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  1. You are right. There is a bigger "problem" here, as far as we see it as a problem... 😛 I own and played both games you cited, but i was expecting something better from this one, at least from its app. if it's the game that can't scale itself once a campaign is started, I wonder if a campaign structure that takes into consideration character add/removal could by created for such games. And that is a big ask for our publisher, indeed 😄 For example, in order to let characters choises freedom, you could be awarded xp for each scenario at its start, after you know how many characters are playing, not at the end of the last one. Or you could select a new party and respend all party xp earned, recalculated on success/failure of previous sessions, with the new player number. Maybe i'm missing some other critical issues due to campaign structure, though... Your suggestion about controlling 2 characters with one player is fine. It's exactly what i suggest to my party, but they are non happy with it. 😛
  2. Hi Middle Earth travelers! I played the first adventure in solo mode to take confidence with the app, because i'm going to start a campaign with my friends soon. I noticed that once a campaign is started there is no way to change chosen characters, nor to add or drop them. That should be a feature i'd like to see implemented. Why? For a lot of reasons, my play group cannot meet everytime as a full group, so maybe some of the players are missing a single game session. And sometimes some other friend likes to join just for one play, as he or she hasn't time for a full campaign. It would be nice to have a demo scenario, too. I often find myself demoing tabletop games and let people play a non-spoiler, shorter, app-guiding session would be nice. If you feel you have similar toughts or other suggestions for features JiME app should have, please comment. P.S.: As i am aware that theese forum aren't read by FFG staff, i'm going to post it in BGG forum, too.
  3. Thanks to all for your contributions. You were really helpful!
  4. Could it? I doubt, blank is not a symbol and cannot be resolved...
  5. I was playing a Poe/eFinn vehicle deck and i was wondering if C-3PO is able to (ab)use Poe's die special. Seem a pretty strong combo in this deck, ihmo.
  6. It will be unfair in those matches where a player is almost winning but time went up. And it will encourage stalls. You're right, but time is an issue. Cannot manage so many elimination rounds. Nice thoughts. I was thinking about some tiebreaker on victory conditions that should not affect deck archetypes....
  7. I'm eager to organize a local tournament, still no official rules from FFG. So i asked to stores that already hosted one and came up with some ideas about the format. Now i'd like to have some from you, guys! Paired Swiss format. 8 or less players: 3 rounds, no cut 9-12 players: 4 rounds, top 2 cut 13-16 players: 4 rounds, top 4 cut 17+ players: 5 rounds, top 4 cut TIME: Swiss Round: 35/45 minutes (one match)? This is quite troubling for us. I'd like to play a best of three matches in an hour (like MTG), but many of us are newbies and aren't able to end a single match before half an hour. So it will end up with first match played and second one gone to time... Single Elimination Rounds (except Final): 45 minutes each (one match) Final Single Elimination Round: unlimited time (3 matches) Keep in mind we plan to play from 10am to 6pm. Going to time. When game time ends, players plays until upkeep phase (no need to resolve it, both must just pass). Who is the winner when time goes up? 1) Most characters' kills. 2) Most damage on characters. 3) Most cards in deck+hand. 4) Battlefield control. Points system Win = 5 points Modified Win (timed) = 3/4 points? Loss = 0 points Tiebreakers for pairings (like AGOT or ANR) 1) Points 2) SoS (Strenght of Schedule) 3) ExtSoS (Extended Strenght of Schedule) 4) RandomAny thoughts?
  8. My play group and storekeepers were "monitoring" all legendaries picks from box to box, while boosters got sold. We witnessed 6 legendary every box as expected. This evening we programmed six people buying an entire box for equal legendary distribution. Everybody is happy.
  9. If opponent has multiple exhausted characters and chooses "deal one of their exhausted characters 2 damage" option, who's going to choose which character suffers damage?
  10. Sorry mate. Your link points to this same post. That was the point..... I don't realize the meaning of doing that. My guesses: 1) You are telling me answer is in my question already 2) Just trolling me 3) Anything else. Whatever, i don't care anymore. Happy to see my dumb question raised so much attention and got off-topic but with interesting suggestions, though. Thanks again, guys!
  11. Sorry mate. Your link points to this same post. Specifically, the cardboard is in there so that the big dice don't warp the cards. Security, that's ok. But what about the square hole cutted in the middle of the cardboard? Could it be for die exposition or whatever?
  12. It seems like to me that cardboards in boosters is to put a die in it. But what's the purpose?
  13. I noticed there are cards with a dice manipulation effect that refer to them sometimes in a strict way, other in a loosy one. For example: - Unpredictable Neutral. Rogue. Common. Event. Cost: 0. Ambush. Reroll a die (yours or an opponent's). Unpredictable says specifically that you can target one of your die either an opponent's one. That's OK. Use The Force Neutral. Force. Starter. Event. Cost: 1. Spot a Blue character to turn a die to any side. Use the Force doesn't specify who had to be the owner of the die you like to turn. Why this difference? Maybe, if not specified, like in this latter case, dice i may target are mine (assuming it is me playing the UtF card) only? I'm pretty sure there are other cards that have this issue.
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