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  1. WonderWAAAGH

    Rivals December 15th release

    Caveat emptor. My LGS sold me a draft set, only to find out that the one thing I was looking forward to the most - thumbing through the new cards - couldn’t be accomplished because there weren’t any. I got dice and a rules sheet, but not an ounce of cardboard. Feeling burned and super cheated.
  2. WonderWAAAGH

    Does this game have a core mechanic problem?

    The problem with the game (or, more specifically, the meta) is that the transition from one set to two sets didn't increase deck variety at the competitive level, it constrained it. Cards and archetypes that were completely viable before have simply been obsoleted by this newer, faster meta, and the response from the devs that everything is 'working as intended' doesn't inspire much confidence that those cards will ever make a comeback. Clearly this isn't an issue in more relaxed environs where house rules and gentlemanly behavior take precedence, but if we're making up our own rules then what the heck do we need FFG for?
  3. WonderWAAAGH

    What Awakening cards did you open today?

    Gratuitous brag post is gratuitous.
  4. WonderWAAAGH

    Community FAQ: a Consolidated Resource for All Players

    Gents! Is there a way I could distract you from this otherwise fascinating topic? It seems to have run its course.
  5. WonderWAAAGH

    Bounty Hunters deck needs assistance.

    If you're really dead set on mono yellow I think Bala / Jango / Unkar could be a lot of fun, but still not altogether competitive. I forgot to mention TIE Pilot above, he's also super solid for 8 points.
  6. WonderWAAAGH

    Bounty Hunters deck needs assistance.

    That seems like more of a meta decision. Let the guy play with what he feels like, since he wasn't asking for competitive advice.
  7. WonderWAAAGH

    Bounty Hunters deck needs assistance.

    You can run elite IG-88 with Death Trooper, or regular IG-88 with eVeers, two FO Troopers, an FO Trooper and Nightsister / Bala-Tik / Guavian Enforcer.
  8. WonderWAAAGH

    Chirrut and Baze

    Elite Baze will give you more consistency when it comes to damage faces, and you're pretty much limited to red/ranged upgrades anyway.
  9. WonderWAAAGH

    Bounty Hunters deck needs assistance.

    Mono yellow is a tough sell for me, given the low number of offensive upgrades. Is there a way you could splash another color, possibly red?
  10. WonderWAAAGH

    Empire at War Spoilers!

  11. WonderWAAAGH

    Feel your anger, need oppinion

    I recommend an Ork.
  12. WonderWAAAGH

    Empire at War Preview is up!

    Yeah, if/when they ever decide to print hero melee outside of blue, that might be a game changer. Assuming it's not prohibitively expensive, anyways. Mace throws up enough big numbers to catch the eye of all those Timmies out there, but I'm not convinced that he's any good just yet.
  13. WonderWAAAGH

    eEzra, eMaz, Rey (5 Starting Die)

    Yes, I think that was pretty much everyone's first reaction.
  14. WonderWAAAGH

    Empire at War Preview is up!

    Yes, jokes are very often deliberate misrepresentations. How perceptive of you to notice.