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  1. You're right that technically "banned" isn't really the same as "eventually retired" but the end result is still the same, i.e. no longer allowed.
  2. Meh, I don't see the severely limited deck-building options others are seeing. For starters, ANY initial release is going to have a very limited card pool to begin with meaning limited deck-building anyway. And when Destiny came out, if you wanted to play Poe, 99.9% of the decks paired him with Maz and then every deck was virtually the same aside from maybe one or two card changes due to personal preference. At least Marvel Champions will have 4 different ways to play Spider-Man right out of the gates (or technically even 5 if one chooses to try a more neutral heavy deck). The aspect card pool will grow over time and there will be more options to choose from, and I'm sure some cards are going to be better to use against certain villains than others. We may even see new additional aspects in the future, who knows?
  3. For Thane to even get use out of his ability, you need to have hull damage, which means most ships' shields have to be taken away first in some way. So with that being the case, and you know he's coming at you because squads are not secret -- you know exactly what your opponent has at the start of every game -- if he's so annoying to you then the obvious answer is to make him your priority target. Right? And he's in an X-Wing for God's sake! These ships aren't that difficult to bring down. I'm sorry, but the whining and over-exaggerating on these boards really needs to stop. Annoyance does not equate to NPE. Thane isn't even in the same ballpark as 1.0 garbage like Paratanni, Miranda, etc. Why? Because those things you couldn't really deal with, but with him you can -- either by arc dodging or by taking him out ASAP. The bottom line is the game is in a great place right now. Sure there are some powerful upgrades and abilities, but there always will be. And nothing really seems to be over-dominating at this point, either. I mean, is Thane winning all over the place? The big fat answer is NO. I just think these kinds of posts should only be made when something is truly overpowered and deserves some kind of nerf -- and I don't believe Thane is even close to that yet.
  4. I just received a shipping notification as well! Hopefully soon! ? ? ?
  5. The game is already on Tabletop Simulator so you can play it online there.
  6. I'm not sure I understand you. First you say you stopped playing competitively because the power of the game was getting crazy, then you complain that Problem #1 is that the power level has dropped off. Isn't that what you were looking for?
  7. While a new expansion is nice, it's hard for me to look forward to that purchase when I'm still waiting for fixes to the components in the base game. I really don't see what the holdup is. This is a very pricey game so fixing mistakes that shouldn't have happened in the first place isn't too much to ask for. It's very frustrating to see a new announcement with complete silence about the errors.
  8. Just because he had Force powers at the tail end of his books does not mean that he should have the Force in the game.
  9. Right but what you're forgetting is in 2.0, the ability of shrugging off attacks is nowhere near as good anymore. Evades don't add a result in 2.0, they just change a die. Also if a ship is taking said Evade, then that's probably all they are doing because there aren't that many Evade actions that chain into a Focus or vice versa. So the importance of mods aren't as crucial anymore because it's much easier to punch some damage through in 2.0 with natties or with just a Focus. The reduced attack value isn't going to hurt them as much as you think. Plus like others have said, a few decent mods require bull'seye arcs, and Phantoms are going to be tough to get a bead on to take advantage of it.
  10. People really need to stop whining about the pricing because when you actually take a moment to think about it, it's really not that bad. I mean, in the past most players have gladly spent upwards of $30 or so just for a 2-ship pack that contained ships they already owned now with new paint jobs, but the main reason for the purchase was just for the cards that "fixed" these ships that were not strong enough to be competitive. There are still a few ships struggling in the current environment: TIE Punishers, HWKs, E-wings and B-wings to name a few. These ships just don't see a lot of play these days outside of casual play and the general consensus has been that it would be nice if they had some kind of fix. Even TIE Phantoms are rarely seen lately on a competitive scale because there are just better and less risky options available. But with 2.0, we have an opportunity to fix all of these and more. So looking at it from this perspective, a conversion kit that doesn't just contain a fix for two models but for a dozen or so waves' worth -- again it's not that bad. I also wouldn't say that changes (like the dials) are frivolous. There are a lot of things in the game where people have said that this ship should be able to do this, and that ship should be able to do that, but that was impossible unless a new upgrade came along that allowed it in some way. So to me, I don't see it as FFG adding new maneuvers just so you can't use your old stuff. I see it as them adding things or changing things that should have been that way all along. The end result appears to be a less fiddly, much more balanced game -- which is what many of us have been hoping for for a while.
  11. How exactly will a swarm go "poof" when it's not that hard for them to erase a scurgg in the first pass?
  12. So basically you're saying because you had 2 regenerating ships you should have won? This is a game, man. You win some, you lose some. That's the way it goes. No need for "sky is falling" posts, especially when the ship is a 1 agility ship.
  13. That's only for moderate to severe unguided rockets.
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