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  1. Yeah the one I ran had a Kavil instead of Dace, less control, but Aces don't like Autoblaster Turrets on a PS 9 Y-Wing with an Engine Upgrade. But I think the Dace variant would work.
  2. Yep, and well-summarized. FWIW, the intent is #1, but (while it's pretty easy to see the intent) the wording does not make that intent iron-clad, so it will need a FAQ. And, intent notwithstanding, I don't know which way a FAQ will come down. If I had to bet on it, I'd bet on #2, because that's the easiest way. tbh I don't think we can know the intent, it's a fringe case and I'm not even sure they thought of it. I could see them falling either way.
  3. TBH I've not had the best experience with Palob, the opponent generally just takes TLs instead of focus, which means his ability does nothing. And tbh I may be the only one but I find the Ion Cannon much more useful than the Mangler, the mangler has the slimmest of chances of getting 2 damage or even 3. But that happens so rarely, I would rather have the Ion effect, especially with Asajj in the list. An Ioned ship can not drop stress so can't gain tokens the next turn. also even with VI instead of Adaptabilty you are 1 PS less.. I ran a similar list against a 3 Amigo style Imperial list... Soontir got double stressed, the next turn Ionised then never came back... Then rince and repeat for Turr.
  4. The question really is this, is Kylo going to be as effective as the Palp mobile against a variety of builds. I really doubt it. In which case it's going to be a niche build. So you really don't have to worry about it.
  5. I'm thinking about this list. • Asajj Ventress - 44 points - Lancer-class Pursuit Craft Veteran Instincts Ketsu Onyo Shadow Caster Gyroscopic Targeting • Serissu - 25 points - M3-A “Scyk” Interceptor “Heavy Scyk” Interceptor Ion Cannon • Dace Bonearm - 31 points - HWK-290 Adaptability Ion Cannon Turret K4 Security Droid All the ships would be flying at PS8, which means you can make use of the Tractor beam tokens on both of your Ion shots, and with Dace, one of your Ions are doing 2 damage when you hit which really takes away some of the disadvantage of Ions.... The only real problem is getting stress off Dace, I wish the HWK-290 had more green options. But as you are going to be wanting to do a green every turn why not go with a K4 Security Droid, so you are getting Target Lock and Focus up each turn.
  6. TBH... After all the discussions, I think a things are guarenteed. 1. Accuracy Corrector if used would block Focus use, as there is no legal way you could spend Focus after the use of it (unless you have an alternative way of using it that doesn't cause dice to be modified). 2. Focus can't just be discarded at any time. You have to have a legal way to spend it. 3. There is nothing in the way the card is worded that says it has to be used at the first available instance. Just needs to be spent during the attack. The things I think are up in the air. It says you must spend the token if able during the attack. so it comes down to 2 possibilities I feel 1. Because you are able to spend it during the attack, you can't do an action which would stop you being able to spend it, for example Accuracy Corrector, before you spend the focus. 2. You get to choose the order of operation, so can choose to use Accuracy Corrector first, at which point you are no longer able to spend the focus token. I don't think it is possible to say which is the correct reading, so it's a case of waiting for an FAQ... I would probably go for 1, in the mean time, but I don't see it ever coming up anyway.
  7. I think /X7 at -2 may have been too much of a swing in the effectiveness of Defenders, but not 4 fricking points worth, and at least the are now part of the meta, Soontir, Inquisitor and a few other ships are still just as viable. Same with the E-Wing, I think it may be in general a bit too expensive, but Corran just went all the way to the finals of Worlds. If anything maybe drop the cost of the X-Wing and E-Wing by a point and raise the price of R2-D2 raised by a point. As they seem fine with regen, but overcosted without, so the issue feels like it's on the split of cost between the two... A reallocation might increase list variety. But again.. I don't think either are that broken enough to need a change.
  8. I think it fell down because it was designed by Homer Simpson.
  9. There is nothing mandatory about HSCP because it says 'if able' on it, that means if you aren't able to spend a focus token you don't have to. The whole point is that you can by using AC set up a situation where you are unable to spend the focus token. Some people like SpaceInvader believe that you have to spend the focus token at the first opportunity to do so to avoid the kind of situation like AC sets up. Myself and others believe that since you can chose when to spend that focus token you are allowed by the rules to set up a situation where you can't do so. It's really a question of timing, do you have to spend the focus token at the first opportunity or not. There is a 3rd camp that believes you can spend the focus at any point, but due to it saying 'if able' and you being able at some point during the attack. You must spend the focus before you use an ability that locks you out of spending it. Say you have TL, Focus and Accuracy Corrector. You can spend TL, because after using the TL you are still able to spend the focus You can't use the Accuracy Corrector, as it locks you out of spending the focus until you spend the focus, So you could TL, Focus, AC / Focus. TL, AC oe Focus,AC.,.. but not TL, AC or AC
  10. I also question whether AC actually stops the spending of focus. It says that dice can not be modified, but wouldn't this be the same as modifying 0 dice (as none of the dice can be modified? Can you spend a Target Lock is all of your dice have been re-rolled by Zuckuss, even though it would result in 0 dice being able to be re-rolled?
  11. Nope.Again see the "if able" clause Are you forced to use Accuracy Corrector? No. Are you forced to spend that token? Yes. Can you use accuracy corrector to prevent yourself by spending the token? Nope. Easy. Or, well, you can use Accuracy Corrector, but you must spend your focus before anyway So... you suggest that "if able" in case of Hotshot Co-Pilot prevents the usage of AC, until you fulfill the requirements of "if able" condition? Hmm... Interesting view, but I am not convinced. Yeah it's a valid reading of the rule. Were you able to spend the Focus during the attack, yes. Does the card say the ship must spend a focus is able, yes. TBH I could see it being ruled either way.
  12. But can't you easily argue that something that is damaging to balance is damaging to diversity? Let's look at the lists that had 6 wins or more at worlds. 10 rebel lists, 12 Imperial, and 19 Scum. Rebel lists without regen or TLT- 40% Scum lists without Zuckuss or Manaroo- 37% (side note: 2 of these lists were quad TLT, and another had 2 TLT Ys. If TLT is included in the restriction, the % plummets to 21%) Imperial list without Palpatine or x7- 0%. Yes, perhaps balance wise, regen, Manaroo, TLT and Zuckuss are a little overpowered, but they largely have not eliminated faction diversity to the extent FFG needs to nerf them... Yet. If Dengaroo overwhelms this regional season though, I think Manaroo may get a look. Unfortunately, Imperials cannot say the same as its two rival factions. They are being warped by both Palpatine and x7 in a very real way. Even GOOD lists, such as Crack Swarms, are being lost because they can't compete with the efficiency of lists including these upgrades. If any cards need to be looked at next, it's Palpatine and x7. Not because they destroy diversity of other factions (as Uboats did to Rebels), but because they destroy diversity of their own. If your conditions are set wide enough you can prove just about anything. For Rebels the "TLT or regen" condition would include lists as varied as Corran+Miranda, Kanan+Ezra+Biggs, Dash+Poe and say, Triple ARCs. What do these list have in common? They play differently, they fly differently, they have massively different preference for certain match ups. I'm honestly surprised 40% of rebel lists do NOT fall in this extremely broad category. Same goes for other factions: For Scum "Zuckuss or Manaroo" would include Dengaroo, Manny + double fangs and Bossk+Dengar. For Imperials "x7 or Palp" might include DeciWhisper, Crackglaives, but also Soontir+Inquisitor+Palp Shuttle. So yeah, some upgrade cards are effective and popular. A large percentage of successful lists do use at least one of them. That does not mean the game lacks diversity. In fact, the only list in the Worlds that did repeat itself several times would be Commonwealth Defenders. And yeah, they're popular, they won Canadian Nationals, they're straightforward, effective and fairly easy to fly. But somehow they didn't dominate the top, did they? And apart from that popular netlist everything else was just one huge surprise for me. This year's Worlds were probably more diverse than ever. We even had a Han+Jake in top 4 for christ's sake! I wouldn't believe it if someone told me that list could make it to top 4 at regionals in this day and age. Agreed, Zuckuss is good, but he only really works in a couple of lists and those lists pay far more than 1pt to make him effective, they will normally take a token passing ship to counter the no actions, and the ship has it's maneuvers limited by not being able to take reds. Manaroo makes so many lists is the need for action efficiency, you only have a few solutions for that in scum, Rebels have quite a few ships that can pass extra actions. Scum currently have Atanni + Manaroo really. It's a shame when a support ship that is worth using is introduced to the game there are so many calls to nerf it, you don't see HWKs used hardly at all.
  13. Hmm as Juke can modify it, that would suggest it is added before the Attacker Modification step, so I think you might be able to.
  14. Why change anything. If you are having problem against certain lists, just ask your opponent nicely to play something different. It's casual, it's a social contract between you and your friend to have fun. For example a mate of mine doesn't like playing again quad-TLT. Now it's not something I would run because it doesn't interest me. But when we arranged to meet for the first game he said he didn't like playing against it... That should be enough.
  15. That you should focus fire down the ship with regen, or shoot at another target?
  16. If it is, it's because of the combination of EPT and Torpedo slot on generics, not because of the PWT. Well that and the 1 white sloop... It's just a very manoeuvrable ship, and a tiny bit cheap. But it's not a PWT problem, it's a everything is a tiny bit too good for the points problem. But yeah a 2 dice PWT is not particularly scary. TBH I'd never noticed that the YT-2400 even had one.. I had assumed it had a normal attack and then a Cannon that could be used 360 with the title... That's how often people have used the 2 dice PWT against me with it.
  17. That's kind of my thought on the matter, are PWT overpowered, no. Are they a tiny bit too prevalent in tournaments, depends entirely on the ship, the YT-1300 hasn't really been in the meta for a long time, I think the HotR will bring it back in, so it was probably a tiny bit expensive before. The Jumpmaster is probably a bit too cheep....
  18. X-Wing Only, Scum Only -2 points This ship may be taken by scum and gains an Illicit slot. If this ship is Unique, the pilot is a traitor to the Rebel cause, and we like him for it.
  19. I like that too... though should be another friendly (title) ship. TBH both of those would work and neither would even need the must have 2 ships with the title for them to work.... or even you may only have one squadron.
  20. I like that too... though should be another friendly (title) ship.
  21. But without IA both your ship and precious astromech would have been DEAD. So anyway no use of the expensive astro, I was about to say the same... If anything what I would love to see is some kind of squadron title, (List may only contain one squadron title, 2 or more ships must equip the same title)... Make it so you get a buff for running multiple X-Wings in the form of some ability which gives the squadron synergy, eg the ability to spend another ship in the squadrons TL instead of your own.
  22. I guess. But it still feels bizarre. One reason I like TIE/fo fighters - they're all nameless serial numbers like "Epsilon Ace". I kind of wish they'd kept that up for the TIE/sf. It's also another reason to like Heroes of the Aturi Cluster. Being able to really customise your 'character' is nice. However call signs are not unique, if a Backdraft got prematurely retired, it's very possible someone else would be assigned the call sign.
  23. Why didn't the special edition UK Biggles card not win... That card was awesome.
  24. This is what killed Aeronautica Imperialis for me... It made Ork lists almost impossible to counter with Imperial or Eldar... OK I'll run away with my first couple of ships so they can't be shot, then see where all your ships are and gang up on them with the rest of my list... rince and repeat.
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