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  1. Interesting take. I read it to be more of a Dirty Harry revolver, and distinctly not a holdout (mechanically speaking) because it has a 2 Encumbrance which is pretty hefty for a sidearm. It's one of my favorite weapons because of the flavor to it, but I couldn't justify it to be in the same realm as a holdout blaster. The "Big" pistols are Enc 3, Enc2 is average and Enc1 is tiny. Again, I'm looking purely at the mechanics. A concealed holdout pistol adds a Setback die to the Perception roll to find it and there is no holdout pistol that is above an Encumbrance value of 1. For my taste, any pistol that is called a holdout or is clearly in that vein (12 Defender, Palm Shooter, Boonta Blaster) qualify for that mechanical bonus to concealment. The "Fiver" is an Enc2 revolver that the write up describes as a large caliber slugthrower. It seems RAI for this particular pistol to not qualify as a "holdout" for mechanical purposes. As for your assessment that Enc2 is average; I'm not so sure that is accurate. Average seems to be somewhere between 1 and 2 for pistols. A majority are Enc1, a fair amount are Enc2, and only a few are Enc3.
  2. Interesting take. I read it to be more of a Dirty Harry revolver, and distinctly not a holdout (mechanically speaking) because it has a 2 Encumbrance which is pretty hefty for a sidearm. It's one of my favorite weapons because of the flavor to it, but I couldn't justify it to be in the same realm as a holdout blaster.
  3. I appreciate giving me a reason to use this picture. But I don't understand the point of this thread. You list the basic reasons a person might benefit from a weapon that deals less damage in your OP. It's basically just a trade off. Why would a person choose to make that trade? Encumbrance, Credits, Setting, and RP may all be factors. Ultimately I don't think it matters. You pick the gun that fits the character. A point of damage either way doesn't matter that much anyway.
  4. Basically this. There is some evidence that ships can have a hyperdrive installed (Vader's TIE for instance), but they have to be entirely redesigned. So it's not impossible to add a drive, but I don't think a backup drive is appropriate. According to the Wiki (which may or may not give accurate information) the backup drive functions almost like a spare tire. Yeah, it can be a godsend if your main one blows out, but it is a backup; really not built for everyday use. If you want to get your ship hopping around in hyperspace, you're going to have to do a lot of work to get it there and it isn't the kind of thing you can do on the side of the road with a wrench. You're going to need access to a shipwright facility of some sort.
  5. Seems like a lot of hassle to fix a very minor (to me) problem. You'd need to start by remaking the entire critical chart. Then you'd have to rework all the talents that effect crits to make sure the talents all keep relative value in your new system. Then you would have to teach an entirely new critical system to your players. For my taste it is a lot easier to just roll a quick d% and move on. I mean your complaint is that the d% is a little out of place, do you really need a massive overhaul to adjust it when it'd be a lot simpler to just shrug it off and roll with it?
  6. Seems to create a lot of extra bookkeeping just to reconcile the issue you are having with abstract ranges and times. I also think it would get super wonky with some Force stuff. Enhance and Atraru both give enhanced movement. So you'll have to figure out how that's going to stay relevant. Along with not overemphasizing one characteristic. For my money, it's easier to just get over concerns about distances and travel time and range bands. But it's your game and if you feel a need to cluster up the system with baggage that is your prerogative.
  7. 1. The game focuses on the characters and the heroic actions they take, rather than on measurements, statistics, or other minutiae. 2. Rounds can last for roughly a minute or so in time, although the elapsed time is deliberately not specified. Players should keep in mind that a round lasts long enough for their character to move to a new location and perform an important action. They should also remember that although each round is broken up into turns that happen sequentially in gameplay, narratively the turns are occurring at roughly the same time.
  8. Wow. This is the first time I've seen a species list and not been interested in a single one. I can see some people being excited about it, but it just seems like such a weak group to me.
  9. I got a package from Malaysia a few weeks back and my experience was very similar. Arrived in LA within a few days, then sat there for over a week, before it finally shipped to my house. It was so frustrating to check it everyday and see it not moving. I thought maybe they were striking again and it hadn't made the news.
  10. Yeah. Tell him to **** right off with his feelings. He is ruining a game for people and knows it. He clearly doesn't respect the feelings of the group so there is no reason to respect his. "Everyone is tired of your ****, shape up or you will not be invited back." End of the discussion. The hell there isn't. This mentality that everyone has to be included is bull. The thing about good friends is that they call you on poor behavior. The discussion should go like this: "Hey PC, the guys and I have been talking and you murdering everything is really dragging down the game for everyone. You're my friend so I want you to be able to play with us, but you need to consider if this is a game you want to be in." "Oh **** man, I'm SUPER embarrassed that I've been such an ass. I'll absolutely do better. And to make amends, pizza and beer is on me next session." And if the conversation doesn't go something like that, then you should stop inviting him.
  11. In our previous group, I gave my players a Jedi Holocron... since they weren't all Force Users and didn't want to select 2 skills has career skills like mentioned in the CRB, I decided that the Holocron contained vast knowledge of the galaxy and would upgrade a Knowledge check done when using the Holocron. I would probably rule the same way or give a boost die if my players tried a Knowledge check while searching the Holonet or local university for info. I agree with Unicornpuncher that knowledge checks represent internalized info on the subject... I think the best answer was 2P51... you get all the info for 1 success... if using a standard Knowledge check, you'd need a few Success, Advantages and maybe a Triumph for all the same knowledge. It's more a "you personally know the place" instead of "you heard about the place". I just had an Idea to use this talent... would you allow it if a player tried it ?!? The characters get cornered by a pirate or other mischievious evil bad guy.... the big bad guy threatens the character and hope they will submit. One of the players says "Hey, I'll use Familiar Suns to see if I can recognize his accents and maneurism... maybe I once visited his world". The PC rolls and succeeds. The GM says "the guy is from Ord Mantell, you see some skill decoloration typical of a low level worker at the docks working with all those chemicals, plus he's got the accent from New Garnik"... and now the PC turn to the NPC and says "hey! I know you, we met at the docks in New Garnik, don't you remember.... .... " and thus saves the day What do you think ? In the same vein... another idea... The players are trying to find where the pirates hid their stash... looking around for clues at a local space station not far... The players see a pirate ship land and a group of thugs run out carrying a badly wounded pirate to the local med bay. One player asks to roll a Familiar Suns to see if he can identify the beast that did that wound... the PC rolls and succeeds. The GM says "Those are 2 deep claw marks typical of Mantellian Flutterplumes from Ord Mantell ; and those orange mud stains and the vine lashes on his pants and boosts, he was probably near Lake Oko in the Avilatan region." ... the PC turns to his buddies and says "I know where we are going". What do you think ? First: Maybe? Seems heavily dependent on the GM being able to provide some good details, and still feels like a stretch to me. Clearly needs a Charm/Deception check to top off the encounter, but considering how useless the talent seems to be I'd probably let it ride in that scenario. Second: Identifying claw marks is Xenology/Survival. The case could be made for some other skills, but it really doesn't fit for me. My problem with using it this way is that it is basically giving you the Sudden Discovery talent without having to spend the Destiny Points. Seems too powerful suddenly know exactly where this guy has been based on some dirt on his boots.
  12. So many great twists in this thread! I think another route to go is a classic Prince of Denmark. The uncle confesses to murdering his brother for the family farm and will now claim the family inheritance for good by killing the son. He keeps the skull around for giving dramatic soliloquies about the nature of death. Alas poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio
  13. This is the sheet I've used for the last year or two. It's really well made and I actually like that it doesn't have a picture. I've got one sheet front and back without a lot of clutter. It's organized and neat, plus I love that it calculates everything into the pools for you. It's really handy and seems especially so for newer players. I do have two nitpicky changes I would like to see. 1. It is mildly exclusive to EotE. You can use it to build a character in any of the systems, but it'd be nice to get Duty or Morality on there in place of Obligation. If I were going to reedit this, I would probably just make it a drop down list so one sheet can be made to fit whichever your character has. 2. I'd adjust the default font for the fillable slots to be a font more in line with the rest of the text on the page. I think OCR A Extended looks close, but there could be a better one. Anyway, it's very good. I've tried all of the ones on the Resources page and in my opinion this is the best one by far. Great work, Kallabecca
  14. Done. It doesn't need to be any more complicated than that.
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