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  1. Let the gentleman with 8 soak shine as it stands. He has spent significant character resources in becoming indestructible, and as such should be allowed to have that be their forte. Let them tank small arms fire with impunity as they have not spent those same resources on being able to Charm or Coerce themselves out of difficult situations. Continue to use reasonable threats, eg threats that do not present a significant danger to Mr Soakity Soak, but are reasonable threats to the members with 3 soak, blaster pistols and/or rifles as the case may arise. Sure he'll be the last man standing, but usually that is a sign to quit stabbing things and surrender so the other characters can rejoin in the next scene/encounter, either that or the tank has to deal with hefting everyone to safety all by his lonesome - hilarity ensues. TLDR: You wouldn't panic if the Face was able to Charm/Negotiate out of the most ridiculous situation, why are you panicking about the tank tanking ridiculous damage.
  2. Actually I was going to say that if you bumped your medicine skill early and got to stim application then that 3 becomes a 4 quite readily. As well as your other scores getting bumped as needed. This allows you on the fly to switch between a brilliant doc to a bruiser to a ace fighter pilot or what have you depending on what other characteristics you bump to 3. Take some ofthe resolve talents and you will hardly feel a thing or push down the left hand side of the tree to multitask on a triumph
  3. Sorry to bring up this post as it is a bit old. However the military has brought me to Yuma Arizona and I would like to meet this Yuma game. (Assuming that interactions would not cause any fraternization violations)
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