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  1. Thematically? An X-wing (Or Corran in an E-wing, or Soontir Fel, or any other small base ship) is designed to have easily replaceable parts. If you take a hull damage, think of it as a crack in the cockpit transparisteel. That can be replaced in a matter of days. Even if an X-wing is at 1 hull, limping home, there are innumerable other X-wings out there that can be cannibalised for spare parts. In short, small-based ships are expendable (with the exception of Defenders, Phantoms and E-wings). Compare that to a YT-1300 Resistance Sympathiser. That sympathiser has his live invested in that freighter, and if it limps away on 1 hull, its going to cost a fortune to replace, because the general rule is that larger parts have lower availability. To say nothing of the Falcon (For which the half-point rule was made), where any kind of damage whatsoever was a nightmare to fix, or Slave-1, etc, etc. I would have thought the opposite would be true. The YT-1300 is the most prolific ship in the galaxy, it's also civilian. It's going to be a lot easier to get parts to fix that thing than a fighter. In the real world how hard is it to get parts to fix a truck compared with a military jet.
  2. Well I personally think the T-70 needs a fix... They really can't fly backwards or shoot backwards in the game. [img=
  3. TBH I don't think they want the Scyk to be the super spamable Tie equivalent, that is kind of the Z-95 job. So I'm not sure about the -2 cost on them. Bringing them up a bit manoeuvrability wise so they sit just below the A-Wing would be my aim, seeing as a base A-Wing with -2 cost title is 15pt, and a base Scyk is 14pts.
  4. If I was going to do anything I would go with a Light Scyk title for 0pts that did something like.. when you perform a bank you may use the turn template.. It would give if a bit of a reposition, and make the dial a bit more forgiving. It would also help it compete a bit better with a -2 cost titled A-Wing. At the moment both have no missile slots. But the A-Wing get an awful lot better dial and 1 extra shield for 1pt more. But definitely not an Illicit.
  5. What your really paying for is that extra hull, it means they are far more likely to be able to survive the first joust and get a second use of the ordnance.
  6. Not yet, once you have the Salvaging Crane however. Works on your own ships dying, and also multiple ships can reload off a single death. Suddenly you have the ability to fire off multiple missiles from every Kihraxz. I could also see Ks running with cheap missile Z-95 with missiles and a Tug to put down a tractor token on the target.
  7. Actually I really like this one. I'm not sure of the cost but it feels really thematic.
  8. I still like the idea of Rogue Squadron, Wraith Squadron titles that are 0pt but rely on having multiple ships with the title. IE You may spend a TL off another ship with the Rogue Squadron title. If another member of Wraith Squadron is within Range 1-2 ignore the first stress you gain this turn.
  9. Swarms of them flap their way across the sky,
  10. Well unless ofc the production facilities get blown up at some point by a certain Rebel cell, and they need to go to another company for a Hyperdrive enabled ship.
  11. Isn't that a little small to be a Star Destroyer
  12. TBH I have no issue with warping the meta.... But here is the thing... SOMEONE will not be happy. For example if I was a Scum player (which I am) having all large ships removed would be a nightmare, I may not complain directly about it, but I'm sure I would be a bit miffed I couldn't use my ships. Someone will always be left behind. So if I was to do this kind of thing, and actually I do think it's good to shake up things and have people try out new combinations etc. I would rotate the changes. So everyone gets a chance to shine, and if it doesn't suit 1 or 2 players they know that next month your group will be doing something different. If I had a regular group (I mostly play around friends houses, or with a mixture of different groups) one I would love to try is get everyone in the group to vote for the 3 worse ships in each faction.... Then have 3 or 4 weeks where you have to slot 1 of these 3 ships into every list you field. That would get people to start thinking about how to get Guri to work, or how to fly a Kihraxz, or what cool things you could do with a Punisher.
  13. From personal experience, if I popped up the Gunboat on my Facebook feed I know I would get a fair few comments about it... In fact I did put up a picture a month or so ago and had 3 or 4 people go "wow, I would totally buy one of those that would be awesome". I very much doubt the Skipray would get the same response, unfortunately though I know a lot of Star Wars fans love the Thrawn trilogy, most of the average public haven't even read it, and though Empire at War has the Skipray it's just another unit (and wasn't even in the original game only an add on). The gunboat was a major part of a lot of our childhoods, you have to remember back then there was not the saturation of good games there are now. Almost all gamers of a certain age will have memories of that ship, as I can't think of many serious gamers that didn't play the Tie Fighter series (even if they weren't huge Star Wars fans).
  14. Yeah I agree a subforum would be great... But it doesn't really bother me... there is far more other stuff I just ignore too.... and sometimes I go... OHHH Chiss ship, or Tye-Wing and go and see what they have thought up for it..... I couldn't do that if they were all 1 thread.. (also it would be a nightmare to read with them all in 1 thread)
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