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  1. No no no no.... Serissu is NOT a reverse Howlrunner, and she does not lend herself to swarm play. Howlrunner does because she is best if you have more attacks, and more ships means more attacks. All that matters for Serissu is that a ship she is close to is being attacked. So she is closer to Biggs in how she works. She is cheap enough that she works great as filler alongside a ship like a Lancer or Palob to give it a defence re-roll.
  2. The reason a lot of the ships look weird is because a lot of the time they yo back to the concept art rather than copy the final movie design. TBH I quite like that, the ships all look like what they are but it gives you a different view of them. It's not like the people look like real people.
  3. I disagree with the always take mindlink, but I do think you either go cheap as chips filler.. 19pt Ion Scyk or 20pt Mangler... or you use Attani mindlink for the Action economy.... I also question running a list of entirely Scyks, They work great if they aren't the biggest threat on the board, because out at range 3 taking long range sniper shots most people question shooting at them and probably missing, or going after another ship.
  4. I still think you may need Asajj for the stress that auto-hits... best way to give you an opening to get the ion through (and stress + ions go together like er.... Booze and er more Booze)
  5. I don't see any of these as NPE. Autoblaster turrets have range 1, so they are easy to avoid. Zuckuss only works in a couple of lists, which though good are not in anyway unbeatable. Ketsu's ability allows some repositioning, but even that isn't really a NPE. It is arguable that a Stress/Ion build can lock down the opponent heavily. And that I would say is the closest to a non-play experience. However what really is a NPE is nothing changing, not being able to experience with new things, and getting trashed by the same opponent over and over... And this is a Social Contract thing, it's nothing to do with the game having weird or interesting effects. It's looking at your games and going is the opponent enjoying solving the puzzle of my weird control list, or is he just getting frustrated, should I run something different or more traditional. ----- I used to play a lot of Malifaux. In 1st Edition Pandora was seen to be pretty much a non-play experience by a lot of players. I personally loved the challenge of going against her. People are not all the same and NPE happen when the players don't discuss what they want from the game. EG. I have a friend who feels turrets distract from the dogfighting game. He has said this, so I don't load up all my ships with turrets, though I do like support so I may put a HWK in with one. But I definitely would not run a 4xTLT against him. Another friend was having issues with me taking a different list everytime in Malifaux, because the is a huge inclination for gotchas in that game if you are playing against something new. So I decided which Master I was going to play with him and only occasionally swapped in different minions for missions, until he got the hang of things.
  6. If you couldn't have mirror matches, ships didn't appear in multiple factions, and paint jobs were that tied to a faction I would agree... But when it comes down to it, it's not hard to tell which 4 ships are yours. I also don't think the Gunboat really looks un-imperial, it has a very similar design to the shuttle. Even though the Imperium had far more Arc-170s than the Rebels, the ship definitely fits that factions look so I have no issue with that ship going to the Rebels... The thing is the Imperium, had couriers, they had transports, they did have bulk haulers. But unlike every other faction, the only thing you see is fighters.
  7. I actually agree with the Tie Droid. It actually looks different enough to be interesting, it even doesn't have the same Eye, it's more like a targeting reticle... Also I think they could be really interesting. I would probably give them a similar dial to the Aggressor, but make them really fragile, and maybe not give them a focus as they are not pilots but drones. The other one that I quite like is the Tie Predator... That again is different enough to not feel too samey.
  8. What about Dace with Wired, Zuckuss, Dampeners and Ion Cannon Turret! Embrace the stress! Dace and Zuckuss just doesn't work, Zuckuss shuts him out ofusing his ability. TBH you want something to help with getting rid of his Stress. I couldn't see anything great... so maybe K4 so the green you are going to want to take each turn, pays off more, or maybe an Engine Upgrade to make the fact that he has to green each turn less predictable.
  9. I disagree, low agility regen ships (most of them are low agility, and even Corran doesn't have the aditional evades etc of most Imperials) are far easier to tag with effects. Ever tried getting an Ion shot on a Y-Wing or Arc-170, now compare it to getting a Ion token on Soontir or a /X7
  10. You poor guy, I think there are support groups for people that don't like how the Arc-170 looks...
  11. The only change I think the card needs is the wording to be a bit clearer on how it works. But an FAQ entry will fix that. There has been a few cards recently which FFG have missed the ball on, Hot-shot Copilot is also obscure to the point where there a 3 different readings on how it works.
  12. Ironically the Arc-170 was historically used more by the Imperials than the Rebels during the Civil War era... Though I can totally understand why the Rebels got it, it is the predecessor to the X-Wing and fits there aesthetic better. But who can say this doesn't look awesome.
  13. I can't help when I see the TIE Striker, with it's movable wings, imagining flocks of them flapping across the sky.
  14. Has anyone said XG-1 Assault Gunboat announcement?
  15. It's not like I haven't got variations for Veterans, characters etc. but still
  16. I like that, it has the feels of the old Sith Interceptor, while also looking like a continuation of the Tie Advanced project.
  17. You see that's exactly the point you are completely ignoring. Right now Rebels, after months of virtual inexistence in the meta start having list diversity again, and being somewhat competitive.And now, enter Kylo, bar most lists not having Biggs again... that's why Kylo is just ruining list diversity. By the way we are just now discussing competitive imperial lists without Palpy, so don't compare him to Biggs, please! What I'm saying is it will make very little difference. Those list that are glass cannon-ey and need Biggs to give them a window for their Aces to do their damage, will still need him to do that. And those that never needed it will still not. I'm not even sure he would be that good at taking down Rebel Ace lists without Biggs.. Aces are going to be high PS... So they are going to get a round of shooting in, Kylo and co may get a shot through their shield if they roll a crit, which is not guaranteed, and that crit isn't cancelled.. But it will still take a couple of turns to take down an E-Wing this way, the whole time you will still be shooting a big, easy to hit target. It's very possible you will trade a big Deci with Kylo on, for an E-Wing in the end.... I'm not sure it's a good trade.
  18. I know they look all regimented and all, and they are obviously Imperial... But is anyone else getting bored of 100s of fighters that are all the same cockpit with slightly different wings. Do any of you yearn for a couple of small ships that don't look like someone made a mistake at the Tie factory and stuck the wings on wrong? (also as someone that paints, you know when a new wave comes out and you have to paint the same old cockpit, with similar wings, you can't really get very creative.)
  19. TBH... I stopped collecting Imperials for a while for that very reason... there are only so many Identical cockpits you can paint before you go mad... Enjoying my Scum.
  20. YAY GUNBOATS... WOOT WOOT... Aint she pretty.... Soon .... FFG....
  21. You see that's why I like him, he allows you to play a very different kind of list. That is not restricting listbuilding that is opening it out. I don't think there is an issue with having a ship like Dace, or as FlyingAnchors mentioned Emon, that allow you to play differently. Not every ship has to be top of the meta / run at tournament. Some can be there for you to have a laugh with your mates. (and hell a small meta shift or new card can shift wierd niche pilots into the limelight) Also if you combine him with Asajj you can most definitely hit Autothruster targets.
  22. The way I look at it, the main meta in Imps is 1) Palp + Aces 2) Palp + Defenders 3) Triple Defenders So it's mostly small Aces, sometimes with backup. Now Kylo look like he will be best in a Large PWT list, or backing up other ships. I don't think we will see Palp being put in the same list as him, as the only real way of doing that is a Decimator, and by that point you have spend 60+ points. Maybe backing up a Whisper... probably not as you are spending over 60% of your force on support rather than the things you are going to support. So if he's good, we will see another list, mixing things up, and that can only be positive. If he's bad (and I hope he's not) nothings changing, boo.... It's only if he's OP'd which I don't think he is that there will be a real problem.
  23. The thing is it does look Imperial, it has a similar aesthetic to the Shuttle, I doubt we would see it with it's red marking from the computer games but in imperial grey or white it would look perfect alongside an Imperial Fleet.
  24. You see if Rebels had less list diversity than Imps or Scum I would agree. But it really doesn't, I can think of half a dozen lists off the top of my head that don't use Biggs. Would you say the same things about Manaroo, or Palp.. All of which find their way into many lists because they solve a weakness the list has. If you want to take Glass Cannons in Rebels you take Biggs, If you want to limit the variance from green dice, due to having very few hits and needing to entirely dodge shots you take Palpatine. If you need tokens because your list has issues with Action efficiency you take Manaroo. You can't complain if faction has a tool, and people use it. Rebel tanky lists don't need Biggs, those same lists don't have much of an issue with Kylo.
  25. I don't remember seeing Biggs in the Worlds 2nd place list... Guess the reason he didn't get 1st was he didn't have Biggs right?
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