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  1. Medic unit allows you to reroll X Defense die. Simple.
  2. I can see a droid run Expansion. ‘These aren’t the droids we’re looking for’ Expansion comes with 4-5 droid tokens. Taken an incidental action to flip a droid token. 1/5 is the droid you’re looking for. Once found, action to claim it. it reduces your speed by 1. Whoever has control of the droid at the end of round 6 wins.
  3. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Rebel Jetpack Troopers as a sort of ‘rebel requivalent’ of speeders.
  4. I’m inclined to say Wookiee’s could have a crazy high courage threshold. 4? 5? Thematically, we have Wookie life debts. We have a race that was enslaved by the empire. They fought for the republic in the clone wars and had them turn against them and treat them like animals. They’re also huge. I could see a hugh courage value unit being paralleled with death troopers for the empire.
  5. Wouldn’t be too surprised to se a rebel SF unit of wookie freedom fighters or similar alongside a Chewy operative. A ream tanky unit of Troopers. Red melee. Crossbows with blast. 2hp and 3 courage.
  6. I imagine we would see Kanan or Ezra as Jedi on the battlefield before we would se Kyle Katarn though ?
  7. Urgh. Lando makes so much sense as an operative - but he is a general. Flavour wise it makes so much sense for him to be an operative though.
  8. A Kyle Katarn would be so so siiiiick. I mean, I don’t think he is canon, though they allowed him into the x wing game so I couldn’t say.
  9. Separate unit! Spec Ops! Jump 1 or 2! 3-4 trooper units! Cover 1 Some heavy blaster/long range cannon + a smaller more deadly close range pistol not unlike the scout troopers. ????
  10. Definitely say support. As much as I think people would want them to be a hard hitter, I don’t think that would make for an interesting addition to the game and would make things like the AtSt redundant. i can imagine 6 white dice, or 4 white 2 black. With suppressive so it’s handing out suppression all over the board. With impact 1? Maybe being able to attack twice in the round? Same as HH12 can’t move and shoot at the same time. Would benefit greatly from having Veers close to give aim tokens. It all comes down to wether it would be a support, providing more suppression/map control of some kind. or a heavy, dishing out damamge.
  11. It’s written on Boba Fett’s card, and it is an ability that he has, not anybody else, so I’m gonna say Boba has to be the one to kill them... Your points are valid though, the You is ambiguous. It may be too hard to get Boba to be the one to actually kill them. But maybe that is the point?
  12. Sonic mine though, so will be different to the rebels detonator I expect.
  13. Unlocks the potential for all of those other named characters that we thought wouldn’t make good commanders - operatives. Magic. I love it.
  14. Nobody is saying it has to be anything, but there isn't much opinion to be explored in the mirrors that are present, and have been present in the game so far. And they mirror eachother for the reason of balance within game design. All game design comes to a middle ground between what feels right, and what is mechanically balanced and fair to play. Which is why I posed the question about a mirror for Han. Sure, they could start doing stuff completely different and releasing units that start utilising mechanics completely different from eachother - but they haven't so far and I wouldn't expect it. Think Kallus is a shout. An Aggressive Mid Range Commander. Han strikes me as much more of a Jack of all trades. Leia is definitely a squishy support, as is Veers. Luke and Vader both a rally point and hard hitter. Han *could* serve multiple purposes within a list. Wouldn't be surprised by a Thrawn, Rae Sloane (lesser known but relevant to both Rebels and the GCW). Both strike me as Characters that could be strong mid range, objective based characters with decent Hit Points, decent damage and command cards that shake things up not unlike Han.
  15. @Alino @Jman444 @NukeMaster @Orkimedes If not Boba then, who is a solely Imperial character that could serve a similar purpose as Han? Cause I’m stumped.
  16. So in terms of the commander unit, I wouldn’t be surprised at a Boba Fett, purely for the reasons that: Luke and Vader, in some ways counter eachother. Their command hands have a similar 2 attack. They a balanced give/remove suppression. They are both heavy hitters mainly looking for Melee. Leia and Veers do the same but in a support fashion. Their card abilities bring the core trooper units into the lime light, in opposite ways. Dishing aim/dodge. Building on precise/nimble. Their command hands also mirror eachother. so the question here is, is that a theme between commanders to keep the balance? In which case, will the Imperial answer to Han Solo be a similar gun slinger/long range damage dealer. With this in mind as the assumption, is there anyone else apart from Boba Fett in the OT that can do that for the Imperials?
  17. 6 of the Core barricades as heavy cover. 8 arrays if boxes and crates as Light cover
  18. I thought he atdt was the one from rebels?
  19. Guessing it would clock in at 110-120 with a built in blaster on the front. Maybe a hardpoint slot?
  20. And you determine who is obscured only by whether that line from attacker to defender crosses over a piece of terrain. Right?
  21. Fantastic. I shall have to give these a go in the next match that I play.
  22. An email from who? Why does the RRG say nothing to that effect?
  23. I’ve done mine in a striding forward pose. It is at least 1-2 inches taller than the ones that are modelled low to the ground in a stationary pose. Where’s the ruling FFG...
  24. Barricades, sure... Everything else though - I was under the impression the rule was 50%. a load of crates on the floor. Unit of rebels behind. If 50% of the unit is obscured by it, from line of sight of the attacking unit’s leader, they don’t get cover. A rocky outcrop. A unit of imperials behind. If 50% of the unit is obscured by it, from the line of sight of the attack units leader, they don’t get cover. I haven’t read anywhere that the moment you’re in contact with anything you automatically get the cover? Else what’s the point in flanking/outmaneuvering?
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