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  1. I've been playing this since it came out and did not save my individual boxes because it wasn't an effective storage solution until now when there are so many, a one box solution is difficult. Even with the bulk I'm still looking for that one location for all my adventure packs and quests. Running through the archives and look at this. He knew what he was doing for sure! A Custom Made Case I like your idea chrsjxn, but it certainly isn't elegant (sorry) and with the sheer size we'd probably be looking at 3 or so like you said. If I'm going to spend $90 on storage then I'd just as soon start working on something custom to be honest. At least then it'd look aesthetically pleasing.
  2. The amount of cards in this game have gotten to be simply ridiculous. Right now my enjoyment of this game is severely hampered by the fact that I can't ever find anything reliably and it takes half as much time to get things set up as it actually does to play. The player cards are bad enough but I find the huge amount of quests are the real problem as they actually do require a certain amount of organization to utilize. I mean really now. I recently misplaced a new quest in my latest saga expansion and it took literally 3 hours to find it, over the course of 2 days while I reorganized the entire set and the problem is even after having organized it it's still NOT REALLY very organized. Any chance of FFG releasing some sort of manageable and upgradable storage solution? Is one already out there? Is there a commonly used solution for people who have everything? What does everyone else do? Are there threads that have gone on before this that you can direct me to?
  3. Sam. Don't know about the rest of you but when a card is spoiled my friend prints a copy out and playtests it starting the same day. I've been playing with Theoden, Sam, and the other hobbits for months now. Even before the rest of the hobbit cards came out with the official release of Blackriders Sam has proven to be a true beast. Nothing against the prince of mirkwood. Congrats on the underdogs making it to this point.
  4. I should have ended it but this sudden death is too much fun and if elrond couldn't beat sam in the upfront fight well I don't want to see the Gardener fall now
  5. I am very surprised it is this close. I almost voted Legolas but Jeff Goldblum holds the edge. I have Sam but elrond is one of my fav characters period and I like elves more than halflings
  6. Again if he were a hero it should be as Smeagol, not Golum. Though this would be quite funny if we went back to playing Hunt for golum with Smeagol helping out...
  7. Some locations are actually good to travel to. There are also encounter deck allies. It is ok if some of the encounter cards are just mildly bad or good instead of all being agonizing and difficult. Just the way the game is designed. Sure this card isn't terrible, but there is not really a reason it needs to be. The quests are rated at diff difficulties after all
  8. This WILL be a tough finale Such a great contest. Thanks for all your hard work on this Sam. It's extremely entertaining. I feel like I'm participating in a YuYuHakusho or DBZ style arena event somehow fused with the epicness of LOTR
  9. LOL was that a yugioh reference? BACK unholy demon of the night !!! And lleimmoen, no offense. I appreciated the feed back and your oppinion. Great points all. I liked the post after I read it.
  10. Some great points here but I'm honestly surprised you would label it as "Most disagreeable post". My personal opinion is that Elrond - Glorfindel - Aragorn(lore) are the best heroes in the game followed by Dain in 4th place. So yes this is a tricky argument. What's worse about this particular battle, of the four, is that Aragorn and Glorfindel work incredibly well in a deck together. They compliment one another's abilities, which is only possible when they are doing different things. It wouldn't work nearly as well if they both were good for the same reason. So there's a natural difficulty in comparing them. First for Aragorn Burning Brand. Not specific to him but it might as well be since he's 5hp. 2def. Sentinel. Also, sure it may be inconvenient that some of these attachments aren't lore based but who cares? It's Aragorn! He has access to 3 colors with the right attachments AND it isn't difficult to build a deck between songs, other heroes, and A Good Harvest, that will compensate here. Second, as far as threat reduction for Glorfindel Elrond's Council. That and natural access to spirit is a great advantage. But it sounds like you're using both of these guys in strategies involving keeping your threat low. A traditional strategy to be sure but hardly an exclusive approach these days. You can't just view Aragorn's ability as a Passive option. These days you can aggressively use it in an active manner. You mention the upcoming Doom cards as examples of coming deck types but have you forgotten we already have loads of options that work REALLY well with Aragorn Lore Boromir (tactics), Frodo (spirit), Palantir, Oh Elbereth Githoniel (spelling? lol), Song of Earendil, Wandering Took, Hobbit Gandalf, Glofindel (sp) <--- Again, great combo between these two. Aragorn nullifies any negatives attained by Glorfindel Finally, I just don't think I disagree with much you said. Yes... Glorfindel is the most Versatile hero in the game. You can throw him in any deck and he'll work. You can't do that with any other hero. If that makes him BEST in your book then that's fine. I stand by what I said in the original post.
  11. Not essential at all. I can't remember which AP included fast hitch but go get it if you don't have it already
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