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  1. I'll admit that starship combat works fine in the game if you are working from the perspective of the players being in a freighter, but once you move to starfighter scale it turns into rocket tag. Add in that y-wings are harder to hit than a-wings, the frankly (and this is the only part I think is truly broken) broken sensors rules (an X-Wing can actually move farther in one move than it can see with its sensors), the fact that no Cap ships in the system should ever need a fighter screen (A cap ship can take out a squadron of fighters at ranges so long that the fighters couldn't even tell it was there), and the whole thing just feels... off for the source material it is supposed to represent. If it works for you, more power to you.
  2. Spaceship combat is just wonky in FFG Star Wars. It is the one major complaint I have about the system. I tried to write some rules that improved it a couple of years back, and I think it improved things, but in the end... it still is wonky.
  3. I know this is a bit old, but shields do NOT work at 0 because: "When the Vehicle suffers a hit from a combat check in an arc they have shields, after damage is calculated, the pilot may take the Shields incidental." If you have 0 shields in an arc, you can't even do the incidental.
  4. The thing is, my AoR book that I mentioned practically came shipped to me with the loose feeling cover :/. It wasn't from rough wear or anything.
  5. I have all the books, and for some reason, just my AoR core is a bit of a mess. The cover just feels a bit loose. All the other books are great, so I just rarely pull that one out unless I need something specific in it and use the other two cores for rules reading.
  6. I rolled changing speed, including punch it, into the fly/drive maneuver specifically because it didn't make good sense to me. My house rule: before, after, or instead of changing range bands (once per maneuver), a vehicle can change their speed by 1 (2 if a speed 5 or 6 vehicle, or any amount if they take system strain = to sillhoutte). I've done a lot of edits to vehicle combat just because I think there are several wonky bits about it. you can check my house rules here.
  7. Apologies, I guess the more accurate statement would have been: The effectiveness is much more than the small percent difference in a single skill check that his math showed, and people are taking it the wrong way. Not necessarily that you particularly are taking it the wrong way. Its a long thread and I got mixed up on who said what. Either way, attributes at beginning are the more efficient spending of XP, but if you don't, its not GAME breaking. And quickly allowing someone to rebuild their character if they aren't having fun isn't a big deal. Basically the game isn't broken, but it is the most efficient method of creating a versatile character who is more useful in more situations. (not necessarily more powerful in any one area, just capable of more, which I think is the point of the system.)
  8. I would point out that while I don't think there is an issue with the game, LethalDose's math shouldn't be taken as gospel, because while technically correct, it ignores a huge issue: The person who bought up the attributes is going to be way better at a host of other skills. The person who bought up just skill is going to be hyperspecialized to that one skill. The effectiveness is much more than just the small percent he claims.
  9. Squadron Leader. I love leader characters. I love pilots.
  10. No, I used the X+2 structure because if you have 0 shields in an arc, it does NOTHING. If I added to to all the shields to get the same result you would still have 2 shields on that side. For instance, with my rules, an A-Wing has 1/1. He can block 3/3 using the strain. Or he can block 4/0 or 0/4. If you went with the double then add 2, you would have 3/3, and if he angled his shields, he can block 5/1, 4/2, 3/3, 2/4, or 1/5. Which is much better than what he could accomplish with the house rules as written. I agree on the B-Wing might need more strain. Or a special ability that lets it spend less strain for using shields might also be an option. Or a combination of the two.
  11. 1. Yes, its meant to be up to short range, good catch. 2. Yes, I purposefully left it so that Linked could get around it. Personal preference, though you could test it either way. 3. If you have 2/2 for your shields, and you redirect it to 4/0 full front, your aft zone has zero shields so you can't use the ability.
  12. I think the part that if you take damage between aiming and firing you lose the aim makes it obvious you do not have to do them in the same turn, as long as both maneuvers are consecutive. If you had to use it in the same turn as the action, you could not take damage between doing them anyway, so there would be no reason for it.
  13. I've updated to 1.21 because I realized I REALLY hated one of the things I put into version 1.2, and I had a neat idea for allowing triumph to be spent to deal base weapon damage during GtA. 1.21 here
  14. Yeah, I joked that starfighters could easily outrun their own sensor range in one turn. Its one of the few parts of the rules that I think are truly broken rather than just things I changed because they weren't to my liking. I think the starship rules were made with freighters as the default (because they started with EotE) for a player ship, and it made Fighters a bit too fragile. Most of my house rules are to make starfighters a bit more fun for players (in my estimation anyway).
  15. I'm literally working on them right now. Will be up tonight. (I opened the thread to look through and figure out what changes I had talked about that I might want to use). EDIT: First post edited with the latest version of the rules, as well as having the previous versions in a spoiler. I also added/removed the reasoning to explain the latest version of the rules. Latest version is here. Also, if anyone uses my rules in a session, please tell me how they worked out here. Thanks!
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