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  1. Have sent them now Hopefully they will get through
  2. If you send me your email I can send them to you in Microsoft Word
  3. Thanks Hopefully I get my 3 copies of the game tomorrow. By the way Toqtamish Love the podcast. A small observation - Nate i England should bye a new microphone. If there is some background sound when I listen It's hard to hear him.
  4. What does the keywordet Scout mean? You can find it on a card like Alpha Legion Infiltrator. I play Warhammer Invasion and know what it means in that game but just to make sure its not another meaning in Conquest I tryed to find a explamantion, But I cant find one.
  5. I apologize that I misunderstood the question and if my answer was offensive. I read the part about how many copies you "can include" as meaning how many copies you can include in a deck. I completely missed the transition to questions of storage and sorting. As you say, it seemed very off because of Vermillion's answer to the very question of "how many" "you can include" in a deck. In terms of sorting and storing, I was personally thinking of just keeping the 9 cards together - the warlord and his squad. I'm not really looking forward to an entire 3x3 binder page being devoted to each warlord, but on the plus side, I can see at a glance which cards - and how many of each - go with each warlord when flipping through the binder. No worries. Unfortunally I have had the same problem in other post I made. I think its because english isnt my first language. When its a question that is not 100 % clear some things get lost in my translation from Swedish.
  6. ktom - This last comment is way of. VermillionDe gave the answer I was looking for. I understand perfectly fine. The last question is more of a sorting question. Think if you dont use a warlord for 3 months and put your cards in a binder. Then when you want to use this warlord and have your card from 3 coresets, you should be able to read somewhere how many copies of each signaturecard you suppose to have.
  7. Great Thansk you all for the answer The reason I ask is becuase we are som friends that are going to split 3 coresets and the we get more copies of the signature cards than we need. Now that we are going to have more of the signature cards, Is there somewhere to read how many copies of each card of the signature cards you can include? On the card or in the rulebook?
  8. My question was just a singel faction question. I understand that you hade to include just these 8 cards. My question was about the number of cards you can include. So the answer is that you can only include 1 card of each signature card. So when you start deckbuilding you already have exactly 8 cards plus the warlord card. One could wonder why then FFG included different amount of signature cards in the coreset if you can only use one? A waste of paper?? Se below Communications Relay Type: Support Faction: Tau Traits: Upgrade. Cost: 1 Signature/Loyalty: Signature Icon Interrupt: When your opponent triggers an ability that targets a unit you control with 1 or more attachments, exhaust this support to cancel its effects. Set: Core Set Number: 147 Quantity: 1 Illustrator: Ameen Naksewee Squadron Redeployment Type: Event Faction: Tau Traits: Tactic. Cost: 0 Shields: 1 Signature/Loyalty: Signature Icon Action: Exhaust an army unit with 1 or more attachments to move it to a planet of your choice. The Tau are extremely adaptable, even in battle, quickly moving from front to front as needed. Set: Core Set Number: 148 Quantity: 2 Illustrator: Erfian Asafat
  9. Hi Don't own the game yet but have a question about deckbuilding. So this question could be really stupid but ask it anyway. Each warlord has his own signature cards. What are the restrictions for these cards when it comes to deckbuilding? Is it the same amout every time? Or can you use more if you want? As an example that in the coreset you get 4 copies of Shadowrun´s Stealth Cadre. Shadowsun’s Stealth Cadre Type: Army Unit Faction: Tau Traits: Soldier. Pilot. Cost: 2 Attack Value: 2 Hit Points: 2 Command Icons: 1 Signature/Loyalty: Signature Icon This card may enter play as an attachment with the text, “Attach to a non-Vehicle army unit. Attached unit gets +2 ATK and +2 HP.” Set: Core Set Number: 146 Quantity: 4 Illustrator: Mark Bulahao
  10. Does counterstrike stack? If I have a unit with counterstrike 2 and a quest with with 1 token on it. Does this get counterstrike 3?
  11. Can you play a unit from your openents discard text a only text? For example Order only or Wood Elf only? Or is those kind of text only for deck building purposes? http://deckbox.org/whi/The%20Liber%20Mortis
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