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  1. I believe you were inviting me to your campaign?
  2. Well I sent you am email with my stuff, if you have like a skype or something that would be awesome.
  3. He is offering a one shot campaign, which is fine to help me learn the ropes, but are there any lengthier campaign out there?
  4. Hello, I am new to WHFR, though I do have roughly 2 years of Dark Heresy and D&D under my belt. I only have the player's handbook at the current time, but it doesn't seem like that hard of a system to play. I know the lore well enough, so that isn't a worry. All I need is a GM to help me learn what to do heh. I will post contact information when I get replies/invites.
  5. I would like to join if able, I have Dm'ed groups, but I would like to play again.
  6. My all time favorite supplement that was not delivered was one on the Ordo Xenos. The other 2 got whole books on them, but nothing on the Xenos. I get the gist and can play without it, but there is much potential in this small, overlooked conclave.
  7. It looks all good to me, the only change would be on Run to Judgement. I would add stipulations on that. Like they can not escape for X rounds, X is equal to number of degrees of success or whatnot. Or that they can not run in a particular direction. Also...I know I lied but I reread it, and had another thoughts I would add in Curtain of Will because that is a useful ability, perfect escape or distraction.
  8. No I meant the entire recalling and casting should be a full action. That way on his next turn he can move and attack or whatever he means to do. Scorpion's Touch: My idea was that the ritual is in the performing of the distillation of the poison. I know I have somewhere read that as much ritual goes into the brewing of "holy" and "unholy" concoctions. To put it more simply, it kind of follows the "Spirit in the Machine" idea, where a soul is in machines, and so a soul of sorts is in the poison, making it work. This ritual would be taking place during the whole brewing, and a Chem-Use or Craft (Apothecary) or etc would be the actual brewing. However, due to the soul of the poison, it does exactly what he wants. The GM screen gives examples and tables on how it should work, but I was thinking let the player think of the effects, which don't have to be limited to the GM screen. He could make an Uncontrollable Laughing serum to get his Joker side on. Dragon's Call: Yes Vampires is ALOT more loose with willpower points, I know I have played several campaigns. Be a jerk, regain spent willpower, lol. Because it is a rank 3 ritual, I would bump it to 1d10 unsoakable damage, maybe + willpower bonus. Baal's Curse: You fixed that nicely.
  9. That was longer than I thought it would be, and a lot of questions were asked. So let's try to address some of them... To start I think a Full Action Forbidden Lore (Oblationist) test would be needed, don't want to rush something that could bite your ass clean off right? The ritual will be in mind for the rest of the encounter and to change it would just take another Full round action to recall the new ritual. I mainly play Dark Heresy, so I am assuming Contempt of the Warp is equal to Psychic Phenomenon. Going off of that, doubles would roll on the Perils of the Warp. Would this be any doubles that are rolled by the player? If so, I personally love the idea. You play with a bonfire you need to be prepared to lose control. As for the rituals giving corruption points, your system would be fine, but a high enough willpower would make it zero. Thus I suggest you always have a minimum of 1 point being awarded for each use of a ritual. The easiest way for some of the conversions is just using the Minor powers from Dark Heresy. Examples: Scent of Deception: Psychic Stench, except that the player picks the smell. Chameleon's Shin: Adopt a skin color of player's choice, or dyed skin (red, green, etc), and a living texture. Ex. Crocodile skin, other animals. I think this would be the perfect disguise power, but that is just my opinion. Unassuming Pose: Gain Accustomed to Crowds, Unremarkable, I am assuming human crowds here. If you are trying to blend into an Alien crowd I would assume you take the shape of one of them, and still gain the two before mentioned traits. Whiff of Kalif: The power Forget Me would fit this nicely, though it would affect a huge area I would think at this high level. Also look at the Telepathy Discipline for other ideas on this. Ghost Body: Basically become incorporeal would work here, but you can not touch or harm anything in this state. No one can see you either or interact with you unless they also have incorporeal. Of course they are powers that could detect you... Just my ideas on those powers. Now onto the ones you made. I would do the scaling meters of the silence ritual, that way they have to invest to make it strong. Scorpions Touch....your idea is interesting, but I am going to go off the Vampire's version of it with "Create a contact poison that greatly debilitates a victim physically." I think they should be using this power outside of combat. This gives the play huge flexibility to brew their own poison that does a specific task that they want done. Example: He could create a poison that does have the toxic quality when applied to a weapon, or he could create a stunning poison, fatigue inducing, or other type of poison. I just think this is a bit more useful then just another combat boost. On Dragon's Call, I think it would be a willpower vs toughness test, because it is the victims body that's trying to keep itself together. On Baal's Curse, I think that is a little strong. If going off of your wording is right. If the player hits a creature, they take the penalties that are on the -6 on the crit chart table. That handles everything from weak to bosses in one shot. Assuming it is rending damage, to the body, and using Dark Heresy, that knocks the target prone and deals 1d10 fatigue. As long as one other person is in melee range and is right after the player, that is a coup de grace right there. Ending a boss fight before it can begin really. I mean it a level 4 spell, but that seems a bit much.
  10. The way I have it written out so far is that the party will arrive ahead of the Arbites while the Bishop is overseeing the yearly militia training. They will have a set amount of time to ask questions (basically 2 minutes right now) to get as many of their questions asked as they can. Then, Arbiters, with help from local enforcers, will surround the militia and hold them at gun point. Since it is a training day/week, each militia will have their own gun, so its basically an army of police vs an army of militia at this point. The Arbiters will try to persuade the Bishop to come with them, and the party will get X time to defuse the situation. If it is not resolved when the timer hits zero, somewhere, someone, will fire a shot that starts the failure. High stress and high stakes just means biggest holes to fall down into. Any suggestions for altering it? Or does it sound reasonable at this stage? Also, the player does not really follow an order, it is more personal guides.
  11. The Bishop is not corrupt, it would be the militia. As for the Sister...well, the player is very out going roleplay wise, he knows a decent amount of Warhammer 40k lore, but I am the grand library of a lot of the lore they go off of. They have not met before so as for disposition, I would guess normal loyalty to a higher ranking church member. I am hoping they will meet once or twice before this encounter, so their dispositions might be on par to friendly if I do it right. As for the Arbiters, they would not use lethal force on him....however, beanbag shot to drop him, looking like a lethal shot to anyone not knowing the shot fired is a different matter.
  12. Hello I am new to the forums so I do hope this is in the correct location. I am currently writing out an investigation that my party will be going through at sometime. A little background information is needed on both the adventure and the party. Party: 1. They are very combat oriented and don't normally think of investigating anything unless it is spoon fed to them from the start through me. 2. Everything CAN be solved by violence. 3. The party is made of Sister of Battle, Tech-Priest, Psyker, and a Guardsman, and an Assassin. There is a npc adept that I use to help them anywhere non-combat wise, but I don't want the npc to be the only way they advance. Campaign: 1. An Adeptus Arbites precinct house was bombed and they are sent to investigate why it happened. 2. Through the investigation, they will have to confront a bishop about the Frateris Militia possibly being behind it. The Arbites will have been doing an investigation alongside the party, and so will burst in during the party's "interrogation" of the bishop. Through means I have yet not fully thought out, the Arbites and the Militia with the bishop will get into a scuffle and shots will be fired. Now to the question: Would a Sister of Battle be obligated by Imperial Creed/Moral Duty/etc to help protect the Bishop from the Arbiters? Especially if he calls upon the faithful to protect him from the heathens. The Arbites are not corrupted, just doing what they see as right to avenge the death of several officers. I am trying to change the tone of the party to be less combat oriented, which I will admit I have been feeding from the first couple of sessions.
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