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  1. I'm going to be in Inner Sanctum on Thursday Evening.
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    Wave 4

    As someone that has played Fighter combat games for years moving into ground based units as anything other than static Gun Arrays and targets doesn't really work.. Compare the max speed of an AT-AT (60 km/h) to a Tie Fighters flight speed in atmostphere (1,200 km/h). In a turn at full pelt an AT-AT can't even manage a 1 maneuver. Saying that I will be getting out my Aeronautica Canyon Scenery, Tattoine houses (OK Middle Eastern but they will look right), and scratch built ground gun emplacements and be running some low altitude missions.
  3. I picked up the game yesterday, because it looked fun on Tabletop and reminded me a lot of Aeronautica without a few of the glaring issues (Aeronautica relies heavily on out activation and doesn't have complete pre-selection of moves IE you select that your banking, but not which direction you bank till you move). I managed to pick up a couple of card players in the store that had also seen it on tabletop. We had a few games and a great amount of fun. I think overall Tabletop is not a bad way to get a gist of the game. And we automatically picked up a lot of the mistakes they made early on. The game has a nice little reference sheet with turn order, so it was fairly obvious that you rolled attack, modified, rolled defence modified. I think the few things we got wrong after I re-read the rules last night were that we discarded unused Target Locks at the end of the turn, and collisions of models (not being able to take an action / shoot at models you end up touching).
  4. The question is what you see as advanced gaming. In most space combat I feel it's about maneuvering your ships to get the best lines of fire. And this is where the complexity needs to be. Taking a game and adding a whole lot of junk on top of a fast fluid system seems a great way to move away tactics and into record keeping.... Which means your spending much less time actually playing what I feel is the core of the game.
  5. Apparently there are quite a few players in the surrounding area. I hear quite a few people from Sons of War play it, but they meet on a Monday and that is my RPing day. I also hear that some people play it in store on a thursday night (which is their Wargaming night). They do run quite a bit of Magic, but they are fine with you playing other stuff. Today, I was playing with one guy that had come in for Magic and an Australian bloke that had originally come in to do a bit of Netrunner stuff. This is the reason I'll be collecting stuff for both factions I think, it's such an easy game to pick up and just get people involved in.
  6. hey there, I've just picked up the game today, but I must say it's really good fun. I have around 60+ points Imperial and Rebel so far, but would love to get in some more gaming. I'm located in Cambridge, fairly close to Inner Sanctum Games which have tables.. PM me if you want a game.
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