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  1. Really digging this. I'm actually looking into an Age of Sail with a Fantasy twist (thank you, Pillars of Eternity 2) setting for a campaign. This is some wonderful resources. I especially like your rules on cannons/decks. Specialty skill-wise, I was thinking of a special Knowledge (Sailing) check to cover the basics of sailing (rigging, sails, etc). Operating as the rule for actually sailing a ship (i.e. The Captain), with maybe Navigation thrown in for setting courses, routes, etc. For combat skills, I was thinking of typical Melee, Ranged (Firearms), Ranged (Archaic) and Ranged (Gunnery).
  2. Is it just me, or are you missing episodes from your main page? I see only episodes 1/2 for both the live play and discussion podcasts....
  3. I don't know if it's good for EVERY setting. I think it only works well in a Modern setting, maybe sci-fi too. I think if I were doing a Fantasy setting, I'd have gold pieces, etc. in it.
  4. Hmmm, that topic has more related than I thought. I only read the initial post by the OP, and it wasn't what I was looking for. Something like a Wealth Point System would be good... nice and abstract that can rely on the narrative dice to play stuff out. I think I'd keep something similar to the rarity system (0-10), and have a Cost Point for each item. So if your wealth level was 4, and the item you're looking for has a Cost Point of 4 or lower, you could get it no problem. Roll for other ones and lower wealth point for each difference? I don't know. Just need to tinker with it a bit more.
  5. Thinking of something strictly for a modern/urban fantasy setting. So one of the things I really liked about d20 Modern (way back in the day), it had an abstract d20 system for making purchases, representing the ability for characters to use credit and other means to buy items while shopping. As you purchased items, you lost your bonus to your d20 roll and it was more and more difficult to buy items. Additionally, items with a DC equal to your bonus you could easily buy with no change. I'd love to have a feature like this for my modern/urban fantasy setting. I don't want to keep track of money, credit cards, bills, etc. It could also represent purchasing or gaining funds from legal/illegal means (i.e. credit card fraud, like in Supernatural). Has anyone come up with a cool system using the narrative dice to represent buying items, besides the Negotiation and Rarity levels? I'm sure this narrative dice system could support something very interesting.
  6. As someone already said, I'd have a trait that increases soak against non-silver weapons. I also think the Invisibility trait should be a maneuver. They can shift form into invisibility fairly quickly. The strain cost of moving and turning invisible is a pretty good representation. Also, what's "Concealment 3" mean?
  7. The last campaign I was in, the ataru striker used the talent to great effect. Instead of spending a maneuver to Move up, you could spend a maneuver to aim and Use the talent to engage. We also found it quite often that we would need more than two maneuvers to be able to engage, this allows you to use two maneuvers and still engage with something at further range. Maybe your experience has been different, but the last campaign I was in it was quite a powerful and potent talent. It might not be necessarily a tier 4 talent, I admit. The original talent allowed you to use pips from force dice as addvantage. Maybe Grant two advantage automatically if used engaged? I don't know, I think I might like it as a tier 3 better.
  8. I did a few. They're just interpretations of the talents from SW. No force die changes things. Forgive the formatting, I'm at a work computer and it doesn't have the Genesys or EotE font installed so I couldn't transfer over symbols. Hawkbat Swoop: LUNGING ATTACK Tier: 4 Activation: Active (Action) Ranked: No You may suffer 2 strain to take the Lunging Attack action. Choose one target within Short range of you and immediately move to engaged with the target and make a Brawl, Melee (Light) or Melee (Heavy) attack with an equipped weapon. If you are prevented from becoming Engaged with the target, the attack automatically misses and is wasted. If you use this Action against a target with which you are already engaged, add an automatic ADVANTAGE to the result of a successful skill check. I think this one was Force Assault? ARCANE ASSAULT Tier: 5 Activation: Passive Ranked: No Upon missing an opponent with a Melee combat check, the character may spend TRIUMPH or 3xADVANTAGE to perform the Magic Attack, Conjure, Curse or Dispel magic action as a maneuver (the character must still be able to perform maneuvers and still may not perform more than two maneuvers in a turn). Don't remember exactly what this one was, but definitely a converted SW force talent... ARCANE SMITE Tier: 5 Activation: Active (Action) Ranked: No Once per encounter, the character may take the Arcane Smite action, targeting an engaged opponent and making a Melee (Presence) combat check. If successful, the target suffers damage equal to SUCCESS (ignoring soak), and the character recovers an equal amount of strain for each wound the target took. The character may also spend 3xADVANTAGE or TRIUMPH generated on the check to stagger the opponent until the end of the target’s next turn. DEFENSIVE CIRCLE Tier: 5 Activation: Active (Action) Ranked: No While wielding a shield, the character may take the Defensive Circle action, making a Hard [ddd] Melee (Intellect) check. If successful, the character plus one ally per SUCCESS within short range gains ranged and melee defense X until the beginning of the character’s next turn. X equals 1, plus 1 for every ADVANTAGE. Hmmmm... maybe this one was Force Assault? UNITY ASSAULT Tier: 5 Activation: Active (Maneuver) Ranked: No Whenever the character misses an opponent with a combat check and generates TRIUMPH or 3xADVANTAGE , the character may spend this to perform an Augment, Barrier or Heal magic action that targets one or more allies as a maneuver (he must still be able to perform maneuvers, and may not perform more than two maneuvers in a turn).
  9. Looking over the fan submitted talents, I the wording in Life or Death is a little vague. Is there a time limit on the effect, whatever tier (normal, improved, supreme)? Do you get the bonus to the NEXT check, for all checks while you remain at half or more suffered wounds, until the end of the encounter? A lot of players I know (*cough*mine*cough*) would keep themselves at that threshold to auto upgrade combat checks. Is that in the spirit of the talent? For Intuitive Casting, is it supposed to be ranked? If it is, I'd change the wording to "boost per rank" or something similar. For the Pinning Fire talent, there's no skill check made for it? I really dig Blind Sense, Bonded Implement, Blood Magic, and Familiar. Definitely adding those to my game.
  10. Wait, doesn't Sunder only require one advantage as is?
  11. Looks interesting. I think I'd like a Pact Magic version for warlock magic, though, using Cunning. I think Weave Magic and Pact Magic (as it is in Forgotten Realms) is vastly different, though they replicate similar spells. Similar to Divine vs. Arcane. Nice work in interpreting D&D mechanics into Genesys, though. Very good takes on them. I especially like the swordmage.
  12. Not a bad ratio. I'd ignore the d10, though. That rarely comes into effect, usually with versatile weapons or exotics like the bastard sword. I'd stick with +1 to +4 damage, and maybe add a versatile item quality. My thoughts were: "Versatile (Passive): When wielding this weapon in two hands, the weapon gains the accurate 1 quality". Or maybe an auto-advantage or something like that.
  13. Here's how I've done mine in Star Wars. I LOVE the way group skill checks work in this system, soooo much better than d20 related stuff. Take the highest Ability Characteristic from party members within the group and the character with the highest Skill ranks within the group. That makes up your base dice pool. I then usually add additional environmental effects. For example, each member involved in the check that doesn't have a rank in Stealth adds a setback to the check. Each member involved that does have a rank, but not the highest Agility or Stealth rank, adds a boost. Maybe a couple characters in the check have clunky armor... add a couple more setback. Etc. Set the difficulty and make the "group roll". You can do that with all skill checks in the game. It is really fun, fluid and easy.
  14. First off, nice work and thank you for the exhaustive list of talents here! I had a question on how you guys go about choosing tiers for each talent. I just started going over your list compared to mine and found several were in drastically different tiers. I've only gone through Tier 1 so far. Was the criteria that if you found a single talent tree with a talent in a specific low tier, that became its tier? I ask because a couple of your tier 1 talents are tier 5 talents in Star Wars. Examples being Museum Worthy and Soothing Tone. Now, don't get me wrong. I absolutely think those shouldn't be Tier 5 talents for Genesys in your average setting/campaign, but dropping them down to a tier 1 seems a bit much. Specifically Museum Worthy could be pretty powerful. Several other tier 1 talents in your list are most often tier 2 or 3 in various Star Wars talent trees (Bad Cop, Good Cop, Call 'Em, Familiar Sky, Signature Vehicle). One notable exception was Knowledge Specialization, which I think was tier 2 or 3 for most everything but the Scholar? Specifically, I think Call 'Em can be a potentially very powerful talent when used correctly.
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