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  1. Looks interesting. By interesting I mean fearsome, with the reduce max San/Sta for every seal. Thanks for the pointer.
  2. In my last game, against Hastur, Joe collected 7 clue tokens then got sucked through a gate to R'lyeh and delayed. No sooner had he got to the second area of R'lyeh than he was LiTaS. So he returned to Arkham and collected the eighth clue token needed to seal a location. He went through a gate to Celeano and managed to get an encounter that required him to stay in the first area on the next turn. He finally got to the second area of Celeano, only to be.... you guessed it... LiTaS. This game can be evil sometimes.
  3. I hate Hastur. Mostly because he takes what is already a long game and makes it even longer. Winning by sealing locations just becomes painfully drawn out. I'm just not brave enough to let him wake up. Maybe next time I'll bite the bullet and let him come.
  4. I don't really want to play with any single investigator. It just skews the game.
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