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    Gah! 50 bucks!!

    You guys are lucky, at my local store it cost me $156.65 Canadian for two of them, that’s about $68 dollars for each book. I could have picked them up online for around $50, but I wouldn’t have had it as fast and if you want to support local businesses sometime you have to pay a premium.
  2. In the Alternate rules section on page 206, they go over all the rules for Hard Points, including how to determine how many a weapon has / installing attachments / types of attachments, as well as a list of common attachments. They have examples for both modern and fantasy level equipment.
  3. Falkrunn


    If you look on the GenCon character sheets floating around, there's a Dwarven Scholar ( Runebound class ) that uses grenades. Judging by her character sheet she uses Mechanics and Alchemy to make them. She has 2 ranks in both skills as well as 2 ranks in medicine. Her grenades are: Bottled Lightning, 7dmg, 5crit. Blast 7, Disorient 3, Stun Damage and Limited Ammo 1. Dwarven Firebombs, 8 damage, 3crit. Blast 6, Burn 2, Limited Ammo 1.
  4. The Gank race wear a set of personal power armor that they never take off, or so says their write up in Lords of Nal Hutta. So does this armor have any stats? Is this less like armor and more like a skin they can wear armor over top off? Can you add soak / armor / hardpoints to your existing Gank armor? If its just a flavor description, that's fine. Or do we handle it like a set of Laminate armor that the character can modify? I realize that the book is new, but just curious about how people are handling this.
  5. I think its pretty straight forward in the book? Each player starts with a Morality of 50. The Darkside threshold is 30, and the paragon threshold is 70. If you want more exp and cash, you you lower your morality by the amount of extra's you get. The table doesn't appear to be there, but I would assume that 10xp = -10 morality ( bringing your morality to 40, 10 from the DS threshold). 2500 credits would be -5 and so on.
  6. As was pointed out on the /r/swrpg channel earlier, the Cool Stuff Inc. website is showing the book in stock. They also apparently have the Onslaught at Arda I adventure in stock as well.
  7. Are FFG not also limited in allot of what they can do due to the language of the licensing agreement? Pathfinder can put out pretty much whatever the hell they want, as they own the IP lock, stock and barrel. FFG only has the rights to produce, what I'm guessing, is a limited amount of stuff specifically related to the RPG and whats held as canon. In other words, I doubt they could just make stuff up, and getting access to official cannon materials to use might not be as easy as we think.
  8. So, I think I found a slight issue with some of the Dangerous Convenants gear, specifically the Weapon Attachments for spaceships.The Mini-Missile Tube, Mini-Missile Pack, and the Grappler 213 Tactical Tractor Beam are all listed as weapons and not attachments as they should be. Unless there is a reason for this?
  9. How do the data sets work with existing custom data? Does it auto sort them into the right category? Or is this a function forward idea? Just curious as I've added descriptions to almost *everything* in the builder.
  10. Thats about what I figured. I know it's nice to have some wriggle room on descriptions, but sometimes it's too vague.
  11. So, I thought I would ask this question here instead of starting a new thread. The Accelerated Charged Particle Array Gun from Dangerous Covenants .... What is it classified as? FFG be a little vague on stuff like this. I assume since it's very similar in size / use to the "Hammer" slugthrower from Enter the Unknown that it would be a carbine? What's everyone else think?
  12. Hate to say it, but I found another bug/mistake. The Shortened Barrel mod is listed at 2 Hard Points, when it is in fact only 1. Just a heads up
  13. I think I found one slight issue. When you try to modify the SKZ Sporting Blaster from Suns of Fortune, it's not listing the Augmented Spin Barrel as an option, but it can take all of the other Blaster Rifle / Heavy Blaster rifle mods. I double checked it against a regular Blaster rifle and this is the only one missing. Just a heads up, and thanks for all the great work!
  14. This is by no means an attack or anything, but.. you haven't read much of anything in the Expanded Universe have you? I know its all possibly being called into question, but this kind of thing is pretty common throughout Star Wars. Luke was pretty **** confident when he walked into Jabba's palace. I view an ability like " Last man standing " as something like that. Also, its most likely limited to once per play session like the other signature abilities are. So once per game session you get the chance to do something really cool.
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