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  1. Can Players Spend XP Mid-Session?

    I’d allow it. I would probably also need the player to spend one or more destiny points to do so.
  2. Preface by saying I too am not the biggest fan of space combat rules, but I have found that if there is at least one other player that truly understands the rules at the table makes a huge difference in how the encounter works out. I usually have him take care of speed and rangebands and I take care of the other rules and since we do it is a lot more manageable. I do prefer the rules as they are found in Genesys since they are a lot less complex but unfortunately I am not sure they would work with the current game and stats.
  3. The irony has been omnipresent with him. He gets to exaggerate, others don’t. He gets to mock, others don’t. He gets to criticize, others don’t. He sets the terms by which the discussion is done, others don’t. My advice? Block the kid. It is the only way forward in this case.
  4. It is telling you am awful lot about the person posting though...
  5. I still don’t get how people feel the First Order should have changed a working tactic. They were 2 for 3 and about to destroy the last ship as well...not a single tactician would change that approach.
  6. When I was young I liked Luke because I believed he was perfect, when I grew up I liked him because he was flawed.
  7. Well... We usually are. However there were hardly any rich white man in the scene...
  8. Hutt Crime Lord as a PC - what spec?

    I never said I didn’t like the spec. I do. It just, to me, seems like a weird fit for a crime lord.
  9. Hutt Crime Lord as a PC - what spec?

    Enforcer feels a lot more like a lowlevel wiseguy than a crimelord to me...
  10. Hutt Crime Lord as a PC - what spec?

    Trader Politico Entrepreneur
  11. Screaming “I won!” isn’t a tactic most winners employ.
  12. Or.... you didn’t like the information that was given.
  13. It was a good setup for their future conflict seeing how Hux kept repeating Kylo’s commands. I wonder whether the military would even acknowledge Kylo’s orders.
  14. The fact you use alt left unironically is about as big a red flag as possible.
  15. Posts rightwing talking points gets upset for being labeled rightwing.