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  1. YEah I know about Aragorn so I'll have to pick another leadership hero for that second deck. To keep with the thematic, I'm wondering if a Logolas (Tactic), Gimli (tactic) and Elron (Lore) deck would be a great complement for the first 2 deck. Think I might give it a try before going with none thematic decks. Any specific things I should consider for this deck knowing that we'll be drawing one more encounter card per turn now?
  2. Yes, for some odd distribution reasons, the French version of the AP has been available here since last week.
  3. So I started a Saga campaign (main 3 movies) with one of my son. We are still working through the first box and are using two decks which we tried to keep thematic. While not 100% exact (I made a few tweaks), here are the decks we are using: https://www.ringsdb.com/fellowship/view/736/lotr-saga-fellowship-black-riders-and-road-darkens-thematic So now my older son would like to join us to play. So the challenge comes to create a new deck for him that would somewhat work well with ours but could be drop off if ever he doesn't play all campaign mission with us. So technically, while we could modify our main decks a little, if possible, I'd like to come up with a 3rd option without drastically changing the main two decks. While we were going for thematic decks, this will be a challenge to maintain for a 3rd deck considering the first two and my limited card pool. So I'm willing to go less thematic for this one. For the record, I own the following: - 2 cores + all Mirkwood AP (except The Hills of Emyn Muil) - Khazad-dûm and all Dwarrowdelf AP - Heirs of Númenor deluxe only - The Voice of Isengard deluxe only - All 6 Saga movie deluxe boxes - All 6 AP of the Ered Mithrin cycle (but not the deluxe) So any recommandation on which direction I should go for that 3rd deck?
  4. For me, considering I have not played a game of 2.0 so I might not notice other possible downfall of the conversion kit, the biggest annoyance is the fact that none of the conversion kit includes any shield tokens. They should have included at least 10 in each conversion kit. There is just no valid reason for including a bunch of tokens but none for shields. I think it's a weak excuse that they just expect us to reuse the old ones. Why bother to reprint the stress token then? Previous ones were red and would work with the design decision that red token means they need a special action to be removed. Same for cloak icons. So if they bothered to include these, why not add a few shield token? It seems very short-sighted of them. If at least they would have added a few extra in a core. Nope, went with the smallest number possible. I know a lot of people say that as you buy new ships you'll get enough that you won't even know what to do with them. When for me, with the conversion kit, I was not planning on having to rebuy ships I already own just to get shields tokens. So it will take a while before I get around buying ship I don't own to get enough shield token.
  5. It’s an horrible app. I have an iPad and it made so much sense to use it to build my squad and play. But no, they went the cheap way for the app. It’s a phone app that isn’t build to work with tablet. Clearly FFG dropped the ball on the quality side for this app.
  6. To me there are some obvious observations 1- the more ship the better. As many have said, more dice to roll is > upgrades. Swarm tactics is still very efficient if you practice how to move them first. 2- lots of ships are not up to par. I wouldn't be surprised if no y-wing was used at all by the top 16. Same for the lambda. The biggest issue to me is #1 as it affect the core of the gameplay. Having rookie Pilotes everywhere, being stronger than real good pilote is an issue. Also the fact that upgrades are still not up to be better than adding another cheap ship to the table. To me there might be some balance issue that may need to be looked into. Possibly raisin the cost of rookies pilots, or release pilot upgrade cards that either lower the cost of current better Pilotes to make them relevant again. Not ideal I know since this people having to buy new cards to make their current pilot worth it and it would be a huge undertaking by FFG to fix so I doubt they ever do it.
  7. Wish I could help. Been missing the tie advanced and y-wing for a while. Lost patience. A few weeks ago, amazon.com had them back in stock. Happened to be traveling to the us this week so I ordered mine there. Couldn't find a none French version (even if I speak French I prefer to have my cars in English )
  8. Well my order has been sitting at "preparing to ship" for more than 24hours now. I'm getting a bit concerned.
  9. I just ordered 1 tie advanced and 2 y-Wing and both are in stock and my order was processed. Good thing I'm planning a trip in the US in 3 weeks, will be able to pick them up there.
  10. Yeah, because there aren't enough neutral card and factions cards in the core set, you cannot split the factions up. you would have to go as others have suggested, one gets all the corps, the other gets all the runner. it's the only way.
  11. Sleeves would be great. I couldn't wait for everything so I had to go with plain bland ultra pro sleeves. Also took an image from BBG and got 2 playing mat (one for the runner, the other for the corp) printed on some website and I really like them. If there was some official accessories, I would have probably went with it myself.
  12. Just wanted to say that I enjoy your app although I have some questions about it, and possibly some recommandation (which obviously you are welcome to ignore). 1- unless I am missing it, there should be an "undo" bouton. If by mistake you cast your action before adding the credits you were suppose to, I don't see a way to go back. So the next turn you can fix this, but it kind of cheap the history that the apps keeps of the last few turns. 2- from the stats screen we see from the app store, it seems you can track your stats regarding which faction you choose and which faction you are playing against. I have absolutely no idea how I can "switch" the runner or corporation faction on the App. **edit: (found out that you do this only once you want to save your match up. good but I think it would be more intuitive if we could choose each faction right before the start of the match, possibly even entering the identity that was used). 3- There are some counters which are pretty obvious (credits for example) but yet I am unsure about some of them. Is the one with the skull for the runner is there to register the number of brain damage? if so, shouldn't the icon be changed for a brain? What about the on to the top left for the runner (2 circles). Is that supposed to be for tags? 4- For the corporation, credits again is obvious but I am not sure what the other one is there for, bad publicity? 5- no counter for Agendas? I guess from my question, maybe I'm just a noob, but there is some confusion on my part at least, regarding what the counters are for. Maybe a little tutorial, or text overlay the first time you open the app to refresh our memory of what they are for? Also, depending on what is each counter, I could easily see more being added. like Agenda points (with winner screens and key to prompt saving for stats). Also, consider maybe allowing to choose the names of the player and faction at the start of the game instead of just when saving? Seems more intuitive that way. anyway, hope you are not reading this has a critic. I love your app, just making suggestion on how it could be improved and also, with some questions I have about it. Keep up the good work.
  13. Guibsx

    Wave 1 Rant...

    In canada here and we have a similar issue. I can get my hands on tie intercepted, some a-wing and even some tie fighters and I think I saw an x-wing the other day. But getting a tie advanced and y-wing is just impossible. I too got in late to the game and the only ships that I still don't have are the tie advanced and y- wing. Just can't get them for a descent price. Online pricing right now is just plain horrible.
  14. Well I did get a reply last night at 1h00am... Saying my mat was packed and I should received it in 10 days. Still, I am more on a wait and see approach here. Will believe that I get the mat when I hold it in my hand. Hopefully he delivers...
  15. Well I am afraid my experience may end up similar to yours. If I don't hear from him this week, I will fill a refund complain through paypal as well and look elsewhere for my mat.
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