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  1. I am going to bring up something hugely controversial. Not all ip's need to be hugely profitable to all companies and there are still companies that feel that certain products are doing perfectly fine even if they don't have a huge revenu stream. I actually think that FFG still has enough of a funloving mentality to put out some games they know will not be huge money makers but will please people and do a lot of good for their brand as a whole.
  2. Now this peaked my interest! I guess with new movies coming out yearly this could be something of a prelude!
  3. I really don’t think there are to be honest. Now Jawa on the other hand (maybe not in this particular book though)...
  4. Yeah... this hardly seems like an appropriate complaint seeing it hasn’t happened that often yet. Then again your opinion (of course) is valid.
  5. I hope I don’t sound like that but if I did then so be it. For me there is no reason to make up a new species when there dozens of existing species that have not had the FFG treatment yet.
  6. Is this serious? Because I think we are spoiled for choice to be honest.
  7. Because there are a lot of races I still want to see and this took up a slot. Also I wonder who would be interested in playing this race or any race that is not in any of the movies/shows/novels.
  8. Yeah, there is a birdlike species in Chronicles of the Gatekeeper called the Sathari.
  9. “The Phydolon are new to the galactic stage, as their world was only recently discovered. Deeply spiritual, these people loathe to leave the collective of their home planet, but with the galaxy opened before them it may be time to find something larger than themselves in the Force.” As per the news item about Knights of Fate. I googled the species but found nothing. Are we getting the second FFG invented species? I don’t know how I’d feel about that to be honest...
  10. If I am not mistaken ErikB itself was his second or third handle.
  11. Funny thing. When he was around people, on a whole, were a lot more civil to each other here because everyone had a common enemy and it brought them together.
  12. Or at least moved on from mean spirited arguments.
  13. I thought it had pretty much moved on from there. I agree that forums need a mod (unfortunately) to stop the tantrums...
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