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  1. Dear Sirs, real life caught up with me in a big way so I have been away from this forum for some time. Mark and myself did a cost-analysis some time ago and it would be far too expensive for us to effectively produce this commercially. Meaning we would need to ask too much from you guys for our comfort, so I am afraid this was a one time build...
  2. straetski

    AT-AT Card

    Seeing that this card has a named character on it, are these the stats for a generic At-At or for a "special" one...
  3. Yes or you could use one of the 3 new Battlefoam specials:
  4. straetski

    GR75 - Repaint.

    Title Shai Hulud If three enemy ships at range 3 within range 1 of each other perform an attack that hits, you may perform a free maneuver in their direction. Loose Thumper mines...NOW!
  5. Well maybe it's a smart move to magnetize the turrets and antennae for use in games and easy storage...
  6. Summoner.nl has the transport on the 13th and wave 4 soon after I believe.Cheap too btw, transport for 50 euro. My flgs isn't that well stocked normally, so I use summoner or offlinegaming.nl LOL! I pre-ordered my transport from....drumroll....offlinegaming.nl. But thanks for the tip ;-)
  7. to the original question I have only one answer: no.
  8. MWEHEHEHEHEHEHEEEEE! I haven't even received my pre-ordered Transport! It will take ages to get here to the Netherlands!
  9. or: "we break for nobody!"
  10. hmm RebEx, could also pass as name for an anti-rebel spray...in handy pepper spray format with automatic IFF system For when your twin brother takes ANOTHER pass at you. I have a Twin brother?
  11. straetski

    Wil Wheaton

    Was that before or after the restraining order :-P
  12. straetski

    Wil Wheaton

    30-45 minutes to play? I must be playing wrong. Well no of course you're not doing anything wrong! I guess you're playing with a "souped-up" list i.e. you have composed your own force with named pilots and carefully picked upgrades etc. If both players do this you get longer games. These ladies (and I for one) seem to only have used the "stock" pilots i.e. Black Squadron pilot and Rookie pilot for example and thus can be finished within 45 mins. The cue I take this from is that they said "You can play it right from the box" if you're gonna put together a more balanced list, with different upgrades that suit certain pilots best, I would not call that playing right out of the box.
  13. Great schemes indeed! The level of the painting on the models is very good too! If I would have any comments it would be that, personally, I would not have chosen orange for the Shuttle's canopy and would have touched up the hinges on the Shuttle's wings, other then that they're all great and inspirational...
  14. straetski

    Wil Wheaton

    oh what the heck, just playing around not wanting to offend: Wheeaaaaaaaton!
  15. Only if you have an early onset of arthritis and are finding it painful to play with small models. If not, game on Only if you have an early onset of arthritis and are finding it painful to play with small models. If not, game on I'm 34, have arthritis and decent medication so I enjoy X-wing and Star Wars Day to the max without any inhibitions! Cheers from the Netherlands!
  16. First off it kinda depends on the paint you're using. Most people these days use water based acrylics, I myself use the Valejo brand. The Valejo range has a wide choice of colours as well as mediums, washes and varnishes. The mediums (clear liquid in all kinds of finish like matt or gloss) are great for making the paint more smooth. It also depends on the amount of paint on your brush and even on the quality of said brush whether you get brushstrokes or not. judging from your story my first question would be whether you cleaned of the mini's before painting. I do not mean whether you stripped the paint, since you stated you didn't, I mean you have to rinse the mini's in soapy water and get them totally dry before painting in order to do away with residue mould- and hand grease... if this is not done properly the grease will prevent the paint from properly adhering to the surface. also be sure to check youtube for tutorials of many of the great painters on this forum. Many of us also show a link to their blogs with repaints in the signatures worth checking.
  17. Great stuff! If you keep the use of Imperial symbols limited or even do without you could also use it as part of different scenario's or together with the Transport as part of an Imperial raid on a Reb convoy.
  18. You could cut one of them up as debris floating into space, all with traces of the cargo strewn around space on separate bases...
  19. As far as the latest interviews with Mrs Fisher I have seen lately indicate she's old and grumpy too, so she can fly casual together with Mr Ford.
  20. Oh my giddy ewok, that paintjob is just Stellar!
  21. It has a hyperdrive hasn't it? :-P no seriously I'll probably end up getting some more KR foam, they also have very nice trays for all the cards tokens etc.
  22. Well I'd like to kick a lot of bloody Ewoks!
  23. simplest way I can think of is taking some hardboard or MDF in a thickness and weight to your liking, then spraypaint it totally black, take a large square painting brush and flick white and light blue/ purple splatters all over the board. when dry coat it with several layers of gloss varnish. It's not fancy but quick and cheap...mmmmm I might have phrased that better.
  24. I agree with the wise gentlefolk above: it's a hoax and a very bad one at that! Or rather: "This is not the review we're looking for..."
  25. That's because this picture comes from a chapter dedicated to the various YT versions CEC has produced. There's a separate chapter on the Falcon even giving you tips on how to fly it! It's really a great book just like it's brother concerning the Death Star.
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