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  1. You mean on top of all the answers I gave you in the past 127 hrs where all I had to say was “I didn’t say that”, “I never claimed this”, etc.?
  2. All I can talk about is what I read here, on rpg.net, my local gamestore and what I see on review aggregators. There is jo denying that the overall view of this line is very positive. Of course there are always people who dislike something (heck, The Shining was nominated for a golden raspberry) but denying that is a minority opinion is just obtuse.
  3. Yep, this was a particularly weird complaint especially seeing how this, in fact, is the most traditional part of this game...
  4. You seem to miss that your opinion is a complete outlier and that just about everyone who tries to game likes it. A lot. Including a lot of “more traditional gamers”.
  5. I know you didn’t. Someone else did. Well if they are having awesome games and are having fun why shouldn’t they?
  6. I don’t. I made a general statement concerning both self aggrandizing and overestimation of what it means to be a playtester.
  7. Which is very incompatible with the “yes, and...” way in which this game was designed to function. I understand that this might not be for you, of course.
  8. I could if I had said as much. I didn’t. All I said that knowledge doesn’t equal mastery nor skill. I have no idea whether he uses the rules as they were intended, I also have no idea if he doesn’t. Neither means he understands them. He might, he might not. I am not at his table. Also having playtested parts of the game doesn’t mean you know the rules any better than someone who didn’t per definition. I am pretty sure that anyone on this page knows quite a bit about this system. I think calling Bad Motivator a bad akill because it is a player skill instead of a character skill shows, in my opinion, a complete misunderstanding of what the narrative system intends to do. It is a player skill and is intended to be. It (and many skills like it) are designed to have players add to the narrative of a session. In my opinion if you object to such a fundamental rule then you do not really understand the system all that well. Of course I don’t object to him disliking it but the wording of his objections make me question his knowledge/understanding of the system. Or disliking it for what it specifally sets out to do.
  9. That doesn’t mean you know them “better than most”. Also, knowing them and using them appropriately are two very different things.
  10. Not to be rude, but I am not sure anyone speaks for “us fans” here. As every topic here shows there are at least as many opinions as there are fans.
  11. Not sure how that is the system’s fault. Also, never experienced this at all with three different game groups.
  12. They didn’t. They said “give us THE year” at a point in time when more than half of it had past. Not sure why the couldn’t. But I agree it is not likely.
  13. That seems like a huge turnaround... then again I have fun with every system I play with. Whether it is this system, 5e, fiasco, etc. as long as there are friends snacks and a couple of beers I enjoy myself. Only game I never really got into was Cuthullu as I didn’t enjoy the whole “your character loses their mind”-thing.
  14. I never said I don’t value your opinion. In fact I thought you were a game tester for the system at one point or another were you not?
  15. And again the divide between out opinions is super clear. Having this system move away from “the narrative” would be the absolute worst move possible for Edge to make. It is literally what makes this system unique and popular. Oh, and Bad Motivator? Amazing.
  16. I really don’t understand this attitude. Are the Lord of the Rings novels “dead” because there are no new books coming out? Is there no value in owning a classic car because they are no longer being built? Is Cassablanca no longer worth watching because there are color movies being made today? There is zero indication there will be no reprints same as there is zero indication there will be. But... that doesn’t mean buying into FFG’s SW rpg is equal to being a corpse. Then again I have not known you and I to have ever agreed on the smallest of things so I shouldn’t be surprised that we are at odds here too.
  17. At least you immediately make clear where you stand in this so-called division. Isn’t it weird how the few people who argue there is this huge division are on one side of it?
  18. Yep, a period stretching, for reference, from the Y2K panic until today and then across an entire galaxy. It seems that there would be enough stories that could be told in so long a time frame in an entire universe. I wonder if people who post such idiotic memes complain about the many, many WWII movies as well seeing how that one take place on just one world and lasted 5 years only.
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