey)

  2. Last played in Germany. Now living in Nepal and debating weather or not to bring my set out when I visit in the fall, that would be a new one for the list. Played in Thailand a few months ago also.
  3. berusplants

    About the K-wing and Tie Punisher...

    Hoping the purchase of one Punisher will get me some upgrades that makes my Bombers better and hence back on the table.
  4. berusplants

    Prediction time - what _will_ we see in Wave 7?

    I think the bomber is going to get a boost, be it in wave 7 or as an aces pack. As an addition to the release perhaps there will be a tie shuttle variant? With the rise of the crew card in recent waves I feel the Imperials need a viable small bass crew carrier that is cost effective (something cheaper and 'straighter' than the Phantom). As previously mentioned this might even be a combo release with a Ywing as this is now also a bomber and the EU has crewed Ywings.
  5. berusplants

    XXXXZ as an alternative to BBBBZ

    I like the look of this build. Keyan so equipped can be a lot of fun.
  6. berusplants

    [Video on YouTube] Thrawn's Field Test 2015

    Well made and easy to follow. Danke. The Scum build was spectacular at some points (you used all the ordenance!!), but I guess overall not quite sturdy enough. I think the Tie Advanceds with AC look like excellent escorts for the Decimator, they dont die easily and have a fair damage output.
  7. berusplants

    Ranking every upgrade in the game

    A good write up and by and large your points make sense. Cheers for the effort. As is customary I offer one challenge, I think Weapons Engineer is pretty good with a boosting Decimator, Giving you the action you want and boosting without the penalty of stress. Not amazing and could be a point cheaper but maybe level up. If The Mercenary Co-Pilot was a point I like this combo plus Yasune on the Rear Admiral.
  8. berusplants

    Do you plan to use the new tie advanced?

    Thinking about how to get Advanceds into mixed squads, using Vader but not in the advanced; 2 x Tempest AC Doom Shuttle Soontir Fel PTL AT TC Could be fun, tanky and enough firepower to support the super flanker. And I always want a shuttle in there
  9. berusplants

    Enhanced Scopes

    I suggest Navigator over Saboteur. Nav has better synergy with APL Not much point combining Navigator with Enhanced Scopes as you will move first and have no reason to change your dial. I agree about Sabateur not being worth it though, Id save the points for another ship.
  10. berusplants

    Royal Guard escort build

    Simplest solution would be 3 RG PTL squints and a doom shuttle. Ive also enjoyed running 2 RG PTL squints, one EU shuttle and one Doom shuttle. The decoy shuttle a given for a leader worried about terrorist attack..
  11. berusplants

    What are you running with Super Dash?

    I enjoy using 2 Prototypes and a Bandit. The Awings are durable for the price and can keep up with Dash whilst the bandit often ends up living longer and doing more damage than you might reasonable expect. The rebel mini swarm.
  12. berusplants

    What's Your Christmas Loot?

    One Tie bomber and some hashbrownies
  13. berusplants

    Best 42 points with Super-Dash?

    2 Prototypes and a Bandit. The Prototypes are hard to kill and can keep up with Dash.
  14. berusplants

    Flight instructor

    Does anyone ever us this card?