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  1. Strong disagree. edit: Actually I don’t. You might be right. Luke does end up learning to understand r2 in the sequel trilogy.
  2. Well then it definitely wasn’t what Owen was expressing, was it?
  3. Except that is not what Owen is expressing.
  4. This, and the The Worlds of Android book too if you can find it!
  5. I haven’t read the entire topic so I am sorry if this came up already. I am not really interested in a complete second edition but I would LOVE a complete overhaul of the vehicle combat rules.
  6. What on Earth is rude about politely asking someone why they keep answering for someone else? If anything it is rude to talk for another person.
  7. That is a highly dubious claim seeing how that SW when it first came out was a stand alone story.
  8. Well actually no, he said he must have missed something and I told him in all honesty what that was and and why I deleted it. Addressing his smuckness was an added bonus.
  9. Sorry, but why are you continuously being his spokesman in this thread???
  10. Unfortunately (for you) life is not a debate club and the fact that someone calls you a name does not mean, in any way, you win an argument. You would just be an a**hole that had lost an argument.
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