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  1. I had a situation the other day where the players were engaged in combat with some zombies. One of the characters passed out due to exceeding his wound threshhold. Since the zombies were after flesh I had them continue to attack the downed player giving them advantage and so racking up more wounds. It became apparent that it would have been possible for these zombies to have feasted on his flesh for quite sometime before they racked up the necessary critical wounds to have killed him (waiting for the dice rolls to indicate crits), the player commented that it lessened the impact of the fight because he now realises it would take a lot for him to die. Normally with intelligent creatures I would have them move onto more threatening characters so this situation does not occur. Do any of you have any idea how you would have run this zombie encounter situation? I'd be interested to hear any views on the subject.
  2. Hi, I just wanted to know if the PODs contained any cards that are not already presented in the boxed sets? (Winds of Magic, Signs of Faith et al) I am just wondering if I need to add them to my collection?
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