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  1. Wookie Gunboat... Mist Hunter I'm amazed at how different that punishing one looks.
  2. For the game, Rebels has spawned the Imperial Assault Carrier (Gozanti), the Inquisitor's TIE, the Ghost/Phantom, the Mist Hunter, and the Lancer pursuit craft. We also get to see such capital ships as the Imperial Immobilizer class (the precursor to the Interdictor from the books), the Imperial Quasar Fire-class light carrier, a D4-shaped Imp cargo hauler, and, the Hammerhead corvette, and a modified version of the Pelta-class Frigate from the Clone Wars CGI show. Also some Mandalorian fighters. Just like the Clone Wars TV show, Rebels takes a little while to find its footing, and then really takes off as a decent show in its own right. The Darth Vader arc was particularly good. The Mist Hunter is much older, but it did spawn the Protectorate Fighter (Fang). Also note the Gozanti was also in clone wars and I believe also appear in the prequels as a background ship, though the Imperial refit is new.
  3. But it's not just 1pt, it's not being able to Barrel Roll, losing all your red dice, and being forced to take Manaroo to get tokens. So what it the real cost, far more than 1pt.
  4. The thing is what is the actual cost of Zuckuss in this build, 1pt + never being able to Barrel Roll + Locks out Reds + a proportion of the cost of Manaroo. If Zuckuss was hughely undercosted you would see him appear in more than 2 niche builds.
  5. You are correct, I should have said "one specific ship list build". You did say that, I was agreeing with you, it was Archangelspiv that claimed it was a single ship.
  6. So one extremely specific build is why this is a bad idea??? You saying that Dengaroo isn't OP, would have to be the craziest comment so far. This is exactly like TIE Phantoms. 1 ship soloing an entire list.... Dengaroo and Palp is easy mode for X Wing, why these two don't have range restrictions on their abilities is beyond me. The JM5K is probably the one ship that stress abuse matters not one iota. They need to fix how stress works in game. And here I thought I was the sane one, not wanting to rewrite an entire game mechanic for one specific ship build .... And it's not even 1 ship soloing an entire list... Go ahead take just Dengar against any other list, and he will lose... It's not just 1 ship, it's one ship supported by another very expensive ship. And you know go back a month or two, and you have a whole lot of people saying Dengaroo is good but has had it's day.
  7. TBH what I would prefer is a cheapish cannon option that gets a reroll or allows you to change 1 blank to an eye for each stress the enemy has... It would work as a combo with Asajj on Scyks even without the enemy stress stacking. It would also help target any list that uses PTL.
  8. OK these are completely made up guestimates... But lets say you had the pre-Worlds meta where trip-Scouts were a thing. Well if you had 10% which would have played rebels anyway, 40% that were going to running Torp scouts, and then 30% that were running counters to Torp Scouts from Imps /X7 palp aces, 20% that were running Scum counters.... As soon as the announcement of the FAQ came in things would have changed... The Imp/Scum counters would still be valid so many would remain with the lists they practiced with, the 10% hardcore Rebels would have remained the same... Leaving the 40% torp scouts. Those would probably have split between the factions, probably favouring Scum as a Dengaroo build would at least work with the ship they practiced.. so lets say they split 10/10/20... that would leave you with 20% Rebs, 40% Imps and 40% scum, which is quite close to what we got.. If the FAQ had been earlier, then maybe more would have shifted back to Rebs.
  9. Does anyone else here think that some of this talk is quite disrespectful... OK a Dengaroo list won worlds. There are a lot of variables here, for one thing they might have been played by a really good player (one that kept Hans trapped on an asteroid for 2 turns for example). The game is also played with dice. And lets not point out all the Dengaroo lists that didn't make the cut. Yes it's a decent list, but the same could be said of most of the lists that went 5-1 or 6-0 in the first day, or top 16. But if the K/E-Wing list had won the finals would people have been calling out for the E-Wing to be nerfed? You know why the list won Worlds... because it had a **** good player playing it. That made less mistakes on the day than the other players.
  10. The complaint about Zuckuss being underpointed at 1pt seems a touch iffy when you are taking another 40 odd point ship to counteract the downsides of Zuckuss. What is the actual cost for Zuckuss in the Dengaroo build. IE how much are you paying elsewhere to counteract it's disadvantage. Because as I see it a chunk on Manaroo's cost and the fact you can no longer use reds or barrel-roll are all cost above and beyond the 1pt the card costs.
  11. You're not even in the top 5.Yep - YOU'REer.... 'Your' is correct... 'Your' is the possessive. 'You're' is a concatenation of 'You are'. 'You are mum' is unlikely to be what he meant.I am aware. I was making a different joke, not correcting his grammar lol. Edit: talking about him specifically not being in the top 5 either, hence the "you are". In that case, go ahead and question his aesthetic qualities.
  12. You're not even in the top 5. Yep - YOU'RE er.... 'Your' is correct... 'Your' is the possessive. 'You're' is a concatenation of 'You are'. 'You are mum' is unlikely to be what he meant.
  13. Yep 2 is fairly standard, for the 4 Atanni Mindlinks and the 4 Guidance Chips.
  14. I need a 3rd Jumpmaster, because there is a Jumpmaster shaped hole in my figure case.... That's the only reason... it's painful to see the gap.
  15. The one change I would like to see would be changing the rules on rerolls, so that one side re-rolling shouldn't lock out the other side from re-rolling. IE the Attacker can only re-roll each dice once, and the Defender can only reroll the dice once. but the Attacker re-rolling doesn't stop the defender.
  16. No, he can't. At least if it works like effects force-rerolling attack dice, which it should. I am pretty sure the general rule is that any die can only be rerolled once throughout an entire sequence, be it attack or defense. Edit: Not that it matters too much, Lone Wolf is the only card I would expect to see that rerolls defense dice. TBH that is the one change I would make to the core rules, I'm not sure how fair it is for a reroll by the opponent should lock you out from using one of your rerolls from upgrades.
  17. Totally.. his re-roll, is before all the other modifications the defender can do. Just rules checking here.. Can a defender reroll a dice the attacker reroll.. IE is the restriction on rerolling just on dice you personally have rerolled?
  18. Yeah that was a surprise... Compared to the Lancer, which is one sexy ship.
  19. The Shadowcaster don't even look like a SW ship, look at the model compared to ex. The Falcon, it has details like a toy. Well it is a pursuit craft, rather than a lump of junk so it does't have half of it's panels missing.
  20. The masses have spoken, you just have poor taste...
  21. Modern Mandalorians are totally overrated. Old Republic Mandalorians however... Swarmed across the galaxy taking planet after planet.
  22. You are probably going to come up against a lot of high Agility Fel like pilots so something like this may work. Kavil 9 2 1 5 3 Y-Wing, Unique When attacking a ship outside your firing arc, roll 1 additional attack die. Plasma Torpedoes (3) Autoblaster Turret (2) Unhinged Astromech (1) Veteran Instincts (1) Engine Upgrade (4)
  23. TBH from what I can see of Worlds, it's not really x7s at all, the most prevalent lists seem to be 3 scum with mindlink, but there seems to be a lot of variety in what those 3 ships are.
  24. What did you run here... I tried to build something like this yesterday but couldn't fit Roo in so dumped in Serissu instead. I am not coming this year, but I spent a lot of time training friends, and that's the scum list I preferred : Lots of nice little interactions - and a bunch of very cost effective cards : Asajj Ventress — Lancer-class Pursuit Craft 37 Attanni Mindlink 1 Dengar 3 Ship Total: 41 Manaroo — JumpMaster 5000 27 Attanni Mindlink 1 4-LOM 1 Black Market Slicer Tools 1 Ship Total: 30 Kavil — Y-Wing 24 Attanni Mindlink 1 Autoblaster Turret 2 Vectored Thrusters 2 Ship Total: 29 Ah you had to drop the Unhinged off Kavil, and you are running Asajj without the Lancer modifications or Title... OK.. might give that a try.
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