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  1. Possibly, but only if I can get FFG to sticky the thread this time. I was holding out hope for more than 4-5 stories over the course of 2+ months. Still, I'm always excited to see how creative people can be in explaining their Archon's title. Yeah, that's my bad. 😞
  2. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! Apologies again to all the entrants for taking my sweet @#$ time getting around to this; you put in the time and energy to craft some terrific stories, I should have put in the time and energy to address them sooner. I'm ashamed of myself, frankly, for not having done so. @backupsidekick Message me so we can get the ball rolling on your prize. You should have had it a month ago!
  3. "Go to the discard pile" is replaced with "go to your hand."
  4. I wasn't disagreeing with you. A replacement effect takes the place of another effect, usually part of the core rules. In this case Penny would normally go to the discard pile, but that framework effect is instead replaced by her trigger text. "If this creature would be destroyed, place it in its owner's hand instead of the discard pile."
  5. If you press the little + symbol in the bottom left corner of somebody's post it will add it to your multi-quote queue. Then you can click the multi-quote box that pops up on the bottom right and it will generate quote boxes for each separate poster in one single post, so you can address all of them without having to keep typing out their names.
  6. This is just a simple replacement effect.
  7. That also means FFG had 25+ years of card game "dos and don'ts" to learn from, but they chose not to.
  8. I fear we're going to end up with some SW: Destiny deja vu before all is said and done. To wit: what happens when a "before destroyed" effect prevents an object from being destroyed in the first place? Is it still destroyed, and if not, does the destroyed effect trigger anyways?
  9. Is "Before Destroyed" a new rules function that needs to be addressed now?
  10. I accept that they are real issues, and I've been making the same complaints about FFG for years - here, and occasionally in person. The totality of my frustration has amounted to an understanding that FFG starts every game deaf, dumb, and blind to all of their own franchises as well as their competitors. FFG, as a brand, has come to rely on gimmicks, loyalty, and market saturation over quality R&D. How can we change these facts? We probably can't, but coming here to b**** about how you lost $400 is probably the least productive way to go about trying.
  11. How did we let a complaint thread get to a second page? 😕
  12. Let me give some examples using very basic, common effects. You have a card in play that says your creatures get one more power. Your opponent has a card in play that says all creatures get one less power. Here are the questions that arise: Which effect is resolved first? Does playing a creature with only 1 power go straight to the discard pile? If there is some order of precedence, what is it? Is it by when the lasting effect was created (effects that were there first are resolved first)? Is it by who controls it (apply your lasting effects first, then your opponent's)? Is it by card type (lasting effects created by permanents first, then action cards)? Is it by active house / inactive house? For effects that trigger off of creature power, when is that power calculated? If, for example, a trigger reads "do X when a creature with 2 power comes into play," does it trigger when you play something with 1 power (coming into play with one more)? Does it trigger when you play something with 2 power (coming into play with one less)? That's just two cards with basic effects. Imagine how much more complicated it could be with other cards: You have a card in play that says your Brobnar creatures get one more power. Your opponent has a card in play that says all creatures get one less power. You play an action card that makes all of your creatures Brobnar until end of turn. Same questions as above.
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