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  1. #1 roll full armor value then take in account for any cover. so infantry 3 in hard cover roll 3 dice then add 2 hits for the cover a possible 5 saves . #2 It can use either its shooting weapons or close combat #3 as long as its base is completely hidden and 25% of the model is covered #4 initiative is 1 per hit rolled so if you have 3 units on the board you roll 3 dice for each hit that is an order you can use .If you have a command section you get 1 more order to issue making in this case 4 orders. during your turn each and every unit can take up to 2 actions. You can react several times once for each unit within 12" of a enemy unit that did an action during player 2 turn. #5 your units wont have reactions during the command phase they could have suppression markers
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