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  1. So, we had our first session today and I think I learned something more about what troubles me about the Specialist talent. It's not how it works in game but rather how available it is to everyone. In the first edition even the least daemons were spoken of like a serious threat, and their names and natures were not mentioned lightly. Now it feels like every citizen of the Imperium could know of them if he had the inclination to study. Same with the xenos, it feels like information about them is as commonplace as information about Adeptus Arbites or the Ministorum. I know some of you might not agree with me, but I feel the Specialist talent would be better off reserved to the institutions of the Imperium, while knowledge of daemonology, the Warp and xenos could be a different talent altogether, with perhaps higher requirements, or maybe even an Elite Advance in itself. What are your thoughts on this?
  2. Hi there! I haven't played the beta yet, beyond creating characters with my group, but I've already found some peculiarities in the rules. Reading this thread, I found some others have had similar thoughts in the past. The Specialist talent seems a bit...unevocative of the setting. I wanted to have a Sage who's read some tomes he wasn't supposed to, and took the Specialist (Daemons) talent, but when I read the rules for it, they basically said: "You speak every daemonic language there is, you know how to heal daemons and you know how their infernal machines work." That seems a little too...easy for a starting character. Daemonic languages and forbidden lore have always been somehow hard to acquire in 40K, so just bluntly saying you know them feels a little too much. Now, we're having the first session of our beta test campaign later today, so my opinion might change, but for the moment it feels a little too blatant. What do you think?
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