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    Rivals December 15th release

    Caveat emptor. My LGS sold me a draft set, only to find out that the one thing I was looking forward to the most - thumbing through the new cards - couldn’t be accomplished because there weren’t any. I got dice and a rules sheet, but not an ounce of cardboard. Feeling burned and super cheated.
  2. In the absence of a proper rules sub-forum I thought it would be appropriate (and only slightly overdue) that we, as a community, come together to create a space for all rules queries or discussions. This could be a resource for all players, new and old alike, to share their questions, comments, or concerns; it is intended to act as a substitute for the current rules only insofar as those rules are not properly addressed in the rules reference guide (henceforth substituted for 'RRG'), and there are bound to be questions that remain in dispute until such time as they see print in the official FAQ. To that end I ask that all posters, myself included, remain objective and civil throughout, though there is no deliberate reason to shy away from healthy debate or discourse. In fact, new users should be aware that many interactions may be left up to personal interpretation, and thus wholly unresolvable without official developer input. In order to contribute here I ask only the following, as courtesy rather than mandate: For new users: 1) Check the RRG to see if your question has already been addressed. The official errata, clarifications, and FAQ begins on page 23. The RRG can be found here: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/22/71/22719609-501a-40f2-8b75-343b672839c4/swd_rules_reference_13.pdf 2) Search this forum for any relevant keywords, starting with the title of the card in question. The search bar can be located in the upper right corner of the screen, just beneath your profile picture and username. Alternatively, use CTRL + F to search the current page for specific text. Here's a link to the advanced search option: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/search/ 3) If you'd like to ask a question in this thread, please feel free to do so without any fear of embarrassment or criticism. As a courtesy to other users who may have similar questions down the road, please make sure to include the card title in your post, and preferably an excerpt of the card text or even an image. To include an image from the internet in your post, right click on it and select 'copy image location,' and then either right click -> paste into the body of your post or press CTRL + V. SWDestinyDB is a terrific resource for either, and their advanced search can be found here: https://swdestinydb.com/search For veteran forum-goers: I would like to call upon you, my peers, to help me establish this thread as a viable resource for all users. I will do my part in keeping this thread updated between (and immediately after) official FAQ updates, but in the interim I would like to consolidate any outstanding rules issues here, especially from those who have had official contact with the developers. Please feel free to either post or send me a personal message with any rules queries that Lukas et al. have resolved privately by email, with as much precision and faithfulness to the original exchange as you can muster. The same goes for Facebook; I do not engage in social media, so please don't hesitate to bring any official public feedback to my attention. So... any questions?
  3. WonderWAAAGH

    Does this game have a core mechanic problem?

    The problem with the game (or, more specifically, the meta) is that the transition from one set to two sets didn't increase deck variety at the competitive level, it constrained it. Cards and archetypes that were completely viable before have simply been obsoleted by this newer, faster meta, and the response from the devs that everything is 'working as intended' doesn't inspire much confidence that those cards will ever make a comeback. Clearly this isn't an issue in more relaxed environs where house rules and gentlemanly behavior take precedence, but if we're making up our own rules then what the heck do we need FFG for?
  4. WonderWAAAGH

    What Awakening cards did you open today?

    Gratuitous brag post is gratuitous.
  5. WonderWAAAGH

    Community FAQ: a Consolidated Resource for All Players

    Gents! Is there a way I could distract you from this otherwise fascinating topic? It seems to have run its course.
  6. WonderWAAAGH

    Bounty Hunters deck needs assistance.

    If you're really dead set on mono yellow I think Bala / Jango / Unkar could be a lot of fun, but still not altogether competitive. I forgot to mention TIE Pilot above, he's also super solid for 8 points.
  7. WonderWAAAGH

    Bounty Hunters deck needs assistance.

    That seems like more of a meta decision. Let the guy play with what he feels like, since he wasn't asking for competitive advice.
  8. WonderWAAAGH

    Bounty Hunters deck needs assistance.

    You can run elite IG-88 with Death Trooper, or regular IG-88 with eVeers, two FO Troopers, an FO Trooper and Nightsister / Bala-Tik / Guavian Enforcer.
  9. WonderWAAAGH

    Chirrut and Baze

    Elite Baze will give you more consistency when it comes to damage faces, and you're pretty much limited to red/ranged upgrades anyway.
  10. WonderWAAAGH

    Bounty Hunters deck needs assistance.

    Mono yellow is a tough sell for me, given the low number of offensive upgrades. Is there a way you could splash another color, possibly red?
  11. WonderWAAAGH

    Empire at War Spoilers!

  12. WonderWAAAGH

    Feel your anger, need oppinion

    I recommend an Ork.
  13. WonderWAAAGH

    Empire at War Preview is up!

    Yeah, if/when they ever decide to print hero melee outside of blue, that might be a game changer. Assuming it's not prohibitively expensive, anyways. Mace throws up enough big numbers to catch the eye of all those Timmies out there, but I'm not convinced that he's any good just yet.
  14. WonderWAAAGH

    eEzra, eMaz, Rey (5 Starting Die)

    Yes, I think that was pretty much everyone's first reaction.
  15. WonderWAAAGH

    Empire at War Preview is up!

    Yes, jokes are very often deliberate misrepresentations. How perceptive of you to notice.
  16. WonderWAAAGH

    Empire at War Preview is up!

    Wrong again; Mace is legendary.
  17. WonderWAAAGH

    Empire at War Preview is up!

    Yeah, play Friends in Low Places for even more fun and profit.
  18. WonderWAAAGH

    Reading a Character

    Another "teach a man to fish" moment presents itself. https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/22/71/22719609-501a-40f2-8b75-343b672839c4/swd_rules_reference_13.pdf Page 27, red text. --- For all future reference, MotC can only be used once per turn since you must exhaust it to use the ability. Upgrades do not ready when their attached characters do, though that does not preclude you from being able to roll the die back into your pool afterward.
  19. WonderWAAAGH

    Empire at War Preview is up!

    Being able to consistently and unconditionally look at your opponent's hand is frickin' amazing.
  20. WonderWAAAGH

    Empire at War Preview is up!

    Settle down there, Sean Bean. Honestly, this is all I want out of the set. I don't need to see anymore. Give me Thrawn and Unkle Moneybags and we can call it a day.
  21. WonderWAAAGH

    Collateral Damage clarification

    Remember that there are other costs beyond resources. Collateral Damage does two things, the first of which is letting you resolve damage, which you can already do as a basic action. The other is remove an opponent's resource. Even if it was colorless, would you still waste 1-2 of your 30 card slots just to remove that one resource? I know I wouldn't.
  22. WonderWAAAGH

    Collateral Damage clarification

    Resolving multiple dice of varying types would have been decent filler in a deck with mixed damage faces, like FN-2199 and Holdout Blaster. It still would be limited to red, and the resource loss is almost wholly trivial; you play the card when you want to resolve the damage, but you don't worry about waiting for the perfect opportunity to deny that resource. By the time you've activated enough characters to make Collateral Damage worthwhile your opponent has probably spent all their resources on upgrades or events anyways. At 0 the card would be playable, but far from strong. And like I said before, if I wanted to pay 1 to resolve all my dice I could have already done that with All In, and you see how much play time that card is getting at store champs.
  23. WonderWAAAGH

    Collateral Damage clarification

    It's not expertise, it's pure observation. FFG doesn't invest enough in design, development, or playtesting for any of their games. The rules typically have glaring holes in them, lack sufficient definitions, and there's no uniformity when it comes to card templating. They get by on the power of their licenses, and one could argue that the games are still playable/enjoyable regardless, but there's no getting around the simple facts outlined above. You're right, I don't know how much experience you have, but if you had any at all you'd have already seen these things for yourself - and saved yourself the effort of trying to put me in my place. So... welcome! Want to talk about cards now?
  24. WonderWAAAGH

    The Big Destiny trade Thread

    Same! I should have posted earlier. Excellent trader, would recommend 100%.