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  1. So er..... Kihraxz with Scavenger Cranes, Dead Eye, Guidance Chips and Missiles? If I'm right you can Alpha strike and then everyone can rearm as long as they are within range 1-2 of the ship you decide to blow out of the air?
  2. But they generally do now.. They have access to more slots so they can make use of Extra Munitions which make ordnance significantly less costly. I would say the Bomber and K-Wing are probably the best platform for ordnance... The Punisher has issues.
  3. I think the only reason most people prefer the 100/6 game is because that's what most tournaments use, so it's seen as the default method. Don't get me wrong, I like the 100/6 game because it's quick and easy, and I can often get more than one game in a night. But if tournaments were played with some other scenario I'd likely play that instead. If you look at pretty much every other miniature game out there round limits and scenarios are part of the default game. I think if FFG were to come up with a system with a scenario pack, you'd see most people starting to play those instead. As long as events used them too.... But I could see no reason why you couldn't have an Worlds season playing 100/6 and a off season where they ran tournaments with scenarios, varied pts etc that linked into a greater campaign.
  4. I actually agree with you, I think a Scenario pack would only improve things. Hell even a set of Scenarios where TOs select 3 scenarios for the day and you have to design lists to complete those scenarios (they would probably have to be mirrored scenarios)... The problem with most tournaments being 100/6 is that that is the only way the majority of people will play.. I love Escalation Tournaments for this reason..... Hell doubles could be hilarious, where every round you get paired up with another player.
  5. Yeah, white on white isn't exactly the most conducive color combo for standing out... Well it's easier to see than the pattern on Ooryl Qrygg X-Wing.
  6. Why can't it be off-center? Changing the standard?! Blasphemy! I'm pretty sure the Jumpmaster is off-center
  7. I have no issue with the -1 Agility it's good and tbh. My issue with Tractor Beams are they are a bit weird when it comes to list building sometimes. The actual shot does no Damage. So for it to do anything against Large ships, you need the carrier to be at a higher PS than the rest of your list and you also have to be able to get multiple ships pointing at the same target. But hell it's a 1pt Cannon, if you have the slot, it's fine to take a risk on it never being useful.
  8. Rolling Dice =/= to Game Participation. Take 40k as an example. It has the You Go, I Go system IE you move all your models, and shoot. Then I move all my models and shoot... In the opponents turn I will roll 100s of dice for Armour saves etc. But I have made no decisions during that time so zero real Game Participation. I could get a program or ask my opponent to roll my dice and go get a beer. What matters is decisions. manoeuvring to place bombs is a decision, placement of ships to block is a decision, guessing where Hera is going to land is a decision, choosing manoeuvres to dodge those bombs is a decision. Unless you have tokens to modify dice then actually rolling dice is NOT a decision. And even then it's not a huge one... I've got hit by 3 hits... I have 2 Eyes, an Evade and a Focus token. It's really a no brainer. There are situations where choosing to save a focus is a decision, but most of the time it's not a big one compared to choosing manoeuvres or target priority, or what actions you are going to take. IE.... YOU HAVE CHOSEN THE LEAST INTERACTIVE BIT OF THE GAME AND MADE IT YOUR METRIC FOR NPE. Hell if you think rolling dice is interaction, might as well go play Snakes and Ladders.
  9. If torpedoes "need" something isn't there something wrong with ordnance? I don't believe many people feel like ordnance is unplayable, but it could probably use some tweaking. Part of the problem at least with the T-65, is that IA can't be taken with Guidance Chip, and Ordnance is quite expensive if you only have a single torp spot. One of the things both the Special-K and T-65 have in common is that they are meant to be multi-role fighters but they have problems leveraging their ordnance slot, which means they end up getting compared with Superiority fighters and coming up lacking. The Bomber and Jumpmaster make Ordnance work (even after the change to Dead Eye) The Punisher, the issue is not Ordnance it's the chassis from what I can see.
  10. To come back to the OP, most of the things he mentioned are counters to Imp Aces. Now if few people play Imp Aces, those counters are not going to be taken as often. So Imp Aces become viable again. That was what was so nice about Worlds. Dengaroo won, not because Dengaroo was overpowered, or broken. But because most people thought that his time had gone and he wouldn't be taken in the quantities he was, and so there weren't as many counters there to him as there were to Palp Aces. This is great it shows that the system self regulates to an extent. And is not a sign of too many NPE, but a vibrant game... Yes it is true that you can no longer stick together 3 ships you like the look of and have it work, but when was that ever really the case.
  11. At this point, they already know if Season 4 is happening, because work would have to start before now. The decision has already been made, just not announced. I doubt Rebels gets a season 4. My money is on ending with a season 3 tie-in to Rogue one. Next year they will start fresh with a kids' show in the post-RotJ timeline. How much money... From what I know they have a contract for 5 years leading all the way up to Rogue One. And have been renewed for another series after that, but not Rebels.
  12. What about the Lancet... What you get if you leave a TIE Bomber and a Shuttle alone in a hanger bay...
  13. Oops posted in wrong thread... er here's a picture of a Gunboat instead
  14. Yes you are allowed to spend a focus to modify 0 dice. See Garven Dreis ruling.
  15. I think you may have a misunderstanding as to what a Multi-Role Fighter is versus a Space Superiority Fighter. < snip > All very interesting, but until the X-Wing ruleset includes ground attacks I fail to see how it's relevant. As long as you play 100/6 it's not amazingly relevent, but I've heard a lot of people say the X and the Special-K come into their own in Epic battles, where you can make better use of their ordnance slots.
  16. A green turn is the holy grail of x-wing ships, and would certainly solve the mindlink stress problem. As is, however, a Wes-Biggs build with R3-A2 can continuously deny actions to your whole squad, or at least limit you to purely green maneuvers. It also eliminates your k-turns as a viable option, meaning that after the initial joust I can shoot you but you can't shoot me. Finall,y you can't hit what you can't see, and either the Inquisitor, Vader or Soontir will run rings around any Kihraxz except Talonbane. Even with a R3-A2 list, all you need is one of your ships to do a green and that is your entire fleet focused. Yes you don't get 2 actions worth of tokens, but as he says you still are not entirely scuppered.
  17. Yes, I would. The A-wing named pilots are all worse than the Interceptor named pilots, the T-65 x-wing isn't worth the points except in Biggs, TIE advanced generics are terrible compared to almost everything. Just because the ships have specified roles in the Star Wars Expanded Universe doesn't mean that you cannot compare their statistical prowess in the game of x-wing. There's a reason why you never see a Kihraxz, Starviper or (rarely) T-65 at the top table in a regional tournament - they're statistically worse. Revisitng the examination between the two EPT generics for the Kihraxz and Protectorate: Protectorate has: - Far, far superior maneuverability. - More actions, including the amazing boost+barrel roll combo. - An upgrade bar that's just as good. - More generic and named pilot options The Kihraxz has: - 1 shield. - An illicit slot In other words, for the same price, the Starfighter does literally everything better than the Kihraxz. The only reason to ever take a Kihraxz is if you want a cheap Illicit carrier, at which point you'd be better off with a Z-95 anyway. Condemnation is not the same as criticism. FFG has made a great game, but it isn't perfect. The previous 3 ace packs have shown that. The past 2 waves have included Illicit upgrades galore, but none of them are particularly great on the Kihraxz. If any seasoned player goes to a large tournament intending to win, you can bet the Protectorate Starfighter will be their first choice, and the Kihraxz their last, for a cheap dogfighter. Unfortunately almost all of this is true.
  18. Hit it right on the nose there. Make them threat number 2. I like running 2 of them with Boba Fett. Just watch your opponent's face when they see 2 scyks and a firespray get placed. And then watch the look slowly turn to horror as the Scyks and Boba throw a total of 12+ heavily modded dice at a single ship (fearlessness on boba). Priceless. I really like Ion Scyks with Asajj, so you think you are going to be able to remove that stress... I don't think so.... Oh, poor Soontir were you planning on using actions this game...
  19. Either that or some ship with some really good Illicit Mods for small ships... That could fix the Kihraxz and 1 Starviper in a list.
  20. I would have to agree to disagree... 1 Shield is not amazing compared to +1 Agility and the ability to reposition after the move. It really does suffer from the X-Wing issue... Though the times I have taken Cobra he has been great... I am wondering if a Mindlink list, with Manaroo to give later turn TLs, and Special-Ks with torps might work.
  21. TBH I think what we need is a really good small ship Illicit (or 2), You look at the ships with the slot, they could all do with a bit of love... Star Viper (with Virago), Special-K, Z-95, HWK. It would be a lot easier fix than Titles for the Star Viper and Special-K, as it wouldn't need a Veterans set, just a couple to come in with a new small Scum ship. I wonder what the Illicit in the Quad Jumper does. (BTW anyone else notice how many Tractor Beam tokens???? Seeing as most sets only come with 1 or 2 (no clue why the G1-A comes with 2, where the Lancer only one given Ketsu's ability))
  22. BTW I do find the whole, "we haven't seen M3-As in tournament" thing a bit silly... They got changed a week before Worlds, you would have to be an idiot of the first order to try experimenting with new builds a week before a main event. People were going to fall back on the old tried and tested lists. Nor would I think the performance of a M3-A mono-biome list with 3 Outmanoeuvres, a card which is considered to be an inferior version of Predator, and bad action efficiency to be a good indication of their usefulness. I have seen people get reasonably far with a much more measured use of them, either as filler, a cheap way to get Ions into the list or with Attani Mindlink.
  23. Hopefully before we get this If we get this before the gunboat I will cry.
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